myGEKOgear high performance dash cams provide peace of mind on the open road

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time. It’s always wise to be prepared for anything when driving, which is why myGEKOgear offers drivers protection on the open road. After all, there’s comfort in knowing your dash cam can provide clear cut evidence in the case if an incident or accident.

myGEKOgear strives to bring customers a plethora of high-performance dash cam options, taking every detail into consideration. myGEKOgear cameras are equipped with a variety of different features that serve to promote safe driving habits. These may include Wi-Fi capabilities, GPS logging, Sony Starvis sensors, and numerous other features.

myGEKOgear is dedicated to creating reliable, high quality dash cams that provide crystal clear images to protect your rights when driving.

myGEKOgear Infiniview Lite offers a user-friendly driving experience

myGEKOgear’s Infiniview Lite is a 3-in-1 system comprising a dash cam, a 9.7″ digital rear view mirror (with touch screen and anti-glare technology), and a safe rearview system that makes backing up a breeze by significantly increasing driver visibility.

InfiniView Lite is also easy to set up and use. It clips easily onto the rear view mirror on the outside of your car. Its IPX7 waterproof rear camera means that drivers don’t have to worry about malfunctions in poor weather conditions.

There’s even a 7.62 metre cable (as well as an optional 12 metre extension cable, available separately) for use with trailer hookups. With myGEKOgear, driving with an attached trailer is both easy and stress-free.

The Infiniview Lite’s digital mirror offers drivers a wider viewing angle and greater visibility (and less blind spots) when backing up and changing lanes. To back up, simply press the button on the bottom of the mirror and switch to the convenient rearview system. Handy guide lines will then appear to help you back safely into any space.

Wi-Fi capabilities make viewing, transferring, and sharing footage easy

In striving for convenience and ease of use, myGEKOgear has provided several of its dash cam models with Wi-Fi connectivity and app-based control via a smart phone and the GEKO DVR App. This allows users to instantly view, transfer, and share any footage their dash cams capture with friends, authorities, or even their own various devices.

Models like the Orbit 530, the Orbit 950, and the Owlscout all provide this feature. Users simply connect the dash cam to their smart phone (or other similar device) via the Wi-Fi connection and begin moving files around.

This is not only easier and more convenient for the user, but it’s also more efficient as it eliminates the need for microSD cards and other physical means of downloading and transferring footage—just another way that myGEKOgear is making it easier for drivers to protect themselves on the road.

Choose the dash cam that best suits your needs

Choosing the myGEKOgear camera that’s best for you is easy: For daily commuters, the Orbit 530 simply can’t be beat! It’s a simple plug-and-play device shooting in 2K resolution that’s empowered with SONY’s Starvis technology to provide crystal clear recordings both day and night.

If you’re particularly safety conscious, the Orbit 950 is your best bet. This dual dash cam covers both the front and rear of your vehicle in full 1080P high definition video. It also has GPS logging (to record both your speed and location) and built-in Wi-Fi access so you can instantly view and share your recorded footage.

If you prefer a more full-featured system, the Infiniview Lite is the perfect choice. Complete with a dash cam, a rear view system, and a digital mirror, this model brings older cars up to date and enhances driver safety by minimizing visibility issues.

There’s even a model called OwlScout that’s ideal for rideshare drivers. This camera records both the inside and outside of your car’s cabin, meaning you’ll always have footage of whatever happens in your vehicle.

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