Having separate devices isn’t a must anymore. If you want to get things done, the Galaxy Tab S4 is packed with productivity tools. When leisure is your priority, a larger viewing area offers exceptional screen-to-body ratio and an optimal viewing experience. With Dolby Atmos® AKG tuned quad rotational speakers, the sound will be magic to your ears.

Using the built-in DeX Mode, you can easily turn the Tab S4 into a PC-like experience. Simply connect it to a larger monitor or TV for the ultimate work setup. Drag and drop content between apps, or wield the enhanced S Pen whenever you need to jot down notes or draw another masterpiece. Anytime you want to take a break, place the Tab S4 on a POGO stand (sold separately) and turn it into your own home concierge, with calendar, news, smart home controls and entertainment options at your fingertips.


The built-in DeX Mode is your gateway to being productive every time you use the Galaxy Tab S4. Switch from tablet mode to a PC-like experience by just attaching the keyboard, automatically putting you in DeX mode. You can switch back whenever you need to, always keeping you in charge of your workflow or leisure time.

Use the screen mirroring functionality to share your screen and project videos onto a compatible TV or monitor. Enable Dual Mode by connecting your tablet to your monitor and using the tablet as a touchpad.

Open and view multiple windows at once, and easily drag and drop files between different apps to launch or copy over content. Enjoy whatever content you want in full screen mode, making it easier on you to multitask and enhance your productivity.


The enhanced S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Tab S4, gives you better precision as you put pen to screen. Lighter and easier to use, it has been optimized to make it more comfortable when using it for a long period of time.*

No need to charge it, either. Pull it out when you need it, put it away when swiping your fingers will do. Write on the display without having to unlock the screen first, so you never forget to record a reminder or save an important note.

Create handwritten notes anytime, or splice out a short video clip to create a GIF you can share on social media. Go even further and breathe life into an emoji to add a little extra flair to your wizardry with the S Pen. Navigate the interface, select what you want or even drag and drop content from one app to another.

*Enhanced compared to previous releases of the S Pen.


The Galaxy Tab S4 delivers a rich viewing experience through its immersive 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display and 16:10 aspect ratio. The screen-to-body ratio is larger, pushing the display closer to the edges on all sides.*

When taking a break from the tablet, place it onto the POGO stand (sold separately) to turn it into your own home’s virtual concierge. Check out your calendar and latest news headlines, while controlling your music, smart lights, smart thermostat, and much more. Use Samsung Flow to share content with your Samsung smartphone for a smooth transition.

Enjoy deeper and clearer sound with the built-in quad-rotational AKG tuned Dolby Atmos speakers. These speakers are designed to enhance audio, even when pairing the Galaxy Tab S4 with Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

*Compared to previous Galaxy Tab models.

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