I love everything about Christmas: the festive air with anticipation of joyous gatherings with friends and family (in person with those in my bubble and online with everyone else), the gift shopping, the elaborated feasts, decorating trees with twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments, and even Santa Claus whose mythical presence lights up the eyes and the imaginations of his young believers. However, I am relatively new to the Boxing Day; we didn’t celebrate Boxing Day in India when I was growing up though we had the tradition to help those in need in our local community and beyond on that day. After moving to Canada, Boxing Day has become a family shopping affair for us! And like everything else this year, Boxing day shopping will look a little bit different for all of us.

Boxing Day Shopping at Best Buy

Ever wait in a line outside the store for hours just to be the first one to snag a deal? Boxing day shopping in 2020 means you won’t have that frigid experience. Most of us will plan to take advantage of the Best Buy Boxing Day sale from the comfort of our own homes (the Best Buy Boxing day flyer is available to help you prepare). In fact, many of the Boxing Day deals are already available online: look for the tags that say, “Boxing Day Price Now.”

My plan is simple: before the sale begins at 6 PM on December 24th (Eastern Time) my husband and I will sit together with our two teens and create a shopping list of things we would like to get if they go on sale. Then, we browse the flyers together and mark the best prices for the items we want to buy when the sale begins. However, unlike in previous years, we’ll gather around the computer with Best Buy on the browser. Each of us will take a turn to find the item that most interests that person. It will also be a good teaching moment for the kids to learn how shipping options and tracking options work when online shopping at Best Buy. Preparing for a safe Boxing day shopping day is sure to add a new element of holiday fun for the whole family.

Shop and Create Memories while you Stay-at-Home

Some of my favorite items to shop for are appliances. Here are a few examples of appliances I am looking at this Boxing Day:

You might wonder why I didn’t put the most popular appliance this year, Airfryers on that list. I actually just bought the Ninja Foodi Deluxe in early November—and I love it! In fact, experimenting with new recipes (and new appliances!) is a big part of how I create delicious memories for my family.

Perhaps you are interested in having new experiences with your family this year. I know we won’t get out too much in early 2021, but your family can still visit new places and have amazing real experiences using VR. The new Oculus VR Headset with Touch Controllers is one of the hottest tech gifts this year; it’s actually first on my son’s wishlist this Christmas. Use it to play games, use it for fitness, or use it to visit new lands on Earth and beyond! Take turns and the whole family will remember this as the year you traveled the world without even leaving your home.

When does Boxing Day shopping start at Best Buy?

The sale begins online on December 24th at 6 PM Eastern time. The online store will be extremely busy, and a queue system will be set up to keep your place in line and get to the checkout quickly.

In some parts of Canada, you can also shop in stores and say hello to our helpful Blue Shirts as soon as the stores open on Boxing Day. Take a look at the stores in your area to see what time your local outlet will open and close.

Quick and Easy Curbside Pickup is the fastest and safest way to get your purchases. Simply place your order online for pickup at a store near you, and we’ll get your order ready quickly then bring it out to the curb when you arrive.

For more details and FAQs about Boxing Day Shopping at Best Buy, visit the Holiday Shopping FAQ page.

Whether you go in-store or shop online, Best Buy has the most incredible Boxing Day deals of the year and we love being a part of this great Canadian tradition.

If you have any questions about the Boxing Day sale, please leave a message in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help any way we can.


  1. I noticed that the Nordictrack studio bike went on sale for boxing week: NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle Exercise Bike

    However, that bike has not been available in Canada for a while?? I contacted Nordictrack in the US and they removed all inventory from Canada ….

  2. Hi Ginette

    I have a question on our warranty for my son’s laptop through Geek Squad. His laptop charger is not working. Geek Squad was no help and said I have to wait until stores open as the store deals with this. I tried calling Best Buy but phones not being answered. What do we do to get the charger replaced/fixed. This isn’t something that can wait for another month during lockdown. What does Best Buy have in place to service these situations. I’ve been paying a monthly fee for the warranty and need to get the charger replaced. Can I purchase on line and be reimbursed the cost? Thank You

    • Hi Denise,

      I sent your question to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada. I’ll let you know when they send me an answer to your question.

      best regards,

    • Hi Denise,

      You will be contacted very soon by someone from Best Buy who will help you with this issue,

      Best regards,

  3. I have the same question on Boxing Day deals. We want to purchase new appliances on the sales after Christmas, but I like to see in person spending that much money. Our stores will be closed !!!! Wonder if they will extend the sale for items like this till shutdown is over????

  4. The boxing day flyer starts today. An in store special is on an Echelon bike… However they’re not available in-store?? So you HAVE to go into the store to order it because the special price isn’t available online…. Now with the shut down, how can we take advantage of this special?? I called customer service and he just said to try and make it in today???? We’re in the middle of a pandemic for goodness sake!!!!

    • Hi Ginette,

      that is an excellent question. I sent this to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office so they can provide the best answer.

      happy holidays,

      • I hope you were able to get the item you were looking for. I was told by customer service that online shopping would be available for all of these items so your shopping can be safe this holiday season.

        best regards,

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