Roast, broil and bake your favourite dishes, all without ever having to heat up your full size oven. The De’Longhi Livenza Compact Convection Oven sits on your countertop, but is spacious enough to cook and endless variety of recipes and snacks.

Thanks to the power of convection, the De’Longhi Livenza can cook your food up to 40% faster than an average oven. While your food is cooking using the circulation of hot air, the Heat Lock System maintains the internal temperature while emitting 30% less heat off the glass door.

Keeps heat inside where it belongs

Whether you’re making dinner or heating up a snack for the kids, you can count on this compact powerhouse to do it all.

The De’Longhi Livenza Compact Convection Oven features an innovative Heat Lock System which maintains consistent heat with insulated construction and a double glass door. Made of durable stainless steel, this compact convection oven will look beautiful on any kitchen countertop.

De’Longhi Livenza Compact Convection Oven puts dinner on the table faster

With the De’Longhi Livenza Compact Convection Oven on your countertop, save both time and energy, so you can focus on what matters most. Cut down your cooking time starting with a preheat time up to 60% faster than the average 30″ 5.0 cu. ft. range oven.

Convection ovens are known for cooking food quickly and evenly. They distribute heat via a convection fan which circulates the hot air around the inside of the oven. Because the De’Longhi Livenza Compact Convection Oven has convection, it can cook up to 40% faster than ovens without this feature. Also, the non-stick, scratch-resistant interior makes cleanup of spills and splatters quick and easy.

Tap a preset and dinner is served

The De’Longhi Livenza Compact Convection Oven was designed with convenience and precision in mind, featuring nine preset functions that take the guesswork out of cooking. It has easy-to-use electronic controls and an LCD screen to adjust your cook times, plus an internal light that helps you keep an eye on your dishes.

The presets include basic bake, grill, and roast, with the addition of favourites such as cookies, toast, pizza, reheating, and heat convection—all in one-touch presets. Enjoy the convenience of its keep-warm function so your food remains toasty and warm until you’re ready to eat. Best of all, you also get access to an exclusive recipe app with recipe and suggested oven settings.

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