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For an air fryer that can do it all, there’s nothing I like more than the Ultima Cosa 10L digital air fryer oven. With a mix of solid and slotted baking sheets as well as a rotisserie spit, it has all the tools you need to roast a chicken, bake up some fries, dehydrate beef jerky, and more.

What’s in the box of the Ultima Cosa 10L digital air fryer oven?

In the box of the Ultima Cosa 10L, you’ll find an oven door-style air fryer. It opens forward with a bottom hinge leading the door downwards, just like a standard oven or a countertop toaster oven.

Inside of this air fryer, there are three shelves: one drip tray and two slotted baking sheets. Also included is a manual, a recipe book, and a set of stainless steel rotisserie tools: one small poultry spit (also known as a chicken roaster holder), two grill forks with screws, and one rotisserie retrieval tool (also called a “fetch rack”).

What's in the box of the Ultima Cosa rotisserie 10L air fryer

Features of the Ultima Cosa 10L air fryer offer?

This Ultima Cosa digital air fryer has a 10 litre capacity, eight preset cooking programs, and a touchscreen display. It features separate time and temperature controls and bakes at a maximum of 400 degrees. Its trays are dishwasher-safe and there are eight preset cooking programs on the touchscreen display, all of which are customizable. They include:

  • Warm/preheat
  • Fries
  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Bacon
  • Shrimp

Like other Ultima Cosa air fryers, as I mentioned in my previous review, this air fryer has a cooking guide printed on top, showing you Ultima Cosa’s recommended cooking times and temperatures for each preset function. I really like using these guides to modify my cooking times for each preset. Veggies, for instance, have a recommended temperature of 150˚F in this air fryer, with a cooking time of 8-15 minutes. When I’m air frying something like asparagus, I like to set it for the lower end of that spectrum; so, 8 minutes. But when I’m air frying something thicker, like broccolini or carrots, I like to set it a little higher: 200˚F for 15 minutes, to start, and then add more time if needed.

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What makes the Ultima Cosa 10L air fryer oven different?

The Ultima Cosa 10L air fryer is only available at Best Buy. Unlike other air fryers, which usually feature one or two frying baskets, this model is styled like a convection oven or toaster oven—but it heats up quickly and intensely like an air fryer. It can be used to bake multiple trays of food or to rotisserie items.

The classic countertop rotisserie item is a small chicken, which is what I made. (I was so happy with my results, but you can read more about that below!) Chickens aren’t the only thing you can rotisserie in an oven, however. You can also rotisserie items like large vegetable skewers, small roasts, small racks of ribs, and homemade gyro/donair meat. If you or your family don’t eat a lot of chicken, that’s okay. You can still get a lot of use out of an at-home rotisserie!

Ultima Cosa 10L Digital Air Fryer Review

What I made in the Ultima Cosa air fryer

I love how quick and efficient basket-style air fryers are, but oven-style doors have my heart. They’re larger and bulkier than their basket-style counterparts, but you get so much more flexibility out of them. They tend to have larger openings and larger cooking capacities (this one is 10L, compared to the 5L basket in my last Ultima Cosa review) as well as multiple racks and, in this case, an additional rotisserie rod that was easy to use.

While you can still absolutely make air frying basics like chicken wings and fries in this air fryer oven, I tested out a slew of different dishes, too. For this video, I tossed a whole chicken onto the rotisserie spit—the first one I’ve ever done on my own! (My mom loves to rotisserie, and spends alternating weekends making rotisserie chicken and spatchcocked duck for family dinner.) I was so nervous that I wouldn’t get a good result, but even though I lacked a certain skill and finesse for the process, this oven did a fantastic job evenly and beautifully cooking my chicken. It was moist and tender, with beautiful, crispy skin covering the whole bird—not just one side.

In addition to my chicken, I also used this oven to heat up leftovers and cook veggies. It did a great job of both, heating up very quickly and warming my food in significantly less time than my range. (The oven in my range takes about 15 minutes to heat up, then an additional 15 to warm my food; this air fryer can warm my leftovers with zero pre-heating time in 5 – 10 minutes.)

Finally, I tested this oven by baking a banana cream pie in it. It did a great job, but I’d recommend adjusting your baking times in an air fryer: I almost over-baked my crust, which took 8 minutes on 400˚F despite the recipe recommending 15 minutes on 450˚F.

Ultima Cosa 10L Digital Air Fryer with Rotisserie

My rotisserie recommendations

For those daring enough to try making a rotisserie chicken at home but smart enough to notice that my chicken is flopping and struggling in the video clip I used in this review, worry not: That was my fault, not this oven’s.

The rotisserie spit and grill forks were easy to use, and the oven’s rotisserie release lever meant that my cooking experience went very smoothly. Where I went wrong was in tying the bird and installing my drip tray.

I used the elastic that came with the chicken to truss it. That was an enormous mistake, as the stretchy string released the bird’s legs almost immediately after the rotisserie spit started to rotate. After discussing it with my mom the next day, I learned that it’s important to use cooking twine (which isn’t stretchy) for this step. If you make sure to do that, you won’t have any problems at all. (The Spruce Eats has a great tutorial for this on their blog.)

On top of that, I initially tried to install my drip tray on the bottom shelf of this oven. That was another mistake: For rotisseries, the drip tray goes on the bottom of the oven, not tucked into any shelf grooves. That was an easy fix, and the drippings on the tray made a delicious lemon and herb gravy when my bird was done.

Ultima Cosa 10L Digital Air Fryer - Rotisserie

My experience using the Ultima Cosa digital air fryer oven

I had a great experience using this Ultima Cosa 10L air fryer. Its oven door design gives it a fantastic versatility, but it stands out from similar products (and especially from toaster ovens) with its powerful fan and heating element. Like other Ultima Cosa products, this one is not only easy to use but easy to move as well, with excellent heat insulation and a design that makes it lift right up from the bottom.

I have a secret to divulge: I actually air fried this chicken in the background of my Ultima Cosa 5L Air Fryer review. I set everything up for my roast chicken as needed, then to clear out my filming space, I picked up the whole oven (after unplugging it) and popped it onto another countertop for the duration of its cooking time. While I do not recommend doing this at home, it stands as a testament to how well-built and portable this air fryer is—you could definitely move it from your counter to your cupboard as needed if you don’t like leaving your appliances out.

To upgrade your appliance setup with an air fryer that’s versatile and perfectly designed, shop the Ultima Cosa 10L digital air fryer oven online at Best Buy.

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  1. I was surprised that the airfryer had shelves not baskets. I do love how it works. Pork chops are sooo good. I like my vegetables, just a little oil, some Johnny’s garlic from Costco, some Italian herbs and the best tasting veggies. We like chicken thighs, again I season them and they come out just perfect

  2. Hi, I bought this airfry to replace one from another brand that died after two years only. The models are very similar. So far, this one seems quieter and cooks just as good (I tried char siu pork tenderloin and they were crispy on the outside but tender on the inside 🙂
    Could you let me know if the door can be remove to clean up? I tried to remove it (like I could on my other model) but I don’t want to force it. I haven’t seen anything in the user manual.

    • Hi Karine! Glad to hear you’re enjoying this air fryer 🙂 We make char siu in ours all the time, too!

      I don’t believe this door is removable, unfortunately. When we have stuck-on grease (especially on the door), I find that I get the best cleaning results when I use warm water (as hot as you can tolerate it) on a cloth with a bit of vinegar. Because the door extends all the way down, you can also leave a hot, damp cloth stretched across it to help loosen the grease before you wipe. Hope those methods work for you!

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