Nanoleaf Elements combine the best of smart home tech and truly bespoke lighting

Have you tried Nanoleaf smart light panels in your home? If not, you’re missing out on an area of smart home décor that’s easy to install and gives you all the power to create your own truly inspired and harmonious lighting arrangements. 

Nanoleaf Elements are fully customizable modular smart light panels featuring nature-inspired hexagonal patterns and a wood grain veneer finish that together add an elegant and organic feel to your home. As geometric wall art, these textured panels are beautiful whether turned on or left off. When on, they illuminate your home with a soft yet dynamic glow that beautifully and comfortably fills any living space. 

Calming, nature-inspired Scenes such as the gently moving Clouds option create the perfect ambience whether you wish to unwind before bed or cozily curl up with a book in your favourite reading nook. You may choose from a list of specially curated Scenes or create your own breathtaking light murals via the intuitive Nanoleaf App—just one of many unique benefits of Nanoleaf Elements smart light panels. 

Smart décor that’s inspired by nature

Nanoleaf Elements represent an area of smart home décor where form and function seamlessly meet—the perfect marriage of art and technology. This is because Nanoleaf panels are both elegant wall art and customizable ambient lighting that looks beautiful when lit up in any shade of white, but also when turned off. With these tasteful light panels, you can create nature-inspired artwork that will truly enhance the interior design of your home.

Nanoleaf Elements use the natural geometric pattern of the organic Hexagon. This shape, which is inspired by the geometry found in nature, like a bee’s honeycomb, allows for easy arrangement in a variety of fun patterns that are limited only by one’s imagination. When alit in any of the white shade from the coolest to warmest tones, these unique shapes allow you to achieve whatever ambience you’re going for. You can control them using either the touch buttons on the Controller, by tapping on panels themselves, or via smart customizations in the Nanoleaf App.

Nanoleaf lighting puts you in control of the design

With Nanoleaf Elements, you are in complete control of both the arrangement and the choice of colours that your panels will ultimately be lit up in. This means that you’ll be able to create a personalized lighting experience that comes from your own imagination. 

Nanoleaf offers a truly bespoke smart lighting solution that allows you to become the artist and explore your own design sensibilities by arranging the modular panels in whatever configuration you wish. Nanoleaf panels sacrifice neither style nor elegance, and they don’t come with the traditional markup of many other smart lighting options. They represent quality smart lighting that’s fun, stylish, and truly modern. And the best part is, you can easily redesign the layout any time you wish!

Simple setup & spectacular Scenes

Anyone can successfully install Nanoleaf light panels. The installation process is quick and easy, and for most people it’s no more difficult than hanging a picture frame. Nanoleaf panels come with special adhesive strips that allow you to securely attach them to your wall with no drilling required. Installing a smart décor product in your home has truly never been easier.

What’s more, Nanoleaf Elements come with Dynamic Glowing Effects in the form of 11 specially curated Scenes that allow you to enjoy a variety of different moods. There’s everything from the warm and cozy ambiance of a crackling fireplace to the calming effect of a natural waterfall. These dynamic glowing illuminations run the gamut from relaxing to inspirational—or you can customize a scene to fit your own lifestyle. You can even use the Rhythm Music Sync feature to pair your lights to the perfect coffeehouse playlist.

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