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GE Café™ Double Oven Induction Range Overview

GE Café™ Double Oven Induction Range Overview

Your kitchen will get a modern boost with the sleek and sophisticated look of any GE Café induction range. With a stainless steel design that is easy to keep clean, and shines bright every time it goes to work, this is an oven and cooktop befitting of the chef or foodie in any home. Smart connectivity keeps the oven close anywhere in the home with Wi-Fi access to add even greater convenience.

Induction cooking offers an attractive combination of speed and consistent temperature control. Using electromagnetic energy, GE Café induction range cooktops generate instant heat for rapid boiling or superb simmering. Induction directly heats your cookware, not the cooktop, for optimal energy efficiency versus other cooking methods.



Why limit yourself to choosing between cooking or baking, when you can do both all at once. GE’s Café slide-in front control induction ranges offer a smarter way to make dishes as perfect and succulent as a true chef would demand in the kitchen. Cook food evenly, no matter where you place dishes inside the oven. With double oven convenience, you will have plenty of cubic feet to work with, so there’s no need to choose which one takes priority when you have the ability to make multiple dishes at the same time.


The all-new GE Café induction ranges include GE’s precision cooking probe, an innovation that brings advanced cooking techniques to your home kitchen. Try sous vide, a slow-cooking method that has been widely adopted in some of the finest restaurants.

Attach the precision cooking probe to existing cookware and cook a steak to perfection at just the right temperature. Use it for melting applications to get the ideal texture. Present your masterpiece with equal portions of culinary taste and flair.

Being that precise means you can achieve restaurant-quality results right in your kitchen. The wireless controls maintain the internal temperature of your food within 1 degree, and you can always stay on top of the process using Bluetooth technology.


True European Convection with Precise Air takes the guesswork out of where the sweet spot is inside this oven. It’s a cooking system combining a third heating element with a reversing fan for advanced heat and air circulation.

That means you can cook everything flawlessly, no matter where you place it inside. Whether you’re making a mean pot roast or baking crusty ciabatta, you get golden brown perfection evenly throughout. No need to strategize or prioritize your prep or cooking time.


The GE Café induction range has been built with Wi-Fi connectivity to keep you in the know every time you turn it on. Feel a little more peace of mind with the convenience of the embedded smart features.

Use your smartphone or tablet to preheat the oven, change temperature, control timers, get cooking status alerts and receive notifications. Always know where a dish sits in the cooking process by staying on top of timers for multiple dishes at once time.

Use your iOS or Android device to monitor cooking status and set up your Café induction range with the GE WiFi Connect app. Now, you can preheat the oven on your way home from the grocery store.


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