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Anki Overdrive Overview

Anki Overdrive Overview


Do you enjoy the fun, excitement, and challenge of racing? If so, then you need the Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit!

The Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit consists of 2 Supercars and a variety of racetrack pieces that you can assemble into eight different configurations. And these aren’t ordinary race cars; these Supercars are programmed robots whose primary purpose is to battle on the track, using speed and strategy, and they’re controlled by your mobile device.

Each Supercar comes loaded with amazing features like optical sensors, high performance motors (for precision maneuvering to within a millimeter of accuracy), and a dedicated 50MHz CPU that allows them to employ artificial intelligence (Al) to learn how to defeat you in battle!

You can build up to eight unique battlefields in mere seconds with the durable (and magnetic) track pieces, and ongoing expansion packs (featuring additional tracks and vehicles) will keep the battle going well into the future!


Ease of use is the order of the day with the amazing Anki OVERDRIVE. Simply connect the magnetic track pieces to create your track configurations. Each durable piece takes just seconds to put into place, and then you’re ready to download and install the Anki OVERDRIVE App and begin racing.

The app works with compatible iOS and Android based devices (provided your WI-Fl is enabled) and automatically connects your mobile device to your Supercar and teaches you how to play the game. This means that you’re ready to begin racing pretty much immediately. Simply ensure that each player is equipped with his or her own smart device and Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar and let the fun begin!


One of the coolest aspects of the Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit is its incorporation of intelligent gameplay. This allows you to either challenge your real, human friends or take on Artificial Intelligence opponents with the ability to learn (and adapt to) your top tricks and tactics.

But be careful, because your Al opponent is better equipped to hunt you down and defeat you the more it learns about you! In fact, you may want to frequently switch up your tactics and strategy so you can hope to stay ahead of the program.

In addition to intelligent gameplay, you can also customize your Supercars in any way you see fit. This means adding features like weapons and build-outs, along with the option of competing in a variety of different game modes such as Battle, Race, Time Trial, and King of the Hill. Better still, the more time you spend playing, the more cool upgrades you can earn!


Another great benefit of the Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit is Anki’s ongoing commitment to new software updates and future accessory add-ons. This ensures that your gameplay experience will always continue to evolve and remain fresh and exciting for many years to come!

You can even customize your weapons, add additional (expansion) Supercars and Trucks, and build challenging jumps and curves into your ever evolving racetrack! With Anki OVERDRIVE, each new expansion brings about exciting challenges and adventures that encourage creativity and keep the excitement alive!

Included in the initial Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit are 2 robotic Supercars, 6 curved track pieces, 4 straight track pieces, 2 riser pieces, 1 four-car charging system, and 1 tire cleaner. This ensures that you’ll have plenty to keep you engaged from the very first moment you unbox the set. It’s the perfect beginning to an amazing racing experience!

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