Intelino: The Smartest Toy Train Ever!

Does your child enjoy toy trains? For generations kids have loved playing with toy and model trains, and now there’s the Intelino Smart Train—the classic toy train reinvented for today’s tech-savvy kid. It’s the hobby train that allows kids to play smarter!

Intelligent and interactive, yet simple and intuitive, the Intelino Smart Train offers both screen-free and connected play modes that engage and entertain kids and train enthusiasts of all ages, from 3 to 103!

Built on a fun and futuristic design philosophy, the Intelino Smart Train offers enhanced interactivity and full programmability. It combines the simplicity of the child’s first train set with the sophistication of an advanced app-enabled robotic vehicle. The Intelino Smart Train is a STEM learning toy for all that might just be the smartest toy train ever built.

Empowering Tactile Play

Intelino also promotes tactile play through the inclusion of small plastic tiles called Action Snaps. These tiles, which come in a variety of different colours, can easily be snapped onto the Intelino track and are able to control many of the train’s key actions (like speed and steering) via colour coding.

The tiles are easy for kids to place on (or remove from) the track, and they promote imaginative play and creativity while also giving kids something to handle and work with using their hands, which is great for promoting the development of fine motor skills.

Even the youngest child can easily grasp the concept of action snaps, which work without the need of any connected device. The Intelino Smart Train comes fully preloaded with 17 default snap-based actions that work straight out of the box, which is great for parents that don’t want their small children using smart phones and tablets too early.

App-Enabled Smart Driving

For those that are tech savvy, the Intelino Smart Train offers a special mobile app that’s free to download and works with both Android and iOS based smart devices. This app actually turns your phone’s screen into a cool dashboard with a wide range of special commands and features for remotely controlling your train. 

Possibilities include changing the colour of your train’s head and tail-lights, playing fun sound effects that add to the realism, receiving action alerts, and controlling the smart wagon coupler. The dashboard also provides real-time feedback for tons of useful information—things like the train’s current speed and total distance traveled may be tracked easily, and at any time.

Kids also have the choice of using the train’s self-driving Autopilot mode or taking complete control of the train themselves via its Manual Drive mode. In Manual Drive mode, they can really take things to the next level and achieve a top speed of up to 100 cm/second.

Create Your Own Custom Commands

For those wishing to exercise an even greater level of control and creativity, the Intelino Smart Train App offers a special feature called the Snap Editor. This editor allows users to create their own custom commands for controlling the train.

By creating their own colour-coded commands that work with the special magneta action snap tiles, kids can achieve an even greater level of control over their trains while simultaneously learning the basic principles of coding and programming. Custom commands, which can be instantly loaded onto the train at the simple touch of a button, gives kids added control over their smart train in a way that’s both fun and functional.

Whether one chooses to play with just one train or multiple train sets, the Snap Editor provides endless possibilities for creating and learning with Intelino—the smartest toy train ever built!

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