KitchenAid Great Canadian ThanksgivingWe always host Thanksgiving at our house each year and there’s a lot of planning involved. After many years of experience, I have the dishes I cook down to a science, but I always make a mental plan on how I’m going to get to the final product. There’s always some juggling to do with when to cook each dish, what can be cooked the day before, which pan fits on which element, and so forth. Thankfully there are some great small appliances to ease some of the stove/oven juggling. It always works out with a beautiful meal on the table and for this, I’m so grateful.

Ways to cook a Thanksgiving turkey

Pit Boss SmokerThere’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned roast turkey, but maybe you’re looking for alternatives or a way to kick your turkey up a notch this holiday.

I think we’ve all some seen some of those attempts at deep frying a turkey gone wrong videos but with a little research and the proper cooking equipment, it can be a success. Of course, it may not be the healthiest version of a turkey dinner, but it does cook quickly, and you’ll have a nice crispy skin. Whatever you do, please don’t attempt to deep fry a turkey indoors.

Another alternative is to smoke your turkey on a smoker. You can season or brine it before hand and have the flavours provided from the smoker itself. While this method won’t be the quickest, it’s a great way to get a juicy and flavour packed turkey. There are a variety of smokers available such as gas, propane, electric, and charcoal, and you’ll want to think about what size smoker to buy when considering the foods you’d like to smoke beyond Thanksgiving.

I don’t own a smoker myself but this past summer, I was invited to a wonderful dinner and tried pulled pork from a smoker. It was amazing. I can see why any foodie would love to own one.

Small appliances are perfect for sides

CrockpotWhen I plan my Thanksgiving dinner, I decide what I can cook the day before and then I think about what pots I’m using, how many elements I need, and how I can cook everything I need to in the oven to get the whole meal on the table at the same time.

Over the years, I’ve started to incorporate small appliances like a Crockpot and Instant Pot. Both small appliances are great for delicious side dishes like stuffing, veggies, cranberry sauce, or one of our family favourites, a fruit chutney.

I love that I can prep my ingredients for my sides, throw them together in one pot, adjust the settings, and then forget about it. I also don’t have to worry about them getting cold as they stay nice and warm until ready to serve.

Thanksgiving cocktails and mocktails

Vitamix BlenderGrowing up, big family gatherings were always made a little extra special with a fancy drink of sorts. For some reason, a beautiful glass punch bowl or dispenser with fruit slices always draws people in. They’re pleasing to the eye, and I think we’re all drawn to the mystery they hold. Will the drink be bubbly? Will I like it? What does it taste like?

My sons always loved the fun of mixing a Shirley Temple or blending up a Chi Chi mocktail when they were little. A good blender will always get a lot of use as they’re so versatile and allow you to serve guests a blended drink with no chunks of ice left behind.

Why not whip up a tasty Fall inspired drink for your guests this Thanksgiving? Be sure to make up a label or card with listed ingredients, especially if it’s an adult only drink that contains alcohol.

You can find the perfect small appliance to make cooking your great Canadian Thanksgiving feast at Best Buy online.

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