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Canon Pixma TS Series Printer Overview

Canon Pixma TS Series Printer Overview


Having a printer at home isn’t just a useful utility, it can mean the difference between meeting a deadline and being late. Going wireless adds to the convenience, printing out what you see on your smart devices with ease. No fiddling with cables or checking compatibility. No compromising on image quality.

The PIXMA TS Series printers can bring creativity to life, be it the school project or the amazing photo collage ready for a frame. If you can print it, these printers can make it look the way you want to see it. All the latest features and options, including an efficient ink system and support various paper types, mean the PIXMA TS Series is ready for quality output.


How to choose a photo printerPrinting things at the last minute is a fact of life for most. Those school projects your kids need to get done in time for class will always have a printer to rely on. Assignments, big projects, permission slips and bake sales — the PIXMA TS Series handles them all.

Plus, you don’t have to use a computer each time. Easily access online documents you saved from the Canon Print App and send them right to print from your smartphone. With the PIXMA’s built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connections, printing from your smartphone and tablet only takes seconds.

Running a home business gets easier when you can send the right document in the right format. PIXMA works wirelessly and instantly with your laptop and smartphone, so you can send any file any way you choose.


Saving money on greeting cards by creating your own is a print away. Instead of choosing from what someone else wrote in a store, create your own message and include a photo or two in it for a truly personal card.

That awkward moment when a family member shows up unannounced for the holidays doesn’t have to feel that way when a nice card or giveaway photo memento is easy to do. Print your family’s annual picture and share it with all your friends and family.

Canon’s free card template covers a lot of bases, letting you bring in some of your own creativity with what’s already available to select. Whatever the occasion, you can make something better, and save a fortune in the process.


Don’t worry about getting a colouring book, just create pages yourself. The PIXMA TS Series printers can output clean pages for your kids to colour at a moment’s notice.

With an endless supply of colouring pages, puzzles and crosswords available online, printing out what your kids want doesn’t have to be difficult. Even adults are getting in on the action with colouring, and there’s plenty to choose from beyond children’s content.

No need to hesitate or rush out and buy extra books when you have an entire library online to work with through PIXMA.


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