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Evr-Green e30 Charging Station Overview

Evr-Green e30 Charging Station Overview

Fast, Safe charging of your Electric Car

You finally have that electric car of your dreams! Now you need to ensure it is always ready to go when you are. With Leviton’s Evr-Green e30, you receive a compact and easy to use fast charging station for any SAE 1772™ compatible vehicle.

Install in or near the garage of your home, for either indoor or outdoor use. It even comes with an 18 foot cable. The Evr-Green e30 is a solution geared to solve your charging needs.

Easy to install and easy to use

Whether you want to mount your new charger to the wall inside the garage or to a pedestal outside in your driveway, the Evr-Green e30 is flexible to meet your needs. The compact size and savvy wiring setup and housing mean that your installation is as easy and safe as possible. A long cord means you don’t have to worry about making sure your electric vehicle is parked or facing at a specific angle to ensure that it reaches to start charging.

With 7.2Kw charging output, the Evr-Green e30 is SAE 1772™ compatible, which means that many vehicles from the BMW i3 to the Nissan Leaf can receive a safe and easy charge.

Safety features that protect your investment 

The Leviton Evr-Green e30 comes with numerous safety features to ensure that your electric vehicle’s battery charges as safely as possible. A ground monitor interrupter is just the start. The Evr-Green e30 also comes with protection against short circuits, over current, over voltage, and under voltage.

Most importantly, it also comes with an auto-reclosure feature. In the event of a minor fault, the Evr-Green e30 detects it and works so that your battery will not be affected and will continue to charge after the interruption. This reclosure ensures that your charger does not just shut down at the moment of a minor fault and surprise you the next morning with an undercharged battery.

Designed to handle tough weather

The body of the Evr-Green e30 Charging Station is enclosed in a thermoplastic vandal-proof enclosure and rated NEMA 3R for Indoor and Outdoor use. What does that mean? To receive this rating, your charging station is able to protect itself from falling dirt, debris and water ingress. This includes rain, snow, sleet; it even stays operable and safe in the event of external formation of ice.

The Evr-Green e30 is built tough to handle tough weather. It can operate in temperatures as low as -30 Celsius and as high as +50 Celsius with an operating humidity of 0-95%


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  1. Do you know if the cable casing plastic is made from petroleum or soy oils? It appears in recent years rats and mice will eat through the “green plastics”.

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