Editor’s Note: The Student Squad application deadline has passed. Thank you to everyone who applied to this exciting program. We are in the process of evaluating and reaching out to candidates.

Student squad is back for another year and this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Are you a tech savvy student who loves to share their newest devices with the rest of the world? That’s the kind of person Best Buy is looking for! Technology is way more fun when you can tell people about it … especially when you get some of the latest and greatest technology for free. Intrigued? Learn more about the new Student Squad program coming to Best Buy Canada, then tell your friends and family to also check it out. We’ll soon be selecting a small group of students for this year’s Student Squad for Best Buy.

Who can apply

I’m sure that one of the first questions you want answered is “Am I eligible to apply for Best Buy’s Student Squad?” The answer is yes, if you:

  1. live in Canada,
  2. will be a student at a college, university, trade school, or other post-secondary school throughout the duration of the program (September 2023 to January 2024),
  3. are active on social media. To be considered for this program, applicants must have an active and public TikTok and Instagram profile—YouTube is a bonus.

The Student Squad program will run from September until January. During this five month period, participants will be sent technology carried by Best Buy to use and enjoy. They will be required to post video, images, and thoughts about the tech they receive on their own social channels. They will also be periodically featured on Best Buy’s social channels. And, they can earn commission on sales made on eligible products through their affiliate links. The purpose is clear: raise awareness of the latest and greatest technology available at Best Buy.

How does the program work

The program begins with the selection process. Each student who thinks they would make a great Student Squad ambassador will first click on the “Apply Now for Student Squad” link in this article to access the application form.

Applications will be reviewed and up to five students will be advised of their acceptance into the program.

Here is a sample to some of the great content created by Student Squad ambassadors last year.

On Tiktok: @chaunnadiaz/ @kungfugadgetsu / @skieusee

On Instagram: maggie.zea

What are the benefits of participating

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who loves tech and it comes with some amazing benefits. These benefits come in two different forms: free products and affiliate commission.

  1. Free technology: Students participating in this program will get to keep the technology that Best Buy sends to them for the purpose of this program. The tech will vary from participant to participant and may include laptops, tablets, electric transportation, smart home devices, health tech, and more.
  2. Affiliate commission: Sharing links to the products that you receive on social channels will bring financial benefits to each participant. Students have the potential to earn a percentage of each eligible sale that results from someone clicking on the link in your social post. For example, you post about an electric scooter your received from Best Buy, someone clicks on the link in your post and buys a scooter, you get rewarded with a percentage of that sale. Percentages will vary depending on product category and will range between five and eight percent for most products.

You can see the full details about what is eligible for commission in the “Payout Details” section on the application form.

On top of these tangible benefits, you will be developing an online reputation for sharing quality products online and building your online profile as a paid affiliate marketer. Best Buy will also allow some of your content to be shared on its channels, boosting impressions on your channels and expanding your community of followers.

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  1. Hey I am currently in India but will be joining college in Canada from sept 2023. I have valid student visa and will be flying to Canada in August 2023. Can I apply for this program

    • Hi, yes, if you will be a Canadian resident from September 2023 to January 2024 you can apply for the program from where you are now. Please make sure you meet all three requirements listed above. Good luck!

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