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Logitech MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse Overview



Rise above discomfort with a mouse designed to reduce muscle strain, decrease wrist pressure and improve posture. Renowned for its elevated performance, Logitech’s MX series is complemented by science-driven design for an effective combination of ergonomics and performance. Contoured and angled for longer work days, this is a mouse built to last without creeping fatigue.

Added flexibility lets you choose how you connect the MX Vertical to your computer. Pair it with multiple machines to keep it working for you both at home and work. Stay connected for months before needing to recharge, and get up to three hours of usage after a quick one-minute charge.


The MX Vertical is designed with a form factor that feels like a handshake when holding it. The natural handshake position reduces muscular strain by 10 per cent, while promoting a more ergonomic posture every time you use it.

The advanced 4000 DPI optical tracking boosts precision to lower overall hand movement, leading to less muscle and hand fatigue. This mouse’s unique form is shaped for a variety of hand shapes and sizes, with a textured rubber surface that feels smooth and natural.

Logitech’s Options software provides some customization to help maintain a good flow by letting you create configurations to help make things easier. Relieve pressure your way by assigning buttons the way that works best for you.


Using a grip that doesn’t force you to contort your fingers puts less pressure on your wrist. MX Vertical’s 57° vertical angle reduces that pressure when your thumb is positioned comfortably on the thumb rest.

Get things done faster using the precision scroll wheel features a convenient middle click to help get things done faster. Press a single button to change the speed and accuracy of your cursor for optimal control. Creating good shortcuts helps get through virtually any task or application-specific function.

User-tested and ergonomist-approved, this mouse was designed and tested based on criteria set out by leading ergonomists. Improved posture has been known to lead to looser muscles and less tension in the wrist.


Stay powered for up to four months on a full charge. With just a quick one-minute change, you can squeeze out three hours of use. Connect MX Vertical via the included USB-C cable, Logitech Unifying Receiver or Bluetooth.

This mouse doesn’t have to stick to one computer, either. It can pair with up to three devices and switch between them with a single touch of a button. Move the cursor to the edge of one screen and watch it flow seamlessly to the next, even between Windows and Mac machines.

Whether you keep it at home or bring it along to work, the MX Vertical won’t make any task feel tiring or painful. Set your hands free and get comfortable.

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