Want to make a plate of crispy French fries, hot wings, or chicken strips at home? All you need is an LG AirFry InstaView™ ThinQ® Range. The LG LREL6325F 6.3 cu ft. Electric Single InstaView™ ThinQ® Range with Air Fry and the LG LREL6323S 6.3 cu ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Fan Convection Electric Range with Air Fry & EasyClean® cook crispy and delicious food without excess oil.

When you have an LG AirFry InstaView™ ThinQ® Range you don’t have to worry about pre-heating, mess, or guilt. Even better? Having an InstaView™ window on your range means you can knock twice on the oven door and you’ll see your progress without ever opening the door. With Wi-Fi onboard and EasyClean® to clean your oven in 10 minutes, the LG AirFry InstaView™ ThinQ® Range lets you air fry, bake, or cook all of your dishes quickly and easily.

Knock twice for an InstaView™ look inside your oven

If you’re guilty of cracking the door and taking a peek inside your oven when baking or cooking food, you’re not alone. Opening the door seems like the best way to see how quickly your food is cooking, but if you spend too much time with the oven door open you can lose precious heat intended for cooking your food at optimal temperatures.

An LG AirFry InstaView™ ThinQ® Range helps keep the heat inside. All you need to do is knock twice on the oven door and you can conveniently get the perfect view of your food while it’s cooking. Whether you’re making several crispy dishes using Air Fry or you’re using convection to bake a tray of cookies, InstaView™ lets you check your progress without letting heat escape.

Take 10 minutes to clean your oven with EasyClean®

Overtime, using your oven for Air frying or baking may mean you’ll have to clean up an oven spill once in a while. In the past, when food spills or drips onto the bottom racks of your oven, you probably had to pull out your gloves and oven cleaner to remove it. LG AirFry InstaView™ ThinQ® Ranges with EasyClean® lets you skip the scrubbing by cleaning your oven in 10 minutes.

LG EasyClean® gets your oven sparkling clean without strong chemical fumes or high heat, and it uses only three steps to do so. Just spray the oven interior with water, press EasyClean®, and in 10 minutes you wipe away the grime that’s leftover. There is also a self-clean feature if you’re dealing with heavy grease and grime.

Check on your food from anywhere with LG ThinQ® app

Want to check in on what you’re cooking but don’t want to head into the kitchen? AirFry InstaView™ ThinQ® Ranges are Smart Wi-Fi Enabled and work with the LG ThinQ® app to give you different options for cooking your food.

With an LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled range, you can open the app and see at a glance how long your food has left to cook or what cooking mode you’re using, all from the comfort of your couch, backyard, or anywhere you are. You can even pre-heat your oven remotely. If you’re within range of your kitchen, you’ll also be able to use voice commands to check progress via your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SideChef, and Innit.

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