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Hatchimals Glitter Penguala, Draggle Overview

Hatchimals Glitter Penguala, Draggle Overview


Which Hatchimal will you get? You won’t know if it’s a sparkly Penguala or Draggle until the toy is loved and cared for, and hatches out of its egg.

Encased in a sparkling egg, both of these new Glittering Garden Hatchimals feature twinkling wings and soft shimmering fur. But they don’t reveal themselves just yet.

Play with it to help it hatch. Follow the glowing eyes and Tips & Tricks sheet to respond according to the Hatchimals needs, by touching, feeling, hugging, and having fun with it. The more you touch it, the more you encourage it to hatch.

Once it pecks its way out of the egg and reveals itself as a Penguala or Draggle, help the Hatchimal grow up, teach it to do new things like walk, talk, and dance, play games with it, and have endless fun with your new toy.


It’s always a surprise with Hatchimals: you don’t know what’s inside until you’ve played with it, and encourage it to hatch from its egg.

Hold the egg to hear your Hatchimal’s heartbeat, flip it over for fun, tap on it – even talk to it, until it’s ready to Hatch.

The Draggles come in purple or light blue, and the Pengualas in pink or purple, all with added sparkle and charm.


When your Hatchimal’s eyes start glowing in a rainbow of colours, it means it’s time to hatch, and more fun is about to begin.

Encourage the Hatchimal to peck away at its egg and reveal itself. Do this by touching, rubbing, hugging, and interacting with the Hatchimal. Once it knows you’re ready to play, the Hatchimal will slowly peck away around the egg, until you can finally open it up and pull out your new toy.


Now it’s time to love and care for your Hatchimal, whether it’s a Penguala or Draggle, guiding it through three stages: baby, toddler, and kid.

Follow along with the Tips & Tricks guide to respond to different coloured glowing eyes. As a baby, orange glowing eyes means it needs to burp, and you can respond by patting the bottom of the egg, for example; while light blue means the Hatchimal is cold and needs to be rubbed.

As the Hatchimal enters a new stage, it will sing the Hatchy Birthday song to let you know. Then, commands change, and there’s more you can do with the toy. As a toddler and kid, for example, flashing white means it’s learning to walk: clap once to make it move forward, twice for it to spin around.

You can play games as well, like Hatchimal Says or Tag; and your Penguala or Draggle Hatchimal will even repeat what you say back to you!


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