Holiday coffee bar I used to wake up in the morning and drink coffee, but I could never have said I was a coffee enthusiast until a few years ago. I went from making a basic 6 cups of the same old beans every morning to adding a Keurig, a grinder, and an espresso machine to my counter top. Once I had that basic coffee bar I kept adding, and now my coffee bar is my favourite part of my kitchen.

With the holidays here you have the opportunity to give someone the gift of their very own coffee bar, and if they’re a fan of coffee the way I’m a fan of coffee, you’ll be their favourite person forever.

If you already have a coffee bar in your home, now is the perfect time to create a holiday coffee bar for when friends and family stop by for the holidays. That way you’ll always be ready to warm them up with a hot drink.

Here’s a few things you can use to create your own holiday coffee bar or choose to give as gifts this year.

Tis the season for an espresso machine

Breville espresso maker redIsn’t this the most beautiful espresso machine? I’d love it on my coffee bar during the holidays, but the cranberry red Breville Infuser espresso machine would be a great addition to any kitchen all year long.

This espresso machine is more than just a good looking appliance; it uses a low pressure pre-infusion method to expand the coffee grinds for even extraction, and it’s programmable so you get the perfect shot every time. There’s also a built-in hot water outlet if you’re a fan of Americanos.

Hello eggnog latte

Breville milk frotherYou don’t have to go out to taste the best holiday coffee drinks: just make them at home with your espresso machine and the Breville Milk Frother. It makes creamy milk for any holiday coffee drink or hot chocolate you can imagine, and it has induction heating so it comes out perfectly every time.

Start your holiday right with Keurig

Keurig coffee makerIt’s hard not to love my Keurig. It makes delicious flavoured coffees in under a minute and it’s taken a place of honor on my coffee bar. I love the Christmas flavours Keurig comes out with like Cinnamon Sugar Cookie and Holiday blends, and it’s so easy to pop a pod and serve up some holiday cheer.


Grind beans right on your coffee bar

Breville grinder It took me quite a while before I was really confident in grinding up my own coffee beans, but grinders like the Breville Smart Grinder Pro really do make it easy. It has Doser IQ technology so when you change grind types, it will automatically dose the same amount of coffee beans every time. With over 60 grind settings, that’s a feature that’s really appreciated by the coffee fan.


Add a few holiday espresso glasses

Bodum double wall espresso glassesYou spend a lot of time making the perfect hot beverage, so why not drink it from a pretty glass that keeps it nice and hot? The Bodum Pilatus Double wall glass keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks nice and cool.

It’s perfect for espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos, and if you’re using them on a holiday coffee bar you can store them on a shelf with lined with lights and greenery and they’ll look like décor.

Make it festive with a mug tree

Brilliant double wall latteMy mug collection is a big part of my coffee bar, and I like to display my favourites on a little shelf along with my sugars, teas, and coffee. If you know someone who collects mugs too, they’ll love some of the cute cups and mugs on I love the Brilliant Double Wall Latte set. Just pop in a candy cane and you’ve got a holiday drink.

Hot chocolate for everyone

hot chocolate makerWho doesn’t love hot chocolate? I always make mine from scratch and skip the powdered stuff. It’s just as easy, and it tastes even better.

For the holidays, you can make your hot chocolate even more fun by adding the Nostalgia 50’s style hot chocolate maker. It heats up and whips hot chocolate and pours it into cute cups. There’s three positions including heat froth, off, and froth, and it’s so simple even your kids will get to serve up a nice warm cup of hot chocolate.

Electric kettles make tea time even better

Hamilton beach electric kettleI’ll drink coffee all morning, but in the afternoon I switch to a nice cup of Earl Grey tea. Especially when it’s cold outside, it’s so nice to warm up with tea.

Making tea has become even easier now that I’ve added an electric kettle to my coffee bar. Electric kettles like the Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle boil water almost instantly. You just flip a switch and you’ll hear the water heating up.

I used to use my Keurig or a kettle on the stove to boil water, but since I’ve picked up the electric kettle I’ve enjoyed making tea even more.

Add a wall dispenser to store coffee beans

Bean canisterYou don’t have to hide your love of coffee bean: display them with a Zervo Smartspace Wall Dispenser. You can add a bag of beans and it will dispense them right into your grinder.



Serve up your treats in holiday style

cake pedestalA coffee bar just isn’t a coffee bar without a sampling of treats to go along with your hot drink. Add a bit of holiday magic to your coffee bar by choosing a pretty cake stand and filling it with Christmas cookies or cupcakes. That way your guests can grab a hot beverage and a treat at the same time.




When you create a holiday coffee bar you give yourself a central area in your kitchen to gather, talk, and create fun, holiday drinks. It’s a lot of fun to add festive touches to the area surrounding your favourite coffee makers, and even more fun to give the gift of coffee this holiday.

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