You don’t have to be home to enjoy an immersive experience with the entertainment you like most. The Galaxy Tab A 10.5” is made to present quality cinema and family-friendly content, so that no one feels left out. A vibrant display and expanded viewing area helps make that easier. Quad rotational speakers tuned with Dolby Atmos® right out of the box will give the music, video and games you binge on sound all the more satisfying.

Life is already complicated enough, but this tablet keeps things simple. Watch what you want, when you want. Take it with you anywhere you want to catch up on your latest show. Build yourself your own home concierge by placing the Galaxy Tab A 10.5” on the POGO stand (sold separately). Get your calendar, news, smart home controls and entertainment options displayed for you to always stay in the loop.

Enjoy the ultimate freedom of a connected experience, with LTE on your Galaxy Tab A 10.5″. Whether you’re catching up on a show from a taxi or enjoying a movie in the park, your Galaxy Tab A 10.5″ with LTE keeps you entertained and connected—with high speeds—wherever you are.


The Galaxy Tab A 10.5” sports a newer look, mainly because of the redesigned display. Minimal bezels with a larger screen help create a more captivating viewing experience. That not only offers more space to watch, but also more space to touch when navigating your way around.

Quality images pop out even better when good sound complements the visual splendour. An array of four rotational speakers line up on either side. Whether you’re viewing something in portrait or landscape mode, the Dolby Atmos® surround sound is in effect.

You don’t miss out when listening through headphones, either. You get a 3D surround sound effect that enriches the whole multimedia experience on the tablet. Watch shows and movies, listen to music or play games without worrying about how the audio flows to your ears.


Your children will feel like they have their customized tablet, thanks to Kids Mode. Through this family-friendly setup, the Galaxy Tab A 10.5” provides kids with content that keeps them engaged while offering an enriching learning experience.

To keep things flowing and capture their attention, a range of fun characters act as instructors to help kids navigate through the Kids Mode world. Within that portal, they can discover books, videos and apps that will leave them entertained and build their learning skills all at once.

Parental controls leave stewardship in your hands. Manage when your child has access, and what content is most appropriate for their age and learning level. That way, you can always feel comfortable about how and when your kids are playing and learning on the tablet.


With the right tools, the Galaxy Tab A 10.5” can become a valuable resource in the home. Not just any home, but a smarter home. Place it onto the POGO stand (sold separately) and turn it into your own virtual concierge.

Set it up to display one of three types of boards. Get daily news and information. Use it as a display for your digital photo gallery. Make it a hub for your smart home devices, centralizing control on one screen.

Using Samsung’s SmartThings integration, you also gain the ability to bring all your home devices together. That means you can control all your smart devices from your tablet for the ultimate convenience.

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