Hearing it all

Any game worth playing needs a competitive advantage, and the JBL Quantum gaming headsets can provide that. This collection offers a way to get there at a level you feel most comfortable with, be it as a casual gamer or a self-respecting veteran. Hearing is believing when it means gaining an edge that makes the difference in a heated battle.

JBL has put together the tools to get there through audio engineering and cutting-edge custom software for hyper-accurate and immersive sound. JBL QuantumSOUND Signature delivers accurate audio positioning, while QuantumSURROUND generates a realistic soundscape that drops you in the middle of the action to maximize your performance.

Surrounded by sound

QuantumSOUND Signature is about realism, with a soundscape that brings out the epic scenes of today’s most expansive games. Hearing the faintest footsteps can mean the difference between grueling victory or devastating loss.

QuantumSURROUND, which is powered by JBL’s QuantumENGINE PC software, uses advanced algorithms and overhead audio for a cinematic sound throughout every game. It’s an engaging experience putting you at the centre of the action with enhanced audio to triumph over all comers.

Move up the headphone ladder and gain more of an audible edge with features that will do more. Get a pair equipped with DTS headphone:X v2, or go as far as JBL’s QuantumSPHERE 360 for pro-level 3D-audio positioning and head-tracking for an effective tool toward gaming supremacy.

Getting comfortable

Winning can take time, and staying comfortable is key to being successful every time you take on competitors. These headsets are ergonomically designed to last and stay on during long and intense gaming sessions.

With lightweight headbands that won’t slip off or feel like a big squeeze, your ears will benefit from the memory foam ear cushions and ventilating leather-wrapped covers. Pressed against both ears, you get passive noise cancellation cutting outside ambient noise to stay focused on the game.

Wear these headphones and park yourself in front of a PC, or situate yourself in front of your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mac, mobile phone or VR setup. No matter how you game, your ears will hear everything.

Staying in touch

Whether you’re taking on everyone single-handedly or playing on a team, you want to sound loud and clear every time. Use your voice to rally the troops or rib opponents and hear them with the same clarity.

When you prefer silence, use the detachable boom mic or mute to stay silent. Inline volume controls let you adjust sound on the fly. When you do want to speak out, you can count on clear and echo-free communication.

The convenience only gets better when you use headphones with wireless connectivity. Lossless 2.4GHz lets you keep your ears peeled without taking off your headset while getting up for a snack.

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