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Overview of the newest baby monitors available at Best Buy


A baby video monitor is a must-have for any new parent or parent-to-be. Having a video baby monitor reduces a parent’s stress and anxiety because you can just pick up the monitor, or open an app on your smartphone, and peek in on your little one without going into their room and disturbing their sleep.

More than just a video stream, video baby monitors have other smart features you can use to watch over your baby when you are apart. From sleep tracking to night vision and two-way communication, different models have different features to put your mind at ease.

Track your baby’s sleep with Miku Smart Baby Monitor

A baby video monitor can do more than just show you a live stream of your baby sleeping. The Miku Smart Baby Monitor can stream unlimited HD video and photos to your smartphone, offers night-vision and two-way audio, and it can also track your baby’s sleep patterns.

Miku Smart Baby Monitor lets you check your baby’s breathing in real-time without putting any type of wearable on him or her, and it can also track their sleeping habits and the nursery temperature and humidity levels. Miku streams with 256 bit encryption and a tamper-resistant Crypto Chip to keep your video safe and secure.

Get guidance on baby’s sleep with Nanit Plus Video Baby Monitor

When a baby doesn’t get the proper rest, the baby’s parents are exhausted too. The Nanit Plus Video Baby Monitor with Sleep Tracking may be able to help. If you’d like detailed insight into how your baby is sleeping, there is a one-year Nanit Insights subscription that gathers data, gives you nightly recaps, and helps you understand how you can improve your child’s sleep.

Nanit Plus Video Monitor goes beyond simple smartphone video streaming by offering a unique camera design to give you a bird’s eye overhead view of your baby’s crib. It also has a zoom feature, night vision, and high-definition two-way audio, plus it offers real-time sound and motion sensors so you receive a notification when your baby moves.

Editor’s Note: Nanit announces a new feature to help you capture precious memories

The newest addition to Nanit Insights, Memories allows you to save your baby’s most precious moments, even when no one is watching. The first time they fall asleep on their own, to the first time they slept through the entire night. The Nanit Plus captures it all, automatically, and saves it right in the Memories tab on your Nanit app. Easily and instantly share moments with your family and friends, and most importantly, watch your baby grow, even it feels like it’s all happening a little too fast. Memories lets and helps you create a digital photo album of your baby’s most important memories, so you never miss a moment. 

View baby on colour LCD screen with VTech Video Baby Monitor

When you want the option of having a screen or two to watch over your baby, the VTech Video Baby Monitor offers you models with one or two full-colour 5-inch LCD monitors. You can place the monitors anywhere in your home; with a 1,000ft. range, multiple viewing options, and automatic infrared night vision, you’ll be able to take your monitors inside and outside and view your baby night and day.

The VTech Video Baby Monitor will ease your mind with a crystal-clear video stream of your baby sleeping, and while they are sleeping you can also monitor the nursery temperature so you know it’s not too hot or too cold in the room. If your baby needs time to unwind before sleeping, the Vtech Video Baby Monitor will play soothing lullabies too.

Panasonic Long-Range Video Baby Monitor streams baby from a distance

When you need a baby monitor that stays connected when you venture into your backyard, the Panasonic Long Range Video Baby Monitor will maintain a steady stream. It has a 3.5-inch screen that’s large enough so you can see your baby in vivid detail, and there are sensors for motion, sound, and temperature so you can customize your baby monitor.

Not only does the monitor have a 300-minute battery life so you can watch your baby all night without recharging the battery, but it also has pan, zoom and tilt functions to move the camera around the room and an incredible 457-metre range. DECT technology ensures a clear signal strength over long ranges, without interference from other wireless devices, and without risk of an intercepted transmission. That means you can be almost 1500 feet away from your baby’s room and you’ll stay connected to him or her.

Monitor baby’s breathing with Angelcare Video & Breathing Baby Monitor

How can you check your baby’s breathing without tip-toeing into the nursery and disturbing their sleep? The Angelcare 5″ Video & Breathing Baby Monitor with Two-way Communication features a wireless breathing sensor pad and SensAsure technology to monitor even the slightest movements from your baby. If there is no movement after 20 seconds, it will send you an alert.

The installation of the sensor pad is simple. You just slip it under your baby’s mattress, and once installed you can monitor and view your baby while they are sleeping via the 5″ LCD touchscreen. With two-way talk you can hear if he or she is crying or use your voice to soothe, and the TIC function gives you visual and audible alerts to notify you if he or she is moving around.

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  1. having features from your smart phone is absolutely amazing. especially when i am at work and i need to be isolated from my family i can feel like i will be next to my daughter at all times. just seeing her sleeping is just very calming and takes a lot of my nerves away form me during this time. this will be a for sure purchase in the next 1-2 months for me

  2. I like the motion sensor as well as the two way audio so you can sooth your baby with your voice without going in there

  3. I love the that there is a long range for the video monitoring. This would be so awesome for my grand daughter which is just a few months old!

  4. The technology on baby monitors is amazing. Aside from the obvious ability to view your baby any time anywhere, sleep and breathing reports are a really nice feature.

  5. One of the features that I love about this monitor, is for sure the wireless breathing sensor . That’s the kind of tech that all baby monitors need 🙂

  6. Wow! They have made a baby monitor with all the modern day bells and whistles. Changes and improvements and technology to reassure and make any parents and family’s life easier of observing, checking on and knowing what baby is doing and is safe at all times.

  7. .I would love win this just to know that he was breathing and quality of the video and sound and how close it can be with him.

  8. Favourite part is that I can monitor the babys breathing and movement without having to actually sneak onto the room WHILE seeing them in colour!
    And it will send you an alert if no movement for 20 seconds.

  9. i love the sleep tracking. I think it’s the best feature. Who wouldn’t want to know if their baby is getting enough rest and sleep? right? in that way, parents would be happy and well rested. As a first time Mom, I am always worried and tired because sometimes I tend not to sleep just monitoring my baby’s sleep. But with this new invention, i think first time Moms like me will help us alot. Looking forward to have one.

  10. Definitely Monitoring the baby’s breathing with Angelcare Video & Breathing Baby Monitor. This has always been my running joke with my wife because I spend more time checking on the babies because you can never see or hear them breathing, which defeats the purpose of having our old monitor.

  11. I would love one of these for when I am watching my precious grandbabies. These old ears don’t hear quite as good as they used to.

  12. The long range functionality is a huge factor! I live in a 3 story townhome, and having a baby monitor that lets me see what she’s doing in the nursery while i’m in the kitchen is super helpful.

  13. Monitoring baby’s breathing would be very reassuring that he/she is safe and sound and having a restful sleep.

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