In this time of social distancing, a Geek Squad Protection Plan gives you complete peace-of-mind if your laptop or tablet stops working. You can easily get Geek Squad Protection in three different ways:

  1. buy at the same time you purchase your new computer or tablet;
  2. contact Geek Squad Remote Support and ask an agent about it;
  3. ask about it when picking up an onine order at your local Best Buy store.

What is Geek Squad Protection?

Geek Squad Protection goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure your new technology will work reliably for years to come. Their slogan is “We Fix It OR Replace It” and they back this up with a variety of benefits including a No Lemon Policy, coverage for Power Surges, and complete coverage for any parts and labour required due to failure from normal wear and tear or manufacturer defects.  Geek Squad Protection also covers all accessories that come in the original box, so if your laptop or tablet charger stops working, they’ll replace it at your local Best Buy store with no hidden costs or fees.

Depending on the type of products, customers can choose a two, three, or even a four year Geek Squad Protection plan.

How does a customer get support when something stops working?

The good news is that if something does go wrong the customer has a couple of options to make getting back up and running fast and easy. First, the customer can take their laptop or tablet to the Geek Squad Precinct at any Best Buy store in Canada.  There a Geek Squad Agent will personally triage their problem and will—if they find a hardware fault—sign-in the unit and start the repair right away.

In the world of social distancing some customers might not feel comfortable visiting a store and that’s totally okay! Customers can also connect with a Geek Squad Remote Support Agent by visiting A Remote Support Geek Squad Agent will help the customer determine whether there is a hardware or software fault. If they detect a hardware issue, they’ll send a shipping box to the customer. The customer then simply packs their laptop or tablet and sends it to Geek Squad for repair. Whether the customer brings their device to a store or ships it for repair, Geek Squad will courier it right back to their home when the repair is complete.


In the words of a happy Geek Squad Protection customer

Philip bought a laptop from Best Buy a number of years ago for school and for work. “I added the Geek Squad Protection plan because this was a big purchase and I didn’t want to worry about what might happen if something went wrong,” Philip noted. “Little did I know when I bought the Protection what a life-saver it was going to be. Right before a major deadline at school, my laptop stopped turning on. I went to Geek Squad and they explained that the motherboard had failed. I was heart-broken until they explained that because they weren’t going to be able to fix it, they were going to replace it with the latest model! I was ecstatic and make sure to share this story with everybody.”

No one stands behind you like Geek Squad

Times may be changing, but Geek Squad always has and always will be there for you and your tech.  When buying a new laptop or tablet, give yourself the peace-of-mind knowing you can walk into a Best Buy store or connect with a Geek Squad Agent online anytime to assist with your technology gremlins by adding Geek Squad Protection to your latest computing tech.

Geek Squad
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