Get creative with the Kano laptop PC 

Could you use a new personal computer? If so, the buildable Kano PC could be a great fit for you. This beautiful two-in-one tablet and laptop combo is unlike any computer you’ve ever seen. It will teach you all about computers in a way that’s truly educational.

The Kano laptop PC is a Windows based computer for a new generation of users. It features powerful Windows programs along with unique and creative Kano apps that will spark your imagination to create your own artwork, develop unique games, make cool music, and do many other fun and creative things. 

It will also help you to understand exactly what goes on inside a computer, showing you the internal hardware, how everything links together, and it will even help you to learn to code via a step-by-step learning process. The Kano laptop PC is a revolution in personal computing that’s as fun and educational for adults as it is for kids!

Designed to do more

The Kano laptop PC is designed to do much more than your typical personal computer. It’s open and transparent, allowing you to see everything that’s inside for a better and more complete understanding of your PC’s internal operations. This will help you to develop your PC hardware skills and to build a solid understanding of the technology. 

It’s also compact, has an 11.6 inch touchscreen display with HD resolution, and can switch between a laptop and a tablet as needed, making the Kano laptop PC as convenient as it is educational.

Other hardware includes an Intel Celeron N4000 dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and  integrated 802.11b/g/n dual band Wi-Fi so you can quickly and easily connect to the Internet with a stable wireless connection. It also features a very sturdy build, including a tough folio outer cover to protect it from bumps and bangs whenever you’re on the go.

With powerful studio software

On the software side, the Kano laptop PC will help you to better understand the world’s largest ecosystem of applications—Windows. You’ll learn and use popular applications as well as the creative Kano apps that will quickly develop and enhance your proficiency and computer skills in ways that will benefit you every day of your life.

These include powerful studio software programs and creative learning tools that will empower you to create your own music, art, and cool animations. You’ll even be able to develop your own unique games and apps. These tasks can be completed in just a few simple steps with the Kano laptop PC, which also provides helpful video tutorials to guide you on your way. Using the Kano laptop PC will prepare you for a brighter future using Kano Code, Windows, and many other Kano Computing solutions. 

Perfect for any scenario

The power of Windows and Kano are the perfect combination for any computing scenario that you can think of. You can use your Kano laptop PC at home—from the playroom to the living room, in the classroom, and virtually anywhere else.

With tons of great apps to download and use from the Windows Store, you’ll soon be on your way to painting in photoshop, writing stories in Word, learning a foreign language, watching your favourite TV shows, and a whole lot more. The Kano laptop PC is great both for learning and real world use, making it the perfect computer whether it’s your very first PC or you’re a lifelong computer user.

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