Coffee might just be a drink you use to wake you up, but when you’re in school, you enjoy it even more. You don’t have to leave your dorm room to make a great cup of coffee: just take a look at the best type of coffee makers for students.

Why a student should choose a drip coffee maker

A drip coffee maker is a tried and true coffee maker that will do exactly what it’s supposed to: make coffee. If you’re student, there are quite a few advantages to choosing a drip coffee maker.

Advantages of a drip coffee maker for students

The best reason for choosing a drip coffee maker is because they are so easy to use. Just add the coffee grinds, pour in the water, and you have a large cup of coffee almost instantly.

A drip coffee maker is an appliance that won’t take up a ton of space on a counter in a dorm room or small apartment, and you can make a huge pot of coffee for yourself and friends in the morning and, if you choose a drip coffee maker with a carafe or hot plate, it will stay warm in the pot for hours.

Some drip coffee makers have a built in grinder, while others have timers so you can prep your coffee the night before and wake up to the wonderful smell of fresh brew.

French presses are great for students

french press.jpg

A French Press is a small, cylinder-sized coffee maker that works with a plunger to create coffee. It’s not much bigger than a travel size coffee cup and once you learn how to use one, any student can make an amazing cup.

Advantages for students choosing a French Press

They are small in size, you can make more than one cup at a time, and they don’t need electricity to work: these are only a few of the reasons why any student would want a French Press. To make coffee in one all you need is hot water and coffee grinds.

With a French Press there’s nothing to plug into an outlet and it’s small enough to pop in your backpack and take with you everywhere. It’s also inexpensive to buy, and if you have a drip coffee maker or an espresso machine, it’s a great back up coffee maker.

Single serve coffee makers for students

There’s a lot to love when it comes to single serve coffee makers and for students they can be a win-win.

The student advantage of single serve coffee makers

With single serve coffee maker you get instant coffee that doesn’t taste like instant coffee. It’s fresh, hot, and with the variety of different coffee pods, you can be very selective about the strength and flavours you like.

Single serve coffee makers are available in many sizes. You can choose one that’s compact for a tiny room or larger if you are sharing an apartment with friends.

Why every student needs an espresso machine

An espresso machine will be a student’s best friend. The latest machines are similar to what you’d see in your local coffee shop, just on a smaller scale. They make amazing espresso, cappuccino, and lattes in a hurry, all without leaving your dorm room.

Advantages for students who are interested in an espresso machine

Great coffee every time: that’s the biggest advantage to an espresso machine. You can play barista for your friends and make everyone a coffee-shop level hot beverage. Anytime you want to experiment with coffee or perfect the perfect latte, an espresso machine is up for the task.

Espresso machines can brew up shot after shot of perfect espresso. You can find them in manual, automatic, or super automatic styles that do all the work for you, and if you’ve been up late studying the night before and you need to wake up in a hurry, your espresso machine will be ready and waiting.

Out of all of the decisions you’ll need to make while shopping and packing for back to school, choosing your coffee maker may be one of the toughest. Once you narrow down your choices from drip coffee maker, French Press, single serve brewer, and espresso machine, you’ll be ready to face each new school day.

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  1. Hey great article! I am a student and have very limited space for appliances. I recently bought a french press and it has changed my life! It doesn’t require electricity and it is so easy to store. Thank you for the suggestions!

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