Working with a touch of svelte

One look at the Garmin Lily says it all. This is a smartwatch that wraps around any woman’s wrist and never looks or feels out of place. A smaller form factor suits the fashionable design for a timepiece that aims to not just look good, but also deliver the goods on a daily basis. It may be the smallest of Garmin’s smartwatches, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded and ready to go to work.

That means you get the best mix of activity tracking and fashion-forward aesthetics all in one package. All it takes is flicking your wrist or tapping your finger to light up the touchscreen and see what you need to see. When you’re done, it’s gone. The Lily works hard to keep up with your lifestyle, where the battery can last up to five days between charges.

Getting stylish with Lily

Being small and stylish has its benefits, and the technology in the Lily complements the fit and comfort. This smartwatch measures a mere 34mm, and the strap is a positively thin 14mm, perfect for anyone wanting the benefits of a smartwatch without the typical size. With a lightweight 24g to boot, you’ll forget it’s even on your wrist.

You don’t have to settle on one style, either. Choose the Classic design with its Italian leather band, fiber-reinforced polymer case, and stainless steel bezel. Or go with the Sport design and rock out with a silicone band, fiber-reinforced polymer case, and anodized aluminum bezel.

Select the style and colour that suits your personal tastes. Unique to the Lily is the beautiful, yet subtle, etched patterned lenses: a different pattern for each Lily model. The different band and bezel styles and colours, combined with the patterns on the lens, set the Lily in a class all its own for wearable fashion and functionality.

Staying in the loop

When you pair the Lily with your smartphone, you’re giving it a window into your handset through smart notifications. When you get an incoming call, the watch will tell you. The same is true of text messages, calendar entries, reminders and more—all right on your wrist. If you’ve got an Android phone, you also get to use quick responses straight from the watch.

The monochrome LCD touchscreen is bright and legible, letting you see everything, day or night. When it disappears into the background, you see the permantly etched lens pattern. Touch the haptic button at the bottom of the display, and it gleams to life again.

Control the music playing on your phone by using the Lily’s screen. Simple playback controls simplify access, putting your wrist in the driver’s seat for every tune you listen to.

Tracking those health numbers

The Lily helps you understand your body and what’s happening along the way. Inside, you have a built-in pulse oximeter1 to measure blood oxygen levels, plus special tools for menstrual cycle and pregnancy. That’s all on top of tracking your daily steps, heart rate, sleep quality and calorie burn.

Use Body Battery™ to monitor the energy you expended, and how much you recovered on any given day. Try the various sport modes to get into some exercises, using your paired phone as a GPS tracker to measure route and distance. Whether it’s a brisk walk or a 5K run or a bike ride, the Lily keeps tabs on every step.

Stay on top of stress levels and utilize breathing exercises to moderate peaks, putting your anxieties to rest. The Garmin Connect app on iOS or Android is your go-to for setting up all the features that you believe are most important for your lifestyle.

1 This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition; see Pulse Ox not available in all countries.

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