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Dell Inspiron gaming desktop Overview

Dell Inspiron gaming desktop Overview

Dell takes gaming to the next level 

The new Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop Computer is built for the toughest gaming sessions. No matter where you want to explore, how long you want to be there, and how many battles you want to fight, the Inspiron will be there for you. Take your Inspiron straight out of the box and into the battlefield, or customize it with many available options.

Your gaming doesn’t need to be confined to just your mouse or keyboard either. The Inspiron is virtual reality ready, meaning that you can slide your VR headset on, open your eyes and immerse yourself in gaming the way you’ve always wanted to.

Game changing presentation awaits you

The Inspiron Gaming Desktop looks as futuristic and as intelligent as it performs. A brightly lit LED Interior sheds light on the many clever design features. A finned chassis ensures that heat escapes successfully so your system stays as cool as possible. This has been done with the most hardcore gaming sessions in mind in order to provide as smooth a gaming experience possible. Whether you’re in hour 1 or hour 10 of gaming that day, the Inspiron works overtime to ensure that your sessions are uninterrupted and uncompromised.

The Inspiron also comes ready with high-performance 7.1 Channel HD audio. You won’t just hear your game … you’ll be fully immersed in it.

Sophisticated gaming powered by the latest AMD Processors

The Inspiron Gaming Desktop has been built with a serious gamer’s needs in mind. You can get this desktop with the latest AMD Ryzen Processors (up to 8 core / 16 thread,) optional liquid cooling and world class graphics with GDDR5 memory. With capability for dual graphics support, Inspiron handles the most detailed textures and landscapes, bringing you support for the fastest, best and most enriching graphics display. With select Radeon Graphics setups, you can navigate and traverse worlds in vivid VR in a setup designed to impress and dominate platforms like DirectX 12.

With all of this power, your Inspiron will remain surprisingly quiet during operation. Every piece in the Dell Inspiron has been carefully designed and placed to ensure that your computer runs as silently yet efficiently as possible.

Preparing for your future needs today

While you’re purchasing your Inspiron for your gaming needs today, Dell is thinking about what you will need tomorrow. In addition to the on-board high capacity hard drive, dual drive support between SSD and HDD means faster load times while keeping everything you need installed and available at your fingertips.

The Inspiron comes equipped with an astounding five storage bays, capable of holding 3 HDDs and 2 SSDs. In addition, you can power numerous gaming devices with the 6 easily accessible USB 3.0 ports. A USB 3.1 Type-C connector also allows you to transfer your files at lightning speed.

If you still need that little bit more memory, the mATX motherboard can be expanded to hold up to 32GB of DDR4 Memory, and additional graphics cards in the two PCIe x16 slots. While the Inspiron is impressive out of the box, its future forward design allows you to take you gaming the extra mile.


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  1. I read this article a couple of weeks ago and purchased this monster PC for a hefty price(according to my financial situation).But I feel like the money is worth.This is specially built for the game lovers.It may be costly but it’s worth the price.

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