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GE Café™ Black Slate Gas Range Overview

GE Café™  Black Slate Gas Range Overview


Add a level of distinction to your home kitchen with the GE Café Black Slate gas range, which employs a look that’s versatile enough to complement any kitchen design.

Finished in a deep charcoal colour—the next big trend in kitchen design—the GE Café Black Slate gas range beautifully complements stainless steel, along with the chef-inspired accents found on Café appliances.

The unique matte finish helps hide unsightly fingerprints and eliminates smudges, keeping the appliance looking sleek and clean. And it adds distinction and durability to the kitchen space.

Whether you’re an accomplished home chef, or aspire to be one, the slide-in front control gas range will be a great addition to any home kitchen.


The six-burner, edge-to-edge cooktop utilizes every bit of space on the top of the gas range, so you can have several large pots going at once.

The 30” gas range can accommodate cookware of any size—even the largest stockpots for your slow-cooked dinner, or big batch of homemade pasta sauce.

The GE Café Black Slate gas range offers flexibility and versatility for your culinary creations: whether you’re cooking a small meal for the immediate family, or whipping up a big Christmas dinner for family and friends.


Enjoy true European convection via a heating element that sits behind the fan, offering a greater level of heat distribution.

This will help you create consistent, evenly-baked meals that are done in less time. Cook a large turkey or pot roast, and have your fresh baked pie hot and out of the oven in time for dessert.


The GE Café Black Slate gas range offers Wi-Fi connectivity, bringing it into the high-tech smart appliance space.

The smart features provide convenience: do things like preheat the oven, control timers, and get cooking status alerts and notifications to your smartphones. Want to speed up dinnertime? Set the oven to preheat when you’re almost home so you can pop that whole chicken into the oven as soon as you arrive. Had to run out to grab a missing ingredient, pick up the kids, or do some laundry downstairs? Keep an eye on the cooking status so you can remind your significant other to take those muffins out of the oven at the perfect time.

Get the most out of the GE Café Black Slate gas double oven’s performance, get more done in less time, bring your culinary creations to the next level, and add sophistication to your kitchen.


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