Best Buy for Business for multiple office owners

Whether you have one office or multiple offices across a province or the country, you don’t just have to be smart about your time; you have to be extremely resourceful. Thankfully, for all Canadian business owners, when you have a free Business Account with Best Buy, you get access to Business Hub, which is one resource that can take the stress out of running all of your offices.

How Business Hub works

When you have a Business Hub account, you’ll have several resources on tap to help you with your office purchases. You’ll have access to the thousands of Best Buy retail and commercial products available and can shop quickly and easily while tracking shipments. You can also add multiple buyers in your company and manage their order and spending in one place. Do you need to ship products to multiple locations? You have the freedom to choose any shipping address and even save popular ones for future use.

What are the Benefits?

  • Business-level pricing on tech, appliances, office furniture and much more
  • Extra 15% off office supplies including ink and toner
  • The ability to add a purchase order number with an order
  • The ability to manage buyers and control their spending
  • Access to an Account Manager to assist you with large purchases, audio visual installations, IT support and questions you might have
  • Flexible payment options: Credit card and Net 30 terms* (*based on eligibility)

How Best Buy Business can help owners of multiple offices

Managing multiple offices across a province or the country means you face unique challenges every day. What if you have several office managers who need to purchase items for their specific locations?

With a Business Hub account, you’ll have unique capabilities to help you solve the challenge of successfully running multiple offices, such as:

  • Managing payments for all offices under one company credit account or under specific company credit cards
  • Adding specific shipping addresses that other offices can quickly access or allowing offices to add their own
  • Limiting the spending of certain buyers if necessary
  • Giving buyers the right to view all company purchases, while limiting this view for others.
  • Viewing and tracking all orders and expenses

Any business or school can benefit from having a free Business Account. Check it out and you can sign up online or by phone by calling 1 877 423 3429.

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