CES 2024: video interviews from the showroom floor


CES 2024 brings a lot of new and exciting tech to wow us this year, from smart home, and new appliances, computing, health tech, to TV and audio. Watch our selection of video interviews from the Las Vegas showroom floor, to know the latest and up-and-coming tech to watch out for.

Table of contents

  1. Smart home
  2. Appliances
  3. Computer and accessories
  4. Smartphone and accessories
  5. Health and personal care
  6. TV and audio
  7. Other tech

Learn more about smart home technologies at CES 2024

Learn more about amazing new appliances at CES 2024

Learn more about some of the computing tech at CES 2024

Learn more about smartphone and accessories at CES 2024

Learn more about health and personal care at CES 2024

Learn more about TV and audio tech at CES 2024

Transparent TVs make their debut this year with Samsung’s transparent micro-LED screen and LG’s transparent OLED TV. Watch LG’s demo of its SIGNATURE OLED T at the top of this page and read our article about the Amazing televisions announced at CES.

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