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Google Home Overview

Google Home Overview


Imagine if you could control everything in your home with your voice? Google Home is a smart voice assistant that can respond to a myriad of spoken questions or demands, doing everything from playing your favourite music playlist, to turning on the

kitchen lights, or advising what the traffic is like for your commute to work.

Once set up, simply say “OK, Google” then ask your question or provide instructions, and Google Home will obediently oblige.

The sleek-looking smart Hifi speaker comes in three colours, so you can choose one that fits your room’s decor, or purchase the outer base in a different colour to easily move your Google Home from room to room.

With minimal touch controls, Google Home is compatible with a variety of popular services, like Spotify, Nest, WeMo, IFTTT, and Philips Hue lighting, among many more.


Whether you need to know what the weather will be like for your summer BBQ, how to convert pounds into ounces for a recipe, or who’s singing the song that’s playing, Google Home can help.

You’ll get intelligent, real-time answers from the studious Google Assistant on a wide variety of questions. Use it to help perform complex calculations, for example, like for home renovation projects. The kids can ask Google Home for help with word definitions, facts and information, or even translations.

Get financial stock information while you get ready for work in the morning, or details on the nutrition in foods you’re considering packing for your children’s lunch. Missing the big game? Ask Google Home for the score and she’ll update you immediately. Explore different ways Google Home can be part of your daily life, and have some fun while you do it.


As your personal DJ, Google Home can play back favourite songs and/or playlists using voice commands, too. Ask for tunes by artist, song, genre, or album, or even parameters like mood or activity. Whether you’re looking for soothing background music while you relax, or want to get the house party started, Google Home can help.

Group several Google Homes, Chromecast Audio, or speakers with Chromecast built-in, together to provide synchronized, whole-home music streaming through compatible speakers. Or, just play tunes from popular music services or radio stations in the room(s) of your choosing. Once set-up, you can play, pause, skip, or turn up the volume, all through voice.

Commanding your audio isn’t just about music. You can also queue up content like podcasts and news. You can even stream video, like a funny YouTube clip, to any TV with Chromecast built-in, or a Chromecast device plugged into its HDMI port.


Google Home reminds you of important appointments, sets alarms and timers, and advises on things like rain in the forecast, or traffic on your usual route to work.

Control and set multiple and/or recurring alarms, ask for the day’s schedule, or add items to your shopping list. Going on a trip? Google Home will provide status updates for your flight, or travel time estimates by car, bike, or on foot. Use Google Home to set and control timers – great when you have several pots going for a big family dinner. And search for places to get additional information, like when your favourite deli closes for the night.

Just need a summary? Ask Google Home for a curated daily snippet of your day with the relevant information to get you going in the morning. With your permission, it learns over time to adapt to your habits and desires.


If your home is decked out with more smart gear, chances are that Google Home can seamlessly connect with it. Google Home works with the Chromecast, as well as devices like the Nest thermostat and Philips Hue smart lighting. Use your voice to do everything from crank up the air conditioning, to turn off or dim the lights.

Through IFTTT (If This Then That) integration, Google Home can also work with many other products and services, from smart switches and plugs, to smart thermostats from a variety of manufacturers. The voice control possibilities are endless.


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