After a long, grey winter, I’d say it’s high time we started seeing some color again. You can liven up your house by adding a bunch of tulips or daffodils, change up your throw pillows, or swap out your duvet for something more ‘spring-ish,’ but the single best way to breath life back into a house that’s been asleep for the winter is to update your kitchen colors.

The kitchen is the one room in the house you spend the most time in, and that’s why changing your kitchen can produce an overall fresh feeling in your home. Here are a few of the hottest kitchen colors for spring and how you can incorporate them into your home:

Make a splash with aqua blue

My kitchen is already blue, but I have to admit I’m sorely tempted to paint it aqua this spring. Aqua is just one of those colors that makes you feel alive, and whether you pair it with clean, crisp white on the walls or use it as an accent on your backsplash, a bit of aqua is a sure way to liven up your kitchen this spring.

If you don’t want to commit to an entire wall of aqua, you can add some blue to your countertop with the Oster MyBlend Blender. It comes with a 20 oz. BPA-free sport bottle so you can take your smoothie on the go.

Have a red hot kitchen

Red has always been a favourite kitchen color, and because there are so many different shades to choose from you’ll be able to find the perfect kitchen red for you. One of the most popular shades is ‘ketchup red,’ and you’ll find it everywhere from smaller accent walls to a subway tile backsplash. You can also add red to your countertop by swapping out your old small appliances for a new one. Try adding the Bodum 7 Speed Stand Mixer in red and you’ll see how it livens up a dull counter.

Mint – the color of spring

Grass is growing, leaves are sprouting from the trees, and the color green is everywhere outside. But when you bring it into your kitchen? That’s when the magic really happens. You can add green by painting the walls minty green or add mint green accents to your kitchen counters, or spice up your sideboard with a cool green appliance like the Bodum Bistro Toaster. It’s bright enough to spring up your kitchen and it has variable-browning to give you the perfect toast.

Think Pink!

Pink is in and it’s better than ever, at least where the kitchen is concerned. Paired with bright white it can be a great color for an accent wall or as one of your kitchen appliances. You can even bring a bit of the outside in while keeping ‘in the pink’ by adding the Top Line Garden Tree Lamp. It has 196 LED lights to brighten up your kitchen.

It’s easy to let the sunshine in when you add update your kitchen colors for spring. Whether you go for a big overhaul by painting everything or you’re committed to small, bright accents on your counters, adding a splash of color is definitely a way to spring forward and liven up your house.

Shelly Wutke
Editor TV & Home Theatre
I'm a Vancouver freelancer and tech enthusiast. When I'm not writing you'll find me on my farm with my alpacas, chickens, and honeybees. Visit my website Survivemag