Seeing double

When one screen isn’t enough to get it all done, the LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen brings together two 6.4-inch 19.5:9 FHD + OLED FullVision screens with 2340 x 1080 resolution. This all-new form factor combines a smartphone with an innovative case that includes a removable second display to view content. The Dual Screen can run multiple applications simultaneously for a multitasking experience that covers more ground.

It’s a whole new way to multitask. Keeping up with the daily tasks you focus on every day is easier when there is more real estate to work with. Do two work tasks at once to save time, or stay up-to-date on the latest in social media and the web without shifting between apps. This unique device gives you the chance to do more in less time than you previously could without worrying about folding it too many times.

Freedom to move

You can see whatever you like from any angle, courtesy of the 360 Freestop Hinge that can fully tilt backward for the ultimate in flexibility. Unfold the second screen and angle it however you see fit, no matter if it’s in portrait or landscape mode.

Catch up on the latest episode of a favourite TV show while grabbing a quick bite, or video chat without having to hold the phone the whole time. Fire up a YouTube video while doing a search on something else in a web browser on the other display. The multitasking combinations are almost endless.

Swap content between the two displays or keep the second screen off when you don’t need it. Flip it all the way back when you need to hold it for a phone call. And when you just don’t need the second display at all, pull the phone out of the case.

Angle your shot

A good photo doesn’t have to be out of reach when you have an effective and versatile tool to work with. The LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen is made for easier photography performance, and it starts with the Freestop 360 Hinge and the second display.

When you tilt the screen, you can find the right angle on any shot. Prop it up on a flat surface for a quick selfie or to capture a long exposure at night. Every time you snap a shot, you see it previewed on the extra display right away, letting you shoot faster and better every time.

With the LG AI CAM and Google Lens ready to go, the camera array also features AI Action Shot to recognize and compensate for movement with a shutter speed of 1/480 of a second to keep subjects fully in focus. 

Getting it done

The LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen is built with the mobile gamer in mind by including the new customizable LG Game Pad. Play games that make the most of the additional screen by keeping your fingers focused on controls without obstructing the action on display.

See and touch the controls on the main screen, while viewing the gameplay on the second display. You can take advantage of any mobile game that supports an external controller via Bluetooth and never miss a moment of the action.

Create your own Game Pad by customizing the buttons for a specific game. Arrange or rearrange the layout to your preference, and then save it for use anytime you start playing the game you designed it for.

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