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Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam Overview


Protect your vehicle with the Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam

How would you like to protect your vehicle with the latest technology from the manufacturer of the world’s best selling dash cameras? With the new Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

The Nextbase 622GW has the latest and best dash cam features, including the clearest image quality in the industry with up to 4K recording at 30fps, and image stabilization that counteracts the normal bumps and vibrations encountered during driving.

Other benefits of the 622GW include safety features like what3words and 911 Emergency SOS, and smart features like an Intelligent Parking Mode and the Amazon Alexa voice assistant built-in, just to name a few. Instantly make your vehicle into a connected car with the MyNextbase App, where you can quickly download, edit, and share your videos, while your phone communicates with your Nextbase Dash Cam.

With over 3 million sold, Nextbase makes the world’s best selling and most trusted dash cameras, and with the new 622GW, the best just got better!

Featuring 4K HD video and enhanced night vision

The Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam offers the highest image quality available in the dash cam market today. In fact, image quality is at the forefront of the dash cam revolution. Custom tuned for the highest level of clarity and detail, there’s ultra-clear 4K, which records at 30fps and has an anti-glare polarizing filter that captures every detail. 

You can also record in 1440p HD at 60fps, or 1080p at 120fps for capturing footage in super slow motion. That’s 4 times the amount of critical footage and data which could be used to support your innocence in a dispute. The 622GW is the only dash cam in the world to support this level of detail. And for after dark driving, an improved sensor and larger pixels—that hold more light, provides enhanced night vision, allowing you to capture bright and clear footage, even on the darkest roads.

With detailed image quality

The Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam also offers a number of firsts, which no other dash cam offers, in the form of advanced features like Image Stabilization and an Extreme Weather Mode—both of which make it easier for your dash cam to do its job. 

Image Stabilization helps by reducing the effects of bumps and normal vehicle vibration, while the Extreme Weather Mode helps your camera to see and record clearly even in bad weather conditions.

Extreme Weather Mode is the first in the world. Its special defogging algorithms are crucial to winter and nighttime driving. They help to provide a clearer image when driving visibility is low, such as when it’s misty outside.

Smart, safe, & helpful features

The Nextbase 622GW 4K is the first dash cam in the world to include the What3words geocode communications system. This amazing software is capable of providing your exact physical location to within 3m squared of accuracy—and is built into the 622GW, which doesn’t require a data connection to do so. 

The feature could help emergency services to precisely locate you in the event of an emergency, potentially saving your life—particularly when combined with the camera’s other helpful advancements. For instance, the Nextbase 622GW has both a 911 Emergency SOS feature and Amazon’s popular and helpful Alexa voice assistant. 

Nextbase’s increased connectivity features include Bluetooth 5.0 and Hyper-Sync Wi-Fi 5GHz, which mean the camera is capable of syncing with the MyNextbase Connect App and transferring footage to your mobile device at an incredible rate of speed.

The Nextbase 622GW offers both front & rear protection

The 622GW is customizable and fully compatible with any Nextbase Rear View Module. This means that your vehicle will benefit from all-around protection with 4K image quality in the front and 1080p full HD coverage in the back. The camera also makes use of the fully patented Click&Go PRO mount design. The exclusive Click&Go Pro mount utilizes high-strength neodymium magnets with built-in power connection that allows you to easily install, remove, and power the dash cam without the hassle of wires. The low-profile design reduces the driver’s visual clutter on the windshield, allowing clear sight-lines to the 3” IPS Touch screen.

Other popular Nextbase features that are present in the 622GW are Intelligent Parking Mode and high accuracy 10x GPS readings. In fact, this dash cam comes with all of Nextbase’s best loved features and benefits. That’s why we say, “the best just got better!”

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  1. The Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam also offers a number of firsts, which no other dash cam offers, in the form of advanced features like Image Stabilization and an Extreme Weather Mode

  2. In a dash cam, some of the features I would be looking for are:

    (1) Front as well as rear recording
    (2) Night vision
    (3) Superior image quality

    The Nextbase 622W definitely checks off all of these boxes. Therefore, I would say that it is my favourite model.

    Thank you so much Best Buy Blog for running this contest and offering the opportunity to win a stunning prize! Would love to win and be absolutely delighted and excited, not to mention over-the-moon, if I did!

  3. I absolutely need, first of all, the image quality to be crystal clear. As well, I require the video recorded to be nice and steady, not all shaky. In addition, I need the ability to record while dark out, for driving at night. Therefore, the Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam is my favourite, as it has all of the features I just described and more. Thanks Best Buy!

  4. The 622GW 4K Dash Cam is my favourite because I absolutely need the Extreme Weather Mode. It helps to provide a clearer image when driving visibility is low, such as when it’s misty outside.

  5. Like they say, the best just got better.
    Yes indeed, that’s why the Nextbase 622GW offers both front & rear protection, exactly what I need.
    Thank you

  6. 622GW due to the magnetic Click and Go mount that keeps the car wire clutter free. I highly dislike wires.
    And the rear cam too would be nice.

  7. The new NextBase 622GW Dashcam is a Great Investment with 4K HD clarity,_ can record in super slow Motion. It has What3Words GeoCore for Exact Physical location and can transfer information to any mobile device. The Click & Go Pro Mount is a MUST!! It also has the Intelligent Parking Mode. “THE BEST JUST GOT BETTER”
    What a GREAT device!!
    I can only hope to WIN WON. Thank You- Dave Q.

  8. i need the intelligent park mode so i can feel safe if someone hits my car while i’m away from it, would love the 622GW

  9. With the climate changing so rapidly, the Extreme Weather Mode might be an essential feature very soon, making the 622GW my pick.

  10. I absolutely need night vision, Parking Mode and front and rear recording features. Nextbase 622GW is my favorite model since it has all that plus 4K recording at 30fps, and image stabilization.

  11. With the late night driving that always seems to happen, the better night vision might be handy on the smaller highways, so the 622GW might best fit the bill.

  12. The improved night vision is a huge bonus, but i think being able to be tracked to within 3 m squared would be so helpful in case of a bad accident is beyond helpful! not to mention it doesn’t require a data connection!

  13. I like the Nextbase 522GW dashcam for its exceptional picture quality, night vision mode and the Emergency SOS feature which sends alerts to emergency services in the event of a crash. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. Night Vision mode for capturing clear pictures in low light conditions and the front and back compatibility is cool. My favorite Nextbase model is 622GW.

  15. For dash cams, the most important factors in my mind are a combination of resolution (4K for me!) and performance at night. So many are a blurry mess at night; forget about capturing license plates. So, it’ll be the 622GW for me!

  16. I would love to have night vision and I absolutely need a dashcam with Emergency SOS response to signal nearby emergency services by sending location details. I also love a big screen so the 522GW with a 3″ screen is my favourite choice.

  17. Intelligent Parking Mode and enhanced night vision are must have features. Nexus 622GW is my favourite model

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