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I’m a fortunate man in being able to do the fun job of following and reporting on one of the most exciting industries in the world today. In my time covering consumer tech, I’ve written for a number of publications, including the Globe and Mail, Yahoo! Canada, CBC.ca, Canoe, Digital Trends, MobileSyrup, G4 Tech, PC World, Faze and AppStorm. I’ve also appeared on TV as a tech expert for Global, CTV and the Shopping Channel.

LG G5 goes metal and modular, includes removable battery

LG turned a few heads at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 in Barcelona when it unveiled the G5, the company’s latest flagship smartphone that not only is made of metal, but also features a modular design that allows it to work with unique plug-in accessories. A dual lens setup in the rear includes a very wide angle lens and a fingerprint reader on the power button in the back.

Samsung unveils the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, plus new Gear 360 camera

Samsung made its annual splash today on the eve of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, unveiling the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. Despite some differences in design, both devices have many of the same components and features, maintaining a high level of consistency between them. In addition to the new duo, the company also announced the Gear 360, a standalone camera that shoots 360-degree photos and video.

Leef iBridge can bump up your phone or tablet storage anytime

When your iOS device runs out of storage, you really only have two choices: start deleting stuff to make room, or find extra storage that is practical and useful. Leef aims to offer the latter at virtually any time you need it with its iBridge external flash drive that plugs directly into the phone’s Lightning port. With various different storage capacities, plus Android and memory card models coming soon, you may never have to worry about running out of space again.

Sony unveils its new a6300 camera featuring world’s fastest autofocus

Sony has introduced a new camera into its repertoire with the Alpha A6300, a successor to the A6000 released in 2014. The new model, while trimmed down in size, boasts more under the hood, making it one of the more compelling mirrorless cameras to hit the market.

CES 2016: DJI upgrades its Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 drones

DJI, one of the leading consumer drone manufacturers, didn’t show off a brand new model at CES this year, but did announce a couple of key upgrades to its current lineup. The Phantom 3, one of the best drones of 2015, now goes 4K in a consumer model, while the Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition changes the colour scheme and gets a new camera.

CES 2016: Yuneec Typhoon H shows it’s got the goods to be an elite drone

Comparing drones at CES isn’t really an easy task because they all generally do the same thing, albeit with a variety of technical differences that make them stand out from one another. Yuneec may not be a household name in this category, but with the Typhoon H, it’s taking on the best in the business in 2016.

CES 2016: going hands-on with the HTC Vive VR headset

VR, or virtual reality, is a big deal, not just at CES 2016, but in its sheer potential to wow users with the expansive content it’s capable of producing. The HTC Vive is getting closer to reach for consumers, and is among the most intriguing devices at the show this year. I got some extended hands-on time with it, coming away with a good impression.

CES 2016: Parrot flies Bebop 2 drone

Parrot has already shown its latest fixed wing Disco drone at CES this year, but there’s also the Bebop 2, a successor to the company’s previous quadcopter that came to Canada last year. Parrot did a neat synchronized demo with about eight of the drones at the company’s booth. A smaller frame and more capable flying mechanics make this an interesting unit.

CES 2016: Parrot unveils new Disco drone

Parrot is known for drones, and has generally stuck to the quadcopter design—until now. The Disco is a fixed wing drone that not only looks completely different from what came before it, but will also fly differently, too. The new model was showcased to a select group of journalists prior to CES, and I got some face time with it.

CES revisited: which new tech announced last year arrived at Best Buy in 2015

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show—or CES as it’s more commonly known—is upon us, and poised to show off more cool technology to wow attendees. The show is largely an opportunity for vendors to introduce what’s possible, like proof of concepts, prototypes and ideas that may never be available to you, the consumers. Still, much of what is there does make it to retail, like Best Buy, and in 2015, that was certainly the case.