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Movado Connect Smartwatch Overview

Movado Connect Smartwatch Overview


Do you rely on smart devices and useful apps to help keep you organized? If you’re like most of us today, your smart phone is probably an invaluable assistant—and it’s also frequently misplaced or low on power. What you need is a smart assistant that’s constantly with you and always ready to help.

It’s time to meet the all new, supremely functional, and visually striking Movado Connect—the smartwatch collection that’s powered by Wear OS by Google™ and designed for everyday life.

The amazing Movado Connect marks a significant advance in Movado’s long history of creativity and innovation in watch design and engineering. Movado Connect combines a beautifully styled timepiece (featuring an edge-to-edge crystal) with Google’s cutting-edge technology platform. It’s iconically Movado and emphatically Google. It is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

With Movado Connect, you’ll meet all of the demands of today’s fast-paced digital age (thanks to Google’s optimized user interface), and you’ll always look good doing it!


With the Movado Connect, you can fully customize the face of your watch with over 100 different (and unique) dial variations. This versatility allows you to match your watch to any outfit or mood. In addition to popular designs like Museum Classic, Digital, and Sport, you’ll also be able to choose among specialized designs for any occasion. Examples include DAY TO NIGHT, CYCLOX, and PERSPECTIVE.

With the DAY TO NIGHT dial you’ll enjoy Movado’s classic Museum Dot as a representation of the sun at high noon. You’ll also have the choice of either an analog or digital design that features a gradient day-to-night change of the background color.

Alternatively, the CYCLOX dial uses Nathan George Horwitt’s 1936 innovative design of a sweeping edge for seconds, a single rotating dot for minutes, and the hour displayed at center, while the PERSPECTIVE dial is inspired by the work of artist Chul Hyun Ahn called “Perceiving Infinity” which uses shaded rings to represent the vastness of infinite space.


Movado Connect keeps you on top of everything you need to know. Track important calls and texts as easily as checking the time, stay healthy with built-in fitness tracking and coaching, enjoy the top synced tunes from your favourite playlist, and keep up to the minute with life thanks to useful alerts.

While your Movado Connect’s screen will always display the time, it’s also easy to check key information like your messages or daily calendar. And, since your watch is on your wrist rather than buried in a purse or pocket, you never have to miss an important call or appointment reminder.

Movado Connect keeps you fully connected at all times without the constant distraction of searching for your smart phone. Wouldn’t it be great to receive important notifications from your favourite apps without having to rummage around for your phone? Well, with Movado Connect you’ll never again lose time searching for a misplaced device.


If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably grown very reliant on Google for so many of your daily facts and figures. Want to know a hockey score? Just ask Google. Want directions to a popular restaurant? Google has the details. Want to know what time a store or other service closes? It’s Google to the rescue. And now you can get the answers to these and numerous other burning questions right from your very own wristwatch.

Enjoy great all-day assistance from Google before you can even ask. For instance, receive up to date traffic alerts or consult with Google Maps before planning your route to a desired destination. Or, you may verbalize specific questions for Google Search to answer for you. You can even set your watch to give you important reminders such as when to leave for an appointment, when to take medication, or when to check in for a flight. Other uses include checking Google Weather or using Google Translate.

All of this is easily accomplished with your Movado Connect Smartwatch.

*Google, Android, and Wear OS by Google™ are trademarks of Google Inc.


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