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Hugo BOSS Touch Overview

Hugo BOSS Touch Overview


Stylish form and function is what the BOSS Watches Touch Collection delivers every time you wrap it around your wrist. A timepiece with the signature styling of a trusted luxury brand, coupled with the latest Google engineering, gives you a smartwatch that will feel like a dynamic cockpit connecting you to your digital lifestyle.

Running on Wear OS by Google™, BOSS Watches Touch Collection watches can handle notifications, music, step counting, route planning and much more on your Android or iOS device. Customize and personalize the watch to suit your taste. Run the apps you like most to make the watch work for you on demand. Change straps to better match your mood or clothes, or even the place or occasion you’re attending. Whether it’s a classic, modern or sporty look you’re going for, the BOSS Touch fits right in.


Give your watch a face that strikes a chord on the beautiful AMOLED screen. With over 100 variations to choose from, selecting one won’t be enough. Stick to a short go-to list of favourites, so that you have the right look you want, no matter where and when you want it.

Plenty of options are available, and you can go even further through the Play Store from the BOSS Touch itself. Browse through more watch faces and download the ones you want directly. Switch between the ones you have with a few simple taps.

Complement your watch face with an interchangeable strap. Choose from brown or black leather, or blue and black silicone. BOSS Touch watches are also IPX8 water resistant, so you need not worry about splashes hitting your watch face and strap.


With Wear OS by Google™ on board, tailor-made connectivity is the new fast-track. BOSS Touch watches connect to thousands of apps on the Play Store, sending notifications from your favourites to your wrist for phone calls, messages, email, social media, reminders, alarms, and more.

Keep your phone away when a simple peek can tell you what you need to know. Cycle through notifications as they come in for each app. Act on the notifications you want on demand with simple taps on the watch, or have them open them up on your phone.

Check how many steps you’ve racked up throughout the day. Use Google Fit and other fitness apps to notify you of progress. Know when a package arrives at home while you’re at work. Get a heads up on weather changes so you can prepare and not get caught in a storm.


Google Assistant is at your service straight from your wrist—wake it up and tell it what you want. This digital assistant keeps you connected through your voice, simplifying how you manage your digital life and the apps you rely on.

With the assistant at your leisure, you can control a wide range of apps, and even smart home devices. Use it as a quick remote when casting media through a Chromecast, or make adjustments on your Nest Thermostat, Philips Hue lights and more.

Use the BOSS Touch to control your music playback, where you can play, pause, or skip tracks, along with selecting songs or playlists that your ears are yearning for. Teaming personal fitness with the playlist that motivates you is a walk in the park when wearing a capable smartwatch.

* Wear OS by Google™ is a trademark of Google Inc.


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