Washing your hands several times a day is an important step to staying healthy and avoiding illness. With the simplehuman Sensor Pump in your home, you have a touch-free and germ-free way for your entire family to wash their hands. It dispenses a fast, precise amount of soap to the palm of your hand.

simplehuman Sensor Pump has completely clog-proof tubing so you don’t have to worry about your liquid soap not dispensing when you need it, and it has variable dispensing so you can control the amount of soap you use simply by changing the position of your hands. There are no batteries required to use it as it recharges via the included charging puck, and the simplehuman Sensor Pump is easy to refill using the funnel refill opening and simplehuman soap.

A touch-free way to wash your hands

Using a standard soap pump means you have to touch or tap the pump to dispense soap. Over the course of a day, that single touch can mean germs from your hands are added to the pump and shared among your family members. The simplehuman Sensor Pump is touch-free and germ-free soap, so you can wash your hands without ever touching your dispenser.

When you place your hands under the simplehuman Sensor Pump, you’ll receive a fast and precise amount of soap to wash with. The pump system forces liquid through an air-tight, clog-free tube, dispensing a variety of soap or sanitizer in a fraction of a second.

Dispenses the right amount of soap for everyone

Whether you have big hands or little hands, the best way for the entire family to avoid illness is to wash several times a day. The simplehuman soap dispenser has variable dispense volume control so each and every family member can choose the exact right amount of soap. If you move your hands up close you will receive a small dab of soap. Move your hands further away and you’ll receive a bit more.

While it’s an automatic soap dispenser, you won’t have to worry about always replacing batteries. The simplehuman soap dispenser recharges using the recharge plug on the back of the dispenser. It’s easy to access, and one charge will last for up to 3 months of hand washing.

Funnel refill opening makes it easy to refill

Disposable soap pumps can be costly. There is also an environmental impact to discarding the empty containers when you are finished using them. A simplehuman Sensor Pump is environmentally friendly because you can use it over and over.

Not only does the simplehuman Sensor Pump make it easy to dispense soap, but it’s also easy to refill thanks to the funnel refill opening. You can refill your sensor pump without messy drips or excess soap spilling over, and you can refill using the simplehuman soap that comes in a resealable soap pouch. With an IP67 waterproof rating, you’ll be able to clean the sensor pump by rinsing it in the sink so it always looks brand new.

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