With today’s busy world, it can be tough to consistently make healthy eating choices. Stand mixers are a great way to make food prep a little easier, and the right attachments can turn healthy eating into a breeze.

Stand mixers for healthier meals

Stand mixers are, more than anything, really just fancy motors. They do more than just stir for you. The right attachments can turn your stand mixer into everything from a pasta maker to a grain mill, which lets you make the freshest food possible for your family.

Making things from scratch is the easiest way to know exactly what your family is eating, and stand mixers let you swap out unhealthy foods for healthier ones. They make baking from scratch more manageable, so you can swap out the cup of hydrogenated palm oil in your family’s chocolate chip cookies for a cup of applesauce instead. You can even mill your own whole wheat grain to bake with if you have the time!

But the trendiest kitchen appliance right now is, of course, a spiralizer. KitchenAid’s Spiralizer Plus with Peel, Core and Slice Stand Mixer Attachment is a great starter attachment that lets you swap out carb-heavy pasta for healthy zucchini ribbons. It’ll even slice up an apple for an after-dinner snack.

Stand mixers and attachments for healthier snacks

Not only do attachments for stand mixers make cooking and baking easier, but they provide a quick way to turn fruits and vegetables into heathy snacks–like that after-dinner apple. 

The KitchenAid Roto Slicer with Shredder Stand Mixer Attachment is one of the most affordable attachments for a stand mixer, and it’s extremely versatile. On days that you want to make pizza at home to avoid all of the preservatives and saturated fats in a store-bought frozen pizza, it provides a fast way to shred all of your cheese. But on top of that, it also creates thin, consistent slices of produce in the blink of an eye.

The Roto Slicer is a great way to use stand mixers to help you make the perfect salad, or to slice up vegetables for a snack. Thinly-sliced carrots and cucumbers are a fast, healthy snack to pack into your kids’ lunches, or to take with you as part of your after-workout treat.

For those with little ones in the house, the KitchenAid Fruit & Vegetable Strainer & Grinder Attachment Pack is also well worth having around. Not only does it create fruit purées and sauces with ease (so you can get that perfect mixed berry purée for your Saturday morning pancakes), but it turns produce into baby food in moments. This lets you choose the exact ingredients going into your baby’s food, whether that’s organic apples or garden yams, and gives you the option of reusing old baby food jars to cut down on your waste instead of buying new ones with every meal.

And finally, there’s the KitchenAid Juicer & Sauce Attachment (or an equivalent attachment for different models). This is the attachment that I have my eye on next! I love fuelling my summer afternoons with green smoothies, and there’s no better way to do that than with a proper juicer or juicer attachment.

This summer, upgrade your snack game with Best Buy’s rainbow of stand mixers and attachments.