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Samsung Q Drive Overview

Samsung Q Drive Overview

If your goal is to get to the bottom of your laundry pile as quickly as you can, all your laundry room needs is the latest Samsung laundry pair. The Samsung QuickDrive™ washing machine combined with the Samsung dryer with Smart Care will fully optimize your laundry experience, washing your clothes up to 35%1 faster and using sensor dry to protect from heat damage.

The Samsung QuickDrive washing machine was designed with a main drum and backplate that rotate independently so your clothes are washed quickly, powerfully, and most importantly, gently. You clothes can be clean in as little as 38 minutes thanks to powerful jets of water that shorten rinse times and fast spins that remove all excess debris. Once your clothes are clean the Samsung 24″ dryer takes over, and the stainless steel drum and 14 preset dryer cycles will have your clothes ready to fold in no time at all.

Troubleshoot appliance issues from your phone

The beauty of the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine is that it improves based on your interactions with it. It features an AI powered laundry machine assistant, the Q-Rator™ app, that will recommend different wash cycles, optimize your laundry schedule, and even troubleshoot remotely when it has issues. Use the app to choose the clothing and fabric types; the laundry assistant will auto-configure the cycle for optimal performance. Additionally, it learns. Based on data it gathers from daily use, features improve over time. For example, “Laundry Recipe” will recommend the best wash cycles for each load. “Laundry Planner” will help you optimize your washing schedule.

Both the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine and the Samsung 24″ dryer are equipped with “HomeCare Wizard”. This can save on repair bills by allowing your washing machine and dryer to interact remotely via your phone to offer an immediate diagnosis and a quick solution for any issue you may have. HomeCare Wizard keeps your washer in tip top shape by identifying any potential problems.

From washer to dryer, your clothes are protected

When you wash your clothes in the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine and dry them in the Samsung dryer, your clothes are protected from start to finish2. Laundry Recipe will be your personal laundry expert, recommending the best wash cycles for your clothes3. Laundry Planner will manage your laundry finishing times to what works best with your daily schedule4.

When you’re ready to dry, the Samsung dryer takes over, and Sensor Dry will optimize your cycle times and the temperature it dries your clothes. Along with 5 temperature settings, Sensor Dry will ensure your clothes are protected from heat damage, so they land fluffy and clean in your laundry basket.

Samsung QuickDrive has options to get laundry as clean as possible

No two laundry loads are the same. From sheets to shirts, the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine and Samsung dryer will ensure your clothes come out clean. The Samsung QuickDrive washing machine offers you PowerFoam Technology that combines water, air, and detergent to penetrate deep stains, and Steam Wash lets you skip the pre-treatment and get rid of dirt and grime with a release of steam at the bottom of the drum.

On the Samsung dryer you have 14 preset dry cycles that offer you custom drying options for anything you wash. You can also select 8 options to add to your dry cycle to ensure every piece of clothing is treated carefully and comes out warm, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear.

Tested on Samsung WW6850N compared with WW6800K. Saves up to 35% time on Heavy Duty (hot, 6lb load) with a washing performance equal to, or more than WW6800K.
A Samsung application account is necessary and available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection is required.
The user will be solely responsible for any consequence(s) that may result, including but not limited to any damage or harm caused by incorrect information provided by the user.
The recommended washing cycle is only based on time and may not be appropriate based on the type of fabric or stain level of the articles being washed.

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