Samsung Neo QLED 8K televisions offer you a vivid view of the world, all from the comfort of your couch. With Quantum Matrix Technology Pro and propriety Quantum Mini LEDs to brighten the way and more dimming zones, you’ll see the purest whites, deepest blacks, and explosive colours that mimic a real-world view.

Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor 8K and Samsung’s 8K AI Upscaling use neural networks and deep learning to upscale your favourite 4K and 1080p content to as close to 8K as possible. You won’t be distracted by your TV’s frame while you’re enjoying the show either; the Infinity One Design offers you a nearly invisible bezel, minimal black edges, and an immersive view with zero distractions to pull you away from the picture.

The evolution of 8K

Powered by Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, Samsung Neo QLED 8K televisions put you right in the middle of everything you watch. Place it on your wall and you’ll be swept away by the real-life view, ultra-precise details, and deepest, darkest blacks imaginable.

The advanced backlight dimming technology on Samsung Neo QLED 8K televisions controls the propriety Quantum Mini LEDs. At 1/40th the thickness of normal LEDs, Quantum Mini LEDs can display detail-boosted, ultra-dark blacks, the brightest whites imaginable, and over a billion shades of colours for everything you watch. Even the brightest scenes are displayed with 100% colour volume, bringing home picture quality that’s bursting with life.

Watch as your television learns

You’re ready for 8K, but are your favourite movies and TV shows? All of your 1080p and 4K content is given special treatment by Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor 8K. No matter if you’re watching sports, classic movies, or binge-watching sitcoms, your Samsung Neo QLED 8K QLED television is ready to upscale everything and bring you as close to the 8K experience as possible.

Samsung’s 8K AI Upscaling uses 16 different neural networks. These networks work seamlessly, and each brings a specific level of upscaling to everything you watch. The Neo Quantum Processor 8K processor also analyzes everything you watch scene by scene, using unprecedented deep learning to optimize all of your favourite content and immerse you in a picture quality you’ve never experienced before.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K has the style and sound you’re looking for

With the Infinity One Design, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K offers you the slimmest, sleekest profile of any Samsung TV. The Infinity Screen has a nearly invisible bezel and black edges shrunk to almost nothing. When the display is off you’ll have an ultra-slim frame with a refined style all its own; turn it on and you’ll be drawn into an immersive view with no distractions to pull you from what you’re watching. Samsung has also minimized their attachable Slim One Connect, allowing you to move your cable connections behind the display or set them off neatly to the side.

With a Neo QLED television, the ultra-thin bezel doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sound quality. With Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro) technology, action and sound will come from all corners and the center of the TV. Along with SpaceFit sound technology to analyze your room and auto-calibrate your sound to optimal settings, Neo QLED televisions offer you a style and sound that’s like nothing you’ve seen or heard before.

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