Bring it home today. Reserve and Pick Up is a fast, easy way to get the products you want. Simply reserve products online and pick them up in store.

  1. Reserve online

Find the product you want to reserve, choose the store you want to pick it up from, and enter the contact information of the person picking it up.

  1. We’ll email you

During regular store hours, we’ll email you within 20 minutes to confirm your reservation. We’ll hold your item for 24 hours before putting it back on our shelves.

  1. Pick up and pay in-store

After you’ve received your email confirmation, head in-store with your ID and confirmation to pick up and pay for your item.



How do I cancel my reservation?

To cancel your reservation, simply call the store you chose for pickup and they’ll take care of it for you.

Why was my reservation declined?

Sometimes an item may show as being available for pickup at, but by the time the store receives your order and looks for the items to reserve, these items may already have been sold to another customer.

For items with limited quantities, Best Buy reserves the right to decline orders to ensure stock is available for walk-in customers. 

Can I reserve an item and have someone else pick it up?

Yep! When you’re reserving your item online, make sure you enter the contact information for the person picking it up. 

What happens if I reserve an item and the price changes before I pick it up?

Once a reservation is confirmed by the store via email, it not only reserves the physical product for you in the selected store but also the price of that product at the time of the reservation.

This means if the price goes up between the time your reservation is confirmed and the time you arrive at the store, you’ll still pay the price of the item when the reservation was confirmed.

If the price is lower when you get to the store, you’ll pay the lower price based on our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Please note: If the price of a product is being displayed incorrectly we reserve the right to reject the sale at the incorrect price and process the sale using the correct price in accordance with our Conditions of Use.


At certain times, and for certain products, Reserve and Pick Up may be unavailable to allow all customers in-store and online equal access to:

  • Specific sale items (e.g. Boxing Day/Week sale items)
  • Limited quantity/hot items
  • Online-only items
  • Large items that require Scheduled Delivery
  • Services (e.g. Geek Squad, Service Plans, etc.)
  • Gift Cards
  • Pre-order items


Best Buy
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  1. I have been waiting on an order for 16 days now, reference #xxxxxx363 and all of your contact us web sites seem to be down. I would like to know when I will be receiving this order that you apparently sent by letter mail even though we were in the middle of a strike. This was for a gift that I need by next weekend. Please someone look into this order.
    Thank you,
    Mrs S MacLean

    • Hi Susan,

      I have sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office and someone will be looking into this very soon.

      Best regards,

  2. I ordered a PlayStation 4 online on November 26, concerned of the postal strike I called 20 minutes later to cancel and was told that the item had already shipped the strike was over and that I should receive my order by December 5. Each day my delivery is further away. Since I leave on the 15th I suppose some thief will enjoy my purchase or it will remain in postal limbo. Best buys online parcel tracking is non existent since “page cannot be found” . Apparently customer service “cannot be found”. They received my money and I received a lesson to shop elsewhere !!!

    • Hi Mary,

      I sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office and they will help you very soon.

      Best regards,

  3. Hi I am a bit fustrated with Best Buy in St. John’s NL I recently visited your store and was looking for a google home and met with a sale person when then told me that they were going on sale soon and he asked me for my name and cell number and he would give me a call a couple day before the sale and let me know when the sale was and the amount of the google home. Well they had a sale and the google home was on for 79.00. And guess what I never got the call and I never got a google home. When I call the store asking them why I didn’t get a call the response was we don’t usually call people and that the person that took my name and number wasn’t aware of it. So what the purpose of taking my personal information!!! Buyer Beware!!!!!!

    • Hi Gerald,

      I sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office. They should be reaching out to you soon.

      Best regards,

  4. I am sure what is going on but I can not sign in to check on my order or to cancel it tryright after I place the order .

  5. I tried to put on hold kobo ereader in few stores (one in Brampton, other in Oakville) – but calling there did not give result as nobody picks up the phone. What is the purpose of posting the phone? Should it be any customer service? Or we have to forget about it before Christmas? And by the way, why it is so difficult to order more ereaders if you see that it is popular as a gift? Managers of bestbuy, hello? Do you have any idea about planning? Or you prefer just to answer to frustrated customer: “Sorry, we do not have it”.
    Very disappointed with such retail service in Canada. In the USA it is much better. I guess, this is the place for shopping.

    • Hi Ann,

      I sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office and they will look into this matter for you.

      Best regards,

  6. Bogus Boxing Day sale on internet. I went through process to order Sony headphones That were on sale. Now I check my account to see if they would come before Christmas and my order is no where to be found , of coarse there seems to be no way to contact anyone from website to find out what’s going on. Now it says they are sold. Out. I’ve spent a lot of money at this franchise over the past yrs and feel pissed off Not happy customer.

    • Hi Jay,

      I sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office so they can look into this problem for you.

      Best regards,

  7. I’m not getting my stove. The stove that came was badly damaged and was not safe to use. The delivery drivers said I must reorder. I waited all day on customer service, no one came.I called the store I purchased it, West Vancouver, I was passed off as a phone back, still waiting 3 days later. Best Buy has my money, and I don’t have a stove.

    • Hi Rosealyn,

      I sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office. They should be contacting you very soon.

      Best regards,

  8. Hi we preordered a game in late September. The game came out earlier this month in November but we still haven’t received it. No confirmation emails were sent either. Please help

  9. I much prefer being able to pick up an item in store. The last time that I pre-ordered an item from Best Buy I didn’t receive it until almost a week after it came out. It’s a little less convenient, but I would much rather pick up items in store so that I can take full advantage of them as soon as possible.

    Also, if I come into the store I can talk to someone if I choose to, and find out more about the item I wish to purchase. Sometimes I prefer to talk to someone rather than just doing online research.

  10. Hi,,,trying to order the insignia 32” tv online this morning, and the price keeps changing. It’s advertised as $129.99, but as soon as it goes into the cart it goes up to $199! I took a picture of it this morning, reflecting the price.
    Trying to talk to any customer service rep is hopeless. Not one store number answers the phone! I’ve called all morning and tried many stores. For all your tech offerings, you’d think you’d have a live rep online, or a dedicated way to talk to a Best Buy representative.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office. They will look into the issue and contact soon to help resolve this for you.

      Best regards,

  11. I placed an order as a guest and as a user. Pre orders.
    When I look up the item number as a guest im getting the other order item details? And when I put in the order number with my credentials it says there’s nothing in the system however I have email Confermation showing the funds were taken too?

    • Hi Tamara,

      I sent your question to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office. You should be contacted soon.

      Best regards,

  12. I ordered a play station the money was taken out of my account and I have yet to receive a confirmation or email or delivery date.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I sent your question to the customer service department at Best Buy Canada’s head office and they will be contacting you very soon.

      Best regards,

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