Introducing the new Jabra Elite 85t true wireless earbuds

When choosing new earbuds, audio quality is always high on the list of must-have features. The Jabra Elite 85t earbuds deliver. Support for high quality AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs ensures your music keeps all its detail. The earbuds’ 12mm speakers deliver massive sound and powerful bass, with a customizable EQ. You can keep listening for hours, thanks to a compact, comfortable fit, up to seven hours of playback on a charge, and a Qi wireless charge case with fast charge capability.

Enjoy your music, even with background noise. The Jabra Elite 85t true wireless earbuds feature Jabra’s Advanced ANC™ technology, with 11-level active noise cancellation. 

Jabra has an outstanding reputation for high quality voice headsets and that engineering pedigree is on full display with the Elite 85t wireless earbuds. A cutting-edge design featuring six microphones and advanced signal processing algorithms ensure your calls are always crystal-clear, no matter where you are. 

Full adjustable Jabra Advanced ANC™

The new Jabra Elite 85t true wireless earbuds are equipped with Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation™ technology, a dedicated ANC chip that delivers unparalleled performance and adjustability.

Jabra’s Advanced ANC™ technology is able to cancel out the noise you don’t want to hear, while letting in the sounds you do. The Elite 85t earbuds have 11 levels of ANC, with 3 decibel increments. At the highest level, ANC isolates the wearer from background noise so they can fully enjoy their music. At the other end of the spectrum, full HearThrough mode lets you hear everything going on around you. Set your preferred ANC and Hearthrough settings in the Jabra MySound mobile app, and instantly toggle between the two with a tap on the Elite 85t earbuds.

Despite all the cutting edge technology inside, the Elite 85t true wireless earbuds are ultra-compact.

12mm speakers for massive sound and powerful bass

The new Elite 85t true wireless earbuds feature massive, 12mm speakers. These super-sized speakers enable the earbuds to produce much more powerful bass, and bigger sound. Wearers can customize their audio experience using the MySound app’s equalizer.  

AAC and DBC codec support ensures music sounds its best, whether connected to an iPhone or Android device. New oval silicon eargels provide an improved seal for better audio, and a more secure fit. In addition, use of a semi-open design relieves ear pressure for comfort during extended listening sessions.

The Jabra Elite 85t earbuds sound so good and feel so natural in your ear, you’ll want to wear them all the time. And you can, with battery life of up to 7 hours on a single charge (5.5 hours with ANC), and IPX4 water resistance. The USB-C and Qi-certified wireless fast charge case provides a total of up to 31 hours of play time.

6-microphone technology for outstanding call clarity, anywhere

The Jabra Elite 85t true wireless earbuds are designed for your busy lifestyle, providing amazing call quality no matter where you are.

Each earbud is equipped with three advanced mics, one on the inside and two on the outside. the six microphones work together to eliminate issues like wind noise. Callers will always hear your voice clearly and crisply. With SideTone technology, you will also hear your own voice more naturally when on a call.

Their small size, comfortable and secure fit, long battery life, water resistance, and outstanding call clarity make the Jabra Elite 85t true wireless earbuds ideal for anyone who uses their smartphone as a phone. 

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  1. Just ordered the 85t Jabra earbuds and am looking forward to putting them through their paces. Will report later on their performance.

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