T-fal ActiFry Genius XLThere are a few options when it comes to small kitchen appliances that help make cooking a breeze; and today, I’m reviewing the T-fal ActiFry Genius XL. I own one of the original T-fal ActiFrys and I love it, so I was excited to test out the latest version and see how they’ve changed and improved over the years.

Inside the box and specifications of the T-fal ActiFry Genius XL

T-fal ActiFry Genius XL mainUpon opening the box of the T-fal ActiFry Genius XL, you’ll find: the ActiFry Genius XL, a small green spoon for measuring oils, warranty information, an instruction manual, and a recipe book with English, French and Spanish instructions.

T-fal ActiFry Genius XL booklets


  • ActiFry Genius XL Base with viewing window and digital control panel
  • Removable cooking pan with collapsible handle
  • Removable ring and paddle for easy washing after use
  • Removable filter
  • Measuring spoon
  • Adjustable cooking time/manual mode
  • Adjustable cooking temperature
  • Keep warm option
  • 9 modes: chips and fries, breaded snacks, battered snacks, rolls, meat and vegetable balls, chicken, wok, world food and desserts
  • Start and pause cooking button

Testing out the T-fal ActiFry Genius XL

T-fal ActiFry - cooking pan and spoonBefore getting started with your new T-fal ActiFry Genius XL, you’ll need to wash all the removable parts in either the dishwasher or with hot soapy water. You can wipe down the base with a damp sponge and dish soap, and be sure to dry all the parts completely before putting them back together. Be aware that during first use you may smell an odour; this odour is harmless and has no impact on the use of the appliance or the foods you’re cooking, and it will go away.

One of the things I love about the ActiFry Genius XL is how user-friendly it is. Since I am already an ActiFry owner I was curious to see how this latest version compared. Of course, it’s much more modern and sleeker in its design compared to the older original version (I’ve owned mine for years). The first thing I noticed upon taking it out of the box is the variety of cooking options available. This makes cooking as easy as placing the food items in the cooking pan, adding the oil, closing the lid and pressing a couple of buttons. It’s a great way for younger kids and teens to help cook a meal as I know my 13 and 18-year-old would easily be able to figure it out.

Since french fries are my favourite thing to cook in the ActiFry, this is what I made first. After peeling and slicing the potatoes into the desired cut, I rinsed them off and patted them dry. The next step is to place the fries into the ActiFry cooking pan, ensuring that the paddle is in place as this is what rotates the fries as they cook. Close the lid until you hear a click sound and the ActiFry Genius will turn on. From here, you choose your cooking mode; for fries, choose mode 1 and then press the start button.

If you’re choosing to use the manual mode on the ActiFry, a couple of things to keep in mind, regarding adjusting the cooking temperature and time, is that they will vary depending on the type of food and the amount of servings you’re cooking. In both the instruction manual and recipe booklet you’ll find charts on cooking times. For potatoes, meat/poultry, frozen main dishes, rice and vegetable dishes, fish, vegetables, and fruit, you can find: the right cooking mode, what other ingredients to add, and the cooking time depending on the amount of servings you are cooking. The beauty of the ActiFry Genius XL is that even after the cooking time is finished, if your food isn’t completely cooked you can simply put them back in for a longer time until they are fully cooked. After a few uses you’ll get the hang of how long your favourite dishes take to cook.

Final thoughts

T-fal ActiFry Genius XL inside

I have owned and loved my T-fal ActiFry for years and have always told people it’s worth purchasing just for the home-made french fries alone (a good french fry is my weakness). The more I used the ActiFry the more comfortable I got using it and this led me to start cooking a variety of food in it. It cooks meatballs perfectly, they stay moist on the inside and get crispy and golden on the outside. I also love that you can throw in more than one type food at a time. For example I toss in diced potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and even mushrooms for a beautiful side dish. They turn out just as if you’d roasted them in them in the oven but require much less oil to get a nice crisp on the outside.

The ActiFry Genius XL has so many cooking options and the included recipe booklet will help get you started and increase your confidence in using it. Once you’ve tried out a few recipes from the booklet you’ll want to start trying out your own recipes. I love that you can toss the food in, add oil, close the lid, press start and walk away, and have your dinner cooked shortly after.

The fact that all the removable parts are dishwasher safe makes clean up after cooking quick and easy. The parts are also extremely easy to assemble and put back into their spots for storage. The size of the ActiFry Genius XL easily fits into a large cupboard, drawer or pantry for storage after use if you prefer not to have your counter space cluttered with too many small appliances. I have a couple large drawers in my kitchen base cabinets where it fits perfectly.

If you love fried foods, you must try out the ActiFry Genius XL. With as little as a teaspoon of oil, you can mimic your favourite fried foods at home for a healthier option. You can also check out the MyActiFry app or T-fal.ca for a wide variety of recipes and oils you can use.

You can find the ActiFry Genius XL at bestbuy.ca.

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