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  1. I ordered a barbecue last Saturday, May 18th. The service told me that it would be here by Thursday, which would be great as I had my birthday party Sunday that just went by. Otherwise, I would go to a competitor close to me and pick one up myself. On may 20th, I got a confirmation that my grill was dispatched together with some tracking number. Now I keep calling ups and the customer service and both tell me that it was not really dispatched and they dont plan to send it out anytime soon and play some funky blame game onto each other. I resorted for delivery and a rusty old charcoal grill full of melt water. It was embarrassing and uncalled for.

    I am a long time customer ever since I came to Canada in 1998. Maybe its time to switch to Amazon. More like Worst Buy. And thats being polite. Shame on you.

    • Hi Svitlana,

      I have sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office. You should be contacted very soon.

      best regards,

  2. I bought a stand mixer on may 6,2019 online through bestbuy website, on may 7,2019, I received an email from the seller that the product is not available and they did not know when does it going to be have in stock, so I cancelled my order. After the order cancelled, I check back to bestbuy online and the product is still in stock but with a higher price. Then I tried to send an email to seller on may 7 but no reply. That’s why I have called best buy customer service on may 9 to complain about my online purchase number 759025413 , since may 9 i have talked to a few representatives which they said will try to contact the seller for me (which the item is still available on until May 23, the representatives said the product I supposed to buy is not available anymore on the bestbuy website, so I have to contact the seller myself. That’s make me feel being cheated, I think bestbuy is suppose to regulate the seller to advertise and sell their products on bestbuy online to their customers in a honest way. After order confirm, then tell the customer is out of stock and price goes up the order day with availability. Very disappointed.

    • Hi Peter,

      I have sent your comment to the customer service department at Best Buy Canada’s Head Office. They will investigate and get back to you soon.

      Best regards,

  3. Went to Vancouver Downtown Best Buy to get S5400/08 Philips Shaver, told the store rep I would like them to price match London Drugs’ price $69.99 which is about 40% lower than Best Buy. The store rep asked her manager Kathy to assist in this case and the manager refused to price match even when the exact same product is showing on London Drug’s website in stock: 1 available at their Davie Street and 4 in Surrey Cloverdale location. The manager, Kathy told me the product is showing low stock on London Drug’s website, by the time I arrive at LD (which is 30mins walk), they might be sold out so Best Buy is not matching their price. She definitely gets an attitude and was acting like my boss more than as a customer service manager trying to assist me. I might be able to get the reason that she can’t price match but I can’t accept her bossy attitude toward a customer. When I asked her what’s her name, without speaking a word, she held her head high with no shame and point her finger at her name tag. No words from her mouth at all, no thank you, no sorry, no good bye to me who was trying to shop at Best Buy and was turned away. Bravo to Best Buy for hiring and training their retail employee to upset their customers. I have to add, there’s not even 1 moment that I was rude to your staff, I even thank her for giving out her name to me and thank the non-management employee for helping. Now if you go to London’s website, you will see Davies Street has no stock too because I brought the last one from them after Kathy challenges me “by the time you arrive, may be it’s already sold out”.

  4. I wasn’t able to find the complaint forum so I’m posting my issue here.
    I’ve purchased a kitchenaid dishwasher (KDFE104HPS) at the Merivale Rd location in Ottawa on April 7th, 2019. When it was delivered April 10th, the door was damaged and didn’t open correctly. I received a replacement on April 17th but this also had a problem. The motor did not work. I talked to bestbuy reps at the store and they would not give a refund. Also they would not exchange it until it was serviced. The service technician said it was indeed the motor. I contacted bestbuy again and they have issued another exchange deliver for May 1st, 2019. I have inquired multiple times that I just want a refund, however they stated their policy is no refunds on open/unboxed products. However when I get the exchange it will be “essentially unopened” so I don’t understand why I can’t get a refund. Please clarify on how I can get a refund. I no longer want to deal with this lemon of dishwasher.

    BTW, when I called bestbuy, I filed a complaint number under Ref: #02063560

    • Hi,

      I have sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office. They will reach out to you soon to help you out.

      Take care,

  5. I have just purchase an geek squad certified open box samsung galaxy s9+ along with a service agreement with Koodo 2 days ago. It turns out, the tiny tiny spot we taught was dust spots on the front screen are actually tiny tiny holes, and a couple of them too and at 2 different location on the screen! I didn’t waste time and returned to the store the next day (yesterday). The agent acknowledge the damage thinking it was the same thing I saw on the day of the purchase, also showed to the store manager and we all agreed those open box are supposed to be like new, thoroughly inspected and been reset to factory settings. I have been given the option of a monetary compensation which is about 20% the value of a screen replacement repair which I’m really not interested in, I either want a new phone or another as new open box in an actual as new state. The other option was to wait for this coming week-end to see if there would be greater deals available that would allow him to replace my phone for a brand new one for the same price I paid the open box for. And last option on the table is to cancel the full contract with Koodo and return the phone at no charge which I’m not interested either because I benefited from a 1 time use only Koodo promotion for clients like me that had long services with Telus (16 years in my case) whom transferred to Koodo for a 120$ savings over the first 12 months… If I cancel I loose that. Now the best buy I went to doesn’t have my S9+ Grey, either brand new or open box so even if they has a deal for me tomorrow they won’t be able to exchange me another phone. I have visited another best buy and I have been told by the mobile department manager that they cannot help me and I need to go back to the original store I first bought my phone at (invoice in hand with product with accessories in exact same condition as I purchased the day before + I didn’t even had the time to open it and configure the phone, literally unused).. I was shocked, I taught any best buy store can assist. I even suggested the manager to call the original store to explain and confirm my situation but he refused..?? So earlier today actually opened it to configure and whatnot, turns out I find even more problems… The phone I have has all the Roger settings and application that can’t be removed… Originally, the vendor at the original store told me he has to sell me a telus/koodo version of the phone… either that wasn’t true or it was mislabeled or an error of geek squad during the inspection and factory default process ?? AND! Yet another mark that I have just phone… On the aluminum bezel this time, It was well hidden as the phone aluminium bezel is covered with a slim plastic protection film… well I removed it today and there is a very noticeable mark, missing the grey paint/color too… Geek squad obviously failed their inspection big time! And the factory reset was done on the previous user data only, after reading a bit on the internet it is apparently very easy to switch carrier default software config trough android phone command… or even put it under a carrier free code (which is XAC, I have learned today through my reading). Best buy, please assist me and do right by me… All I want is a brand new phone or another open box with the actual “as new” condition as what was promised and agreed. As much as I appreciate the effort of the agent who offered the money value as a gift card, it is not worth the damage on the phone… And I do not want to loose that 1 use only promotion that Koodo offered me by cancelling my contract within 15 days… I have tried to come with solutions to the best buy representative, very fair ones too: 1. Send me to another best buy that has the phone who would do the exchange for me right away (or before the maximum return time for a phone with contract). OR take the phone back now and loan me a (low to medium value) phone for the time that best buy finds me another titanium grey S9+ in perfect condition with no software from a carrier that I have not signed for… At this time of writing, I got less than 13 days left to be eligible for an exchange otherwise I’m stuck with the phone. Best buy please assist me!

    • Hi Vincent, this comment has been sent to the Best Buy customer service team.

      Best regards,,

  6. I purchased a Toshiba 50″ 4K UHD HDR LED Smart TV (50LF621C19) – Fire TV Edition last month, and the remote already stopped working except for the power button. I contacted Toshiba Canada, but they told me that BestBuy gets this model directly from Toshiba USA, so I was told to contact you. Is it possible to receive a replacement for the remote?

    • Hi TY

      I sent your question to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office. They will be reaching out to you very soon.

      Best regards,

        • Hi Vincent,

          yes the comments work; initially I must approve the comment before it will go live. I see your comment about the Galaxy S9+ and have sent it to the customer service department at Best Buy’s head office. Someone should be contacting you soon.

          Best regards,

  7. Hi, when will the new galaxy buds be restocked around the Vancouver area? Online/in-store
    Will I be able to buy them this weekend?

    • Hi Anson,

      I sent your question to the headphone team at Best Buy Canada’s head office. They replied that “we are expecting the buds to be available for sale at Best by mid next week with limited inventory but overall availability should be in good supply by March 21st.”

      Best regards,

  8. Order #73850044
    I was at Best Buy Anjou in Montreal in late January to look for a media player. The salesperson said I should order it online as they do not carry these small items in store. On February 2, 2019, on your site, I ordered the item which I received 1 week later. The item was not functional and used / returned as the contents in the box were “jammed” in the box! The cables were tangled and there were bread crumbs in the box! I reached out to Best Buy / Green Net to arrange for the return of the item. I was told to send pictures of the item which I sent. Then I received a message from Green Net asking for the shipping ID which I gave. I was then sent another email asking me to return the item. It costed me $19.49 in postage which I was not refunded for! Seriously? I’m out $20 and it took more than 4 weeks to get this resolved! I’ve spoken to customer Service on several occasions but all they did it take down the information.

    • Hi Frank,

      I sent your comment to the customer support team at Best Buy Canada’s head office and someone will be contacting you very soon.

      Best regards,

  9. Recently I received an apple watch from my very generous girlfriend. She purchased an extended warranty through Best Buy for around $55. Unfortunately I accidentally dropped the watch and the glass cracked. I called my local best buy and they informed me that this is not covered under the warranty. Of course I take responsibility for this however given that the apple watch already comes with a 2 year hardware warranty through apple what does the bestbuy extended warranty add other than to the income side of best buy’s balance sheet? I feel so bad for my girlfriend who was not informed of this and who instead should have been encouraged to purchase apple care+ through apple, which is slightly more expensive but covers the more useful accidental type damage.

    • Hi,
      Anything related to #D rendering and Autocad I would recommend along the line of the MSI Workstations, your will need a dedicated videocard, preferbably and intel i7, 16MB ram and a Solid State Drive SSD or a hard Drive with 7200rpm. This will ensure smooth 3D visuals, rendering and layers when you see 3D objects on the screen in rotation.Hope this give a start…

  10. This is my first time having to deal with Geek Squad Extended Warranty and I truly hope it is the last. My boyfriend got me a JBL speaker for my birthday last year and the battery just blew on it. Not a problem, these things happen. He did however pay for the extended warranty plan ($70) on top of the speaker ($329) thinking we would be taken care of. I take both my original receipt and the faulty speaker into the store, like any other customer would be inclined to do, and they instruct me to go back home and figure it all out online. From there I would send the product back by dropping it off to UPS and they would e-mail me a gift car, only for me to go back into the store and re-buy the product. Seems like a lot of leg work for a customer who just paid for an extended warranty option but okay.

    DECEMBER 4th I dropped the speaker off at my local UPS store and DECEMBER 5th I get a notification that it was delivered to the GeekSquad head office. There is no expected delivery date of my gift card. By end of January (2 months) I am getting annoyed and decide to follow-up. January 30th I call and I provide my incident number and they ask if my name is David L. No, I am not David and no that is not my address. I give him another verification number (four-part key) and he locates my claim. He tells me that this has been escalated and I would receive my gift card in 1-2 business days. I wait 8 days and call again. I provide my incident number and they ask if my name is David L. No, I am not David and no that is not my address. Same song and dance. They tell me 1-2 business days. I call back today February 12th, I provide my incident number and they ask if my name is David L. No, I am not David and no that is not my address. The representative named Oscar tells me that the expected delivery was 2-4 business days (not 1-2) and that tomorrow, Febraury 13th would be the 4th business day and there is nothing he can do and to call back tomorrow. Its not like they are sending me the speaker back, why it takes 2-4 business to send an e-mail, after I have called an escalated this 3 times, is beyond me. He refused to send me to a manager when I asked to escalate the matter.

    I am a Customer Service Manager at a tech firm. I understand the inner workings of a Service Desk and this is byfar the worst service I have received especially when there is a clearly an obscene delay and I have been nothing but patient. This has been a complete and utter waste of my time and I just want a gift card for the full tender of the JBL speaker ($329 + tax) ASAP as per the BestBuy site to end this mess. Don’t worry, I do not need to extended warranty, I would rather just throw $70 into the trash can because it would be a much better use of my time and money.

    • Hi Kimberly,

      I have sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office. They will contact you very soon to help you.

      Take care,

  11. I am very upset with my purchase of a laptop. I began the research for my MA in the fall and decided I needed to invest in a quality laptop since I knew that I needed something reliable. I was also talked into purchasing the enhanced Geek Squad plan because they said if something did go wrong I would be given a loaner laptop while repair/replacement was arranged. Within a month things started to go wrong. The fan would come on and refuse to go off, didn’t pair with pen, took in and they tweaked it. Updated drivers etc. Next month no sound. Battery started dying after 2 hours. Couldn’t fix in store an was told it needed to be sent to Vancouver. Was in middle of project and couldn’t be without laptop. Next month take it in, told they will assess in Vancouver and let me know either to replace or repair. Loaner turned out to be a gaming laptop and absolutely no use to me. I was told a max of 10 days. Still without laptop a month later. I have since found out that my laptop was sent to Ontario. Can’t replace because I have to have a laptop to exchange. Not at all happy. Bought new laptop, plus paying $25 a month for horrible, misleading service… Yesterday I was assured that my laptop would soon arrive and that they could do an exchange given all the problems. Today they have retracted the offer of an exchange…

    • Hello,

      I have sent your comment to the customer service department at Best Buy Canada’s head office and they will reach out to you soon to help.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Willie

      I sent your question to the gaming team at Best Buy Canada’s Head office and will post an answer as soon as they reply.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Willie,

      I just found out that we will not have any stock at stores near Vancouver as stock was very limited on this product.

      take care,

  12. I’m trying to find out when the Batman Completed Animated Series Blu Rays are going to be sent out. I looked to see if i could just buy it in store instead of waiting but seems like it’s somehow sold out in stores despite being just released today. How could they be sold out before the stores opened?

    • Hi Jordan,

      I sent your comment to the Movies team at Best Buy Canada’s head office. I will let you know when I get an answer to your question.

      Best regards,

  13. I am having the worst costumer experience with best buy, on November 12 2018 I bought a washer and drier from your Mississauga branch, and when delivery came they ask my to sign a waiver that it will not be their responsibility if they damage my house which obviously I refused to sign, and they took everything back

    the day after I went to the store and I asked for my money back, and the sales manager told me he will just have to check next day that all items are returned to the warehouse, and that was on Sunday November 18th 2018, and from this date I tried emailing him for like 4 or 5 times and he doesn’t even bother replying to the emails, only one time few days ago after the third email, his reply was I am out of the store and will check tomorrow, and never replied back,

    Lesson learned, no more best buy for me

    • Hi Amr,

      I sent your comment to the customer service team at Best Buy Canada’s head office and they will be contacting you soon.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Kurtis,

      I asked the computing team at Best Buy’s Head office about video cards. The said that they are working to bring more selection online. They don’t have a timeline yet, but they are working to expand the product line.

      Best regards,

  14. Hi, strange question here. I’m looking to know what the dress code was for future shop when it involved the red shirt, khakis, and a lanyard with the name on it. I guess i mostly want to know what year this was in.

  15. I am wondering if you have information on when Bestbuy will carry the video card EVGA RTX 2080? Or really any other brands besides the Zotac ones currently available.


    • Hi Geoff,

      I asked the computing team at Best Buy’s Head office about video cards. The said that they are working to bring more selection online. They don’t have a timeline yet, but they are working to expand the product line.

      Best regards,

  16. I bought a Philips Sonicare electronic toothbrush (model number: HX9340, serial number: 150915) in Canda Ontario Markham Bestbuy store on Nov 21, 2016.

    Now the toothbrush doesn’t work, so I contacted the Philips customer service and they said the warranty is 2 years, if I can provide the receipt, they can give me a new one.

    The problem is now I moved to BC province and lost the receipt. I went to the Bestbuy Surrey branch and use my credit number and credit cardholder name to do the research. The staff said there is no record for the purchasing in their system.

    Then I called Bestbuy Markham branch, I told them my credit number and amount of the purchasing. They said there is no purchasing record of the item neither.

    That’s really weird because I found the record on my bank statement as followings:

    Trans Date Nov.21

    Posting Date Nov. 22

    Description BEST BUY CANADA #937 MARKHAM ON

    REFERENCE NO. 937070042403

    AMOUNT 94.49

    I still can remember the day I purchased very clearly. On that day, I applied a FIDO plan for a free mobile phone and the sales give me a 50 dollar Bestbuy gift card (maybe this amount). Then I saw the electronic toothbrush is on sale, so I bought the toothbrush and used the gift card immediately and pay the rest money with my credit card. I even found the FIDO plan contract in my email box sent by the sales on Nov.21 2016. So I’m pretty sure that I purchased the toothbrush at the same day.

    Please help me find the lost receipt.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Jieying Shi

      I sent your request to the customer service department at Best Buy Canada’s head office. Someone should be contacting you very soon to help with this problem.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Justin,

      Not yet. I checked with the gaming team and they said they will let me know when they have news so that I can share it on the blog (and you’ll learn about it on Twitter too if you follow me there: @socialitebooks).

      Best regards,

    • Hi Kevin,
      I sent your question to the gaming team at Best Buy’s head office and will let you know when I get the answer.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Sean,

      I sent your request to the customer service team at Best Buy’s head office. They will contact you very soon.

      best regards,

  17. Hi,
    I recently purchased a Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″ Laptop (i5 2.3GHz/128GB SSD/8GB RAM)- English about 3 weeks ago. The local BestBuy did not have it in stock, therefor they helped me order it online. On the BestBuy website it said that the laptop can be ordered on backorder since they did not have it in stock at the moment and that it would be shipped after the 15th of August for normal delivery. So, I paid extra for shipping so I can get the laptop earlier as I do most of my working on a laptop and I needed it as soon as possible. I contacted customer service and they said my shipment got lost and they can’t do anything and to go to my local BestBuy, which was of no help. What do I do now?

    • Hi Apira,

      I sent your question to the customer service department at Best Buy’s head office. They will be contacting you soon.

      Best regards,

  18. Hi, do you know when Battle for Azeroth will be available in ANY BB in Quebec? The game came out on Monday, every single BB still lists it as 0 stock.

    Thank you

      • I’ll just take my business elsewhere, points card gone, no PC English games because of your pointless support for the french only nonsense (even though you have a TON of English only console games), hardly any support from any of your reps…EB Games will be happy to take my money.

        Your (french) customer support representative was almost zealous in telling me how the game will never come to BB because it’s not in French.

        Bravo mon ami, I won’t be the one who has to report to shareholders why game sales inexplicably drop in numbers! Vive le Québec libre, oui? Vive le Québec bientôt pauvre si ça continue avec ces niaiseries…

  19. I need help to have a replacement camera or my camera back in good working condition by this week.

    I purchased a Nikon Full Frame Camera D750 from a Best Buy Canada store with 4 years Geek Squad protection Extended warranty. What I was told the camera had extended warranty and that the timelines for fixes was generally around 2 weeks. I had an issue with my camera in July’18, (the camera was working fine but the play button was stuck), I took it over to Best Buy to have it checked and fixed. Its been a month now and I have visited the store 4 times to followup regarding the camera, they have not given me a proper answer, all they say is that the camera is still undergoing repairs.The camera was in the Best Buy store for 2 weeks. I feel that Geek Squad has no clue where my camera is and don’t have any update on whats going on with my camera. I want to use this camera for professional photography and so along with a financial impact of not having the camera with me there’s stress of not knowing when i will get my $3k camera back.Also when I called customer support at 12.13p.m. today to ask for the time frame and the ETA for my camera, they had no clue and also asked me to purchase this camera once again to solve my problems temporarily. It’s a $3k I’m not quite sure how is this solving anything. Someone please help me get my camera or a new camera as I have a photoshoot this weekend, this cant go on forever.

    • Hi Swithin,

      I have sent your comment to the customer service department at Best Buy’s head office and they will be reaching out to you very soon to help resolve this issue.

      best regards,

    • Hi Josie,

      Best Buy has several places for you to leave feedback. For example, you can put a comment below any article on the blog. As you can see below in this comment thread, I read them and send them to the appropriate department at Best Buy so they get handled pretty quickly. You can also leave a review for a product that you purchased on the product page online. That is a great way to help Canadians to understand more about the products at the time they might be considering purchasing them. We want to help customers get accurate and helpful information about the products they are considering to purchase—that’s the main function of the blog! Of course, you can use the Best Buy contact page to reach customer service too

      Let me know if i can help,

  20. Hello, I just bought and Dell xps 9750 with i7 2 days ago, and theres a 2 week return policy. There is some backlight bleeding on the bottom right and left corners. More on the right. Is it possible for me to come and replace my laptop with one that doesn’t have backlight bleeding. Otherwise this laptop is amazing

    • Hi Kashyap,

      I have sent your comment to the customer service department at Best Buy’s head office and they will be contacting you very soon to assist you.

      Best regards,

  21. Hi there,

    I’m trying to delete my account, and have twice contacted customer service. Obviously they haven’t actually read what I’m asking because I get the same form letter, and it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    Please delete my account.

    • Hi JThurn,

      I have sent your request to the customer service department at Best Buy’s head office. They will be reaching out to very soon to help with this request.

      best regards,

  22. I have an issue with your shipping. I ordered a Kegerator from you guys and it was advertised with free shipping to my location.
    I followed the tracking number for a few days until I finally saw a notice from Purolator saying they won’t deliver because it was “too heavy”. They shipped it from you all the way to about 2 towns away from my house, but couldn’t make it to my house because of weight restrictions. Now the only way I can get it is to drive out to their distribution warehouse and pick it up myself.
    I’m curious why Best Buy would choose to use a delivery service such as Purolator for products that they clearly can’t / won’t deliver? Might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a huge inconvenience considering most other online retailers use delivery services appropriate for the products ordered?

    • Hi Adam,

      I sent your question to our customer service department at Best Buy’s head office. They should be contacting you very soon.

      best regards,

  23. I am so dissapointed with Customer service in the Orleans Best Buy. Here is what happened today and it’s not the first time

    So I’m standing at the counter waiting for one of the 5 employees behind to acknowledge me… 5 min goes by they continue talking to themselves not even looking up at me. An employee finally asked if I need help after about 7 min of me standing in front of him (no other customers there btw) “can you see me?” I asked, he looked confused. “I thought I was invisible” lol I said annoyed
    They then proceeded to screw up the rest of the sale, installed protector with bubbles and forgot to add to my account for replacement warranty…
    This is continually the case in most of your stories, you can’t find help and/or are ignored by staff who chat with themselves, dance to the over head music or use their smartphones.

    So disappointed

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I’m sorry that you had a bad experience at a Best Buy store. I sent your comment to the customer service department at Best Buy’s head office.

      Best regards,

  24. I wanted to know if the dell xps 15 9570 really comes with a 56 wh battery since on the dell site the same model comes with a 97 wh battery.
    Thank you

    • Hi Diego,

      I sent your question to the computer team at Best Buy’s head office and will let you know their answer soon.

      best regards,

    • Hi Deigo, I just heard from the computing team. The battery info for that computer is “3-Cell 56WHr Integrated.” Best Buy has other models with a 97 Wh battery, but the specs on the model you are asking about are correct.

      take care,

  25. I bought a chromebook online on sale as an open box but it was defective when it arrived and was obviously already broken when shipped. THAT IS SO SLEAZY. To sell a defective item knowing there’s no return open openbox items. Lower than a snake’s belly in a wheelrut. And now, with return time running out, THEY HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN BACK TO ME.

    • Hi William,

      I have sent your comment to the customer service agents at Best Buy’s head office and you should be contacted very soon.

      best regards,

  26. On this forum there used to be a post tha a Best Buy moderator answered that answered the question of: in the 2016 commercial of the boy and his laptop (at university home etc) what’s the song that plays in the background that goes “always by your side” or “never leave your side”

    I had it booked marked and came her to refer to it because I need the song! It was by a Canadian band. Pls help.

    • Yes the forum is not longer accessible unfortunately. Perhaps if you give a few more details about the commercial (do you have a link to it) we could track down the name of the song for you.

      best regards,

  27. I’m looking for info on the digital TV antenas. How can I find out if they work in my location?

  28. Is there a charge for TV delivery? I’ll be buying a 65 inch TV soon, probably through Best Buy’s website. Large items like TVs are shipped via “scheduled delivery”. On your website, it says that the charge for scheduled delivery for TVs is $49.99. But when I put a TV in my cart, and check it, it says “Scheduled Delivery Charge: $0.00”.

    Also, about how long will delivery take? The website doesn’t give an estimated delivery date for the TV, it just says that when I place the order I’ll be contacted to set up a delivery date. I’m just wondering approximately how long after I place the order will it take for the TV to be delivered.

    • Hi Stephen,

      I sent your question to the TV team at Best Buy’s head office and will let you know as soon as I get a response.

      best regards,

      • I’ve tried with a few different TVs. Different brands and sizes. I add the TV to my cart, then go to my cart. Each time, with different TVs, in my cart it shows “Scheduled delivery charge: $0.00”. It has never shown a delivery charge, it’s always $0.00. It doesn’t matter if I’m signed in with my account or if I use a guest account.

        After I continue to checkout. It shows the TV in one column. In the column next to that it says:


        After placing your order we’ll contact you to schedule a delivery.


        I haven’t continued past this. Whether I’m using my account or a guest account, the next step is to enter my payment information. After I enter my payment information am I going to be surprised with a $49 delivery charge?

        I did a screen shot of one of the TVs in my cart showing free delivery. It’s here:

        Thank you.

        • Nothing has changed. When I put a TV in my cart (my account or as a guest) it still shows that the scheduled delivery charge is free / $0.00. I’ve tried 3 different browsers, same thing. What’s going on?

          • It happens with stoves too. For stoves there’s supposed to be a $79 delivery charge for scheduled delivery, but in checkout it shows $0.00 / free.

        • I found out what’s going on. There’s no charge for scheduled delivery in Quebec, that’s why in my checkout scheduled delivery is $0.00 / free (I live in Quebec). I have no clue as to why scheduled delivery is free in Quebec, maybe it’s some provincial consumer protection law that prevents Best Buy from charging for scheduled delivery.

          I wonder why Best Buy doesn’t mention this on their website. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s been confused by this.

  29. Hey Martin,

    I purchased a digital download game for the 3ds yesterday, its been over 11 hours so far and no code. I read that sometimes it takes up to 24 hours, however can you or someone from best buy just send the code? I don’t understand why it is telling me it is being shipped and delivered June 5th, when it is a digital download code. Please respond when you get a chance, please and thank you.

    • Hi Eric, yes the gaming team will investigate if you have waited 24 hours and no code has arrived. Please let me know if it does not arrive after 24 hours (from the time you posted the order) and I’ll advise the gaming team.

      best regards,

  30. I am new to this site, but just like to say Martin I am impressed with your response to reviews, refreshing to see and read….keep up the gud work. I am looking to by a fridge/freezer (senior on limited budget) so will continue looking…cheers, kiwi

    • Hi Gaetano,

      Thanks, I try to find the answers readers need as quickly as possible. I appreciate the feedback.

      best regards,

  31. for additional functionality the customer could be looking at an Offset or Cantilever model (no center pole placement within the table.) Cantilever styles have a pole located either to the side or on the outside of the canopy

  32. I had pre-ordered “Detroit Become Human” for the PS4 and was informed that I should be receiving a pre-order code 48 hours prior to release. Unfortunately, the code never arrived in any of my inboxes. I know that my e-mail address is correct as I had received a receipt for my order.

    Why does the BestBuy Pre-Order FAQ webpage recommend that I call 1-866-BEST-BUY (237-8289) just so the customer service representative can advise me to call Sony at 1-800-222-7669? It gets better as Sony would redirect me to 1-855-522-8991 as it is a Playstation related issue. Now, I have to start a file which may take 4-5 business days to resolve. The representative that I spoke to at Playstation did not sound too optimistic about the outcome.

    It feels like everyone is trying to shift blame, while I am left holding the bag at the end.

  33. Someone help me!! I bought a $1700 drone with 3 batteries got home and one battery wouldn’t charge it flashes red,so I bring it back to your store show you the problem and the manager says sorry can’t help you you opened the box? How am I supposed to know it works if I don’t open the box??i bought it on holiday so I go back to Ireland today He said ring DJI so I leave ring DJI and the day sorry you can’t send it directly to us cause we must have it sent from a Canadian address???? So I ring you customer service after explaining 5 times he keeps telling me to go back to your store I keep telling him I’m living in a county with no Best Buy !! He must be reading off a computer cause I just have to hang up after the 5 time I looked on your website and it says “once the drone is opened you can’t reture it” but I bought 2 extra batteries which are accessories and they are covered so no I’m going home with damaged product you sold me and no way to fix it..what a joke

    • Hi Kieran

      I’ll ask customer service to help when I’m back in the office on Tuesday

      Take care

  34. Hi,

    Just some feedback from an email;

    BTW, Bestbuy has completely gone to #$%@ since taking over Future Shop.

    Video card blew and so figured I would pay a bit more and pick one up in Kamloops today instead of buying one online and waiting for delivery. NOPE.

    Scroll through the online site and count how many items are ‘Available online only’. Almost everything.
    They want to operate like Amazon, but still keep what must be basically empty brick and mortars, and have online prices much higher than Amazon.

    Hell, even their ‘online only’ appears to be from other retailers and not BB.

    He was not impressed as you can see.
    Can’t say I disagree with his assessment. If your prices are going to be higher than online retailers, there better be some added value, like the ability to actually buy something in a store, the same day.

  35. Hey Best Buy,
    just a suggestion if you are going to use BS 3rd party delivey services that treat your customers like garbage you should probably have the courtesy to tell the customer before you take their credit card information. But that’s just my opinion. Probably the worst online purchasing experience of my life filled with ridicule and rudeness. I felt uncomfortable in my own home.

    • Hi Alistair,
      I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I have sent your comment to our customer service team who will be reaching out to you soon.

      Best regards,

  36. Good Morning,

    We had the most fantastic experience at Best Buy in St. Catharines last night. We dealt with a gentlemen by the name of Jordan in the computer area. He spent the good part of an hour with us and he knew the ins and outs of all of the Pc’s that were available. We walked out of the store with a new computer because he was able to narrow down our selections based on the information we gave him. He went above and beyond for sure by also looking up feedback and customer reviews for us on the computer. He should be recognized for sure as I have never had an employee in a store put in that much effort. Do we contact the store?

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you found the computer that meets your needs with Jordan’s help at Best Buy. I will reach out to the Manager at that store and let him know about your comments, and I’ll let our customer service department know too.

      Have a great weekend,

  37. Could you tell me please: How much is a solar panel for an entire house and how many years it work?
    Thank for your help. Al

    • Hi, you can call the 1-866-BEST-BUY customer service number for all customer service issues.

      take care,

  38. Looking for slide web cam covers for laptop computers. Is this something you are looking to add to your accessory product line?

  39. Hi. I am wondering if you could help me in making a decision on an appropriate sized patio umbrella for my patio table. I am looking at free standing umbrellas. My table is 5 and a half feet in length and 3 and a half feet in width and is rectangular in shape. The chairs for the table are the larger aluminum chairs 2 and a half ft. in depth,and obviously would need to be shaded. Also,would you be able to estimate how much room I would need in the area of the table for the umbrella to be opened to full size. Another question I have is about the tilt function of an umbrella. The larger umbrellas do not seem to have this function. Is this because the larger umbrella shades more without having to tilt it or is it due to the weight of it? I want to shade everyone and do not want to purchase the wrong umbrella. Thank you.

    • Hi Cathy,
      I sent your question to the patio furniture team at Best Buy’s head office and they send me this response:

      Free standing umbrellas can either be used through a hole in the center of the patio table or to the side, standing on its own. For best shade coverage of the table and guests, ideally you would be using an umbrella through the center of the table. Most tables used a standard 1.75” sized hole but it is important to check both the hole size of the table and the pole size of the umbrella model in consideration for purchase. You can usually find hold reducers at a local hardware store if needed. Your umbrella should generally extend over your dining table by 2 feet on each side. Here are some approximate umbrella sizes suitable for different tables:
      30-36” table: 6-8ft umbrella
      38-48” table: 9-11ft umbrella
      54-60” table: 11ft or larger umbrella.

      Tilt functionality is generally available in all styles of free standing umbrellas but just depends on the features offered by each supplier. Many times if a customer is considering a larger umbrella they will look for a cantilever of offset model rather than free standing, which gives a larger range of motion. This may be why this customer isn’t seeing much option in larger free standing tilt models. We do have tilt umbrellas online up to 10ft sizes.

      As mentioned, for additional functionality the customer could be looking at an Offset or Cantilever model (no center pole placement within the table.) Cantilever styles have a pole located either to the side or on the outside of the canopy. Cantilever umbrellas will provide needed shade without obstructing the view between guests. A cantilever or offset umbrella is similar to a tilting umbrella but generally provides an increased range of motion. They usually allow you to move your umbrella up or down and side to side. These umbrellas do take up a bit more space of course, so I would suggest to be mindful of that.

      A couple of other tips:
      Fiberglass frames will provide flexibility for windy areas but aluminum is also very durable and most times a suitable option for most weather conditions. Look for “all weather”, “waterproof” and “UV resistant fabrics” for your umbrella shade material. Consider height also. For shade over a dining table, you generally want your umbrella to be at least 7 feet tall to accommodate taller individuals. Lastly, be sure to choose a suitable base for your umbrella if it is not included.
      Base 40lbs: for table umbrellas up to 7.5ft
      Base 50lbs: for table umbrellas up to 9ft and free standing umbrellas up to 7.5ft
      Base 70lbs: can be used for most free standing umbrellas up to 11ft.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Mike,

      The forums at Best Buy are no longer active. However, you can still participate with the Best Buy community by commenting on video game articles (any articles really!) and joining the discussion there.

      best regards,

  40. I’m very upset with the service I received today I went into Best Buy to see if they could fix my phone since I have the extended plan only to find out that’s when I got my phone in October I was told take it to geek squad and they fix the phones there I also talked to geek squad online and they told me to take it into a store and see them about it because of the issues I was having when I was at the store I was talking to a staff and the manager they made me feel like I was crazy even thou one of the issues you could clearly see and they were speaking there language and ignoring what I was saying so I was frustrated told them I was leaving canceling my plan and filing a report IV never been so frustrated in my life this was the Best Buy in Charlottetown pei

  41. I am looking for an over the range stainless steel microwave for a gas range. What kind of microwave is approved for that?

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