Light your world with Nanoleaf Essentials

Do you love brilliant colours and dynamic lighting effects? If you’d like to enhance the ambiance in your home with beautifully coloured lights and cool lighting effects, there’s no better way than with the Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Bulb and 2M Lightstrip.

These smart, colour-changing LED products from Nanoleaf represent many exciting developments in home-lighting capabilities. For instance, they’re the first lights of their kind to work with Thread technology.

The Nanoleaf Bulb and Lightstrip also proudly boast the brightest tunable white lights on the market today, along with over 16 million different colour options to choose from, making them ideal for all your daily and nightly lighting needs. 

Whether you’re working, studying, or simply wish to create a relaxing atmosphere, Nanoleaf Essentials provides a rich palette of colours and the most vivid white light imaginable—all with a personalized experience and exciting control options like app-based control via your smart device, voice control through a compatible smart assistant, or by using the easy-access Controller.

Thread technology

If you’re tired of control hubs, delayed responses, and dropped connections affecting your smart home tech, say hello to your smartest home yet with new and exciting Thread technology. Thread mesh network technology is the latest development in smart home speed, control, and reliability. It provides lightning-fast speeds with improved connection range and reliability for the quickest response times you’ve ever seen, providing near instant control of all your Essentials products.

Taking advantage of this supped-up tech requires a compatible Thread Border Router that is built into products you already love, such as Nanoleaf Shapes, Elements or the Apple HomePod mini, and much more coming up. Other enhancement possibilities include the ability to extend your Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip Starter Kit with 40″ (1 metre) expansion lightstrips. Up to 10 metres (33 ft) of lightstrips can be managed by a single controller, and you can even cut your lightstrips as needed.

Dynamic colour-changing scenes

Nanoleaf Essentials offer over 16 million different colour options, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in a world of rich and vibrant tones. Nanoleaf lets you set your Bulbs and Lightstrips to transition between colours to keep your room’s lighting dynamic, exciting, and ever changing. Or, create a specific colour palette that sets a suitable mood for any occasion. There’s even a Circadian Lighting feature that automatically adjusts the colour temperature of your lights to naturally prepare you for a restful night’s sleep.

Transitions can be set to change slowly—for a more laidback atmosphere, or you can speed them up for a more party-like pace. You can even access a fun and dynamic selection of colour-changing Scenes to create customizable patterns of light and motion such as Fade, Highlight, and Random. Or, instal Essentials in your bedroom and awaken each day to a simulated sunrise, which is possible thanks to a Schedules feature that can be set via the Apple Home or Google Home apps.

Screen Mirror

One of Nanoleaf’s most fun features is called Screen Mirror. With this feature, you get to sync your screen to your Nanoleaf Essentials via the Nanoleaf Desktop App and have the lights mimic the colours that appear on-screen. Whether you’re watching movies or playing video games, your Nanoleaf lights will burst with the on-screen colours to enhance your entertainment experience. Note: to use Screen Mirror with a TV, you need to connect it to your laptop or PC via HDMI or Airplay.

In fact, Nanoleaf even has Razer Chroma Integration—a special feature that syncs the colours of your Essentials lights to your Razer Chroma devices, such as your computer’s mouse, keyboard, or headphones. This way you get to enjoy an array of appropriate colours as you partake of the gaming experience. Now, thanks to Nanoleaf, gaming and watching movies will never be the same again. It’ll be a whole lot better!

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