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Wedding season is one thing, but when it comes to holiday gifts for the newly married couple, you want to make it special. Depending on the timing, this could be the happy couple’s first Christmas together as wedded partners. They may have just moved in together or bought their first home, maybe they have been traveling for the last few months and are finally settling in back home. Perhaps it has been status quo since. It doesn’t matter, because being together for the holidays is special and warrants a cool gift that they can enjoy together.

So, what should you get for the new, happy couple? We have rounded up some good ideas, organized by price range to help you stick within budget. For more ideas, check out our comprehensive wedding gifts buying guide which has wonderful ideas for what to get couples celebrating their big day that are perfect for the holiday season as well.

Newly married couple gifts under $50

Home décor items

A white candle with a box beside it

If you’re on a budget or just looking for a small but thoughtful gift, home décor items are a smart way to go. While you don’t want to get anything too personal without knowing the colour and design scheme of the home along with their personal décor preferences, there are things you can get that will fit within any home.

Accent pieces can work since the couple can decide where and how to place them. Go with something simple like a lovely set of scented candles. The aroma will not only be divine whenever they light one up, but they’ll be thinking you next time there’s a power outage and they’re having dinner by candlelight. It’ll come in handy when they want to turn the lights down low and have a romantic night in as well.

Smart speaker

Amazon Echo Pop in lilac

Nowadays, smart speakers can be had for under $50, and often even less when they go on sale. The Amazon Echo Pop boasts a really cool half-moon design and it’s under $50 when it goes on sale, which is often. It’s perfect for placing in the front foyer, kitchen, living room, den, or bedroom to use as an alarm, portable speaker, or simply to answer queries like what the traffic or weather is like, how many ounces is 250 grams, or what new movies are coming out. With this tiny speaker as a hub of the home, they can expand the system with other compatible products they can control by voice and in the app, like smart lights, video doorbells, security cameras, and even cool appliances. Discover the benefits of each type of model along with smart displays in our smart display and smart speaker buying guide.

Serving platter

cheese, crackers, and fruit on a cheeseboard

I love a good charcuterie board. It’s the easiest thing to put together to keep guests’ tummies from rumbling while you finish dinner. If they just got hitched, chances are they’ll be looking to entertain friends and family, especially if they don’t have kids yet. A serving platter is a great gift they can keep in the dining room buffet and pull out for entertaining, or when they want to have wine and cheese night in front of the TV on their own. Look for one made of bamboo with a nice handle or grooves for easy carrying. Some sets come with small knives for cutting cheese and divided section for crackers, cheese, fruit, and other fixings.

Newly married couple gifts over $100

Ultima Cosa air fryer

Air fryer

An air fryer is a great gift for just about anyone, and for newly married couples, it’s a small appliance they can use together to experiment with new dishes. Or, maybe they want to get quick dinners on the table after a long day at work. With models just over $100, and plenty on sale, you can choose the right size for their kitchen. Something small will do to get them started, like the 5L Ultima Cosa model that boasts a space-saving design, dishwasher-safe parts, and the ability to circulate air throughout to cook food faster, with very little (or even no) oil. If they are both business professionals who work longer hours, they might love an even bigger model so they can cook full meals quickly without resorting to take-out all the time. The 5L model is regularly more than $100 but it’s often on sale for a fabulous deal. Find the right model at the right price by reading through our air fryer buying guide.

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot

I have regaled the benefits of the Instant Pot for years, but it’s for good reason. As an owner of one myself, I find I use it multiple times a week. A great way to make quick dinners or large batches for freezing or entertaining friends and family, a 6-quart model will be the perfect size for a new couple. Along with pressure cooking, slow cooking, sauteing, and more, it’ll also come in handy should the couple be considering having a baby in the near future. The steam function is perfect for steaming fruits and vegetables for homemade baby food, and models with a sterilize function can be used to sterilize baby bottles, pacifiers, and more. Read our Instant Pot buying guide to make sure to choose the right model.

Coffee grinder

coffee bean grinder

They might already have a coffee machine they love, but a coffee grinder can help them take things to the next level by grinding their own fresh beans for beautifully aromatic cups of java. The perfect way to spend Sunday mornings together, they can grind beans and brew a fresh pot while they read the news together in the kitchen or relax while binge-watching shows in bed. My friend recently bought an espresso machine but purposely opted for one with a separate coffee grinder so his wife could grind beans for pour-over coffee, which she prefers.

Milk frother

If they got a fancy premium espresso machine as a wedding gift from someone but it doesn’t have a built-in milk frother, you could consider buying them one to go with it. I have a machine with an automatic milk frother but I love the manual process and being able to control how much froth I get (I love a good frothy cappuccino!) It will become a staple part of breakfast in bed as they surprise one another Sunday mornings.

Cuisinart Nesting 11-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Cookware set

If they have also recently moved in together to their first home, they might be in need of a quality cookware set so they can donate the mismatched sets of pots and pans that have come together from their union. I reviewed the Cuisinart Nesting 11-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set last year and what truly sets it apart is the space-saving, nesting set-up that allows it to nicely fit within even small cupboards. This way, they can still keep a few of their old pots and pans but have a nicely stored, shiny new set to use as well.

Sungale digital photo frame with couple

Outside of the realm of small appliances, I love the idea of a digital photo frame. They can choose to mount it on the wall (by a power source), a side table in the living room (that’s where I have one), shelf, or even in the bedroom. They can set it to display a slideshow of photos, even creating different playlists with themes. It’s far more exciting than a single photo on the wall. They might even want to showcase photos from their recent wedding!

You can go the extra mile by loading the frame up with images of the couple you have from your own library, even throwback ones with you and the person you’re closest with between the two. If it’s a Wi-Fi-enabled frame, you could share the code or frame’s e-mail address with others and have them upload images to it as well before packaging and gifting it to them. For this reason, a digital photo frame is a good group gift as well.

Bugatti Wellington luggage set

Newly married couple gifts over $500

Luggage set

I love the idea of gifting a newly married couple a luggage set. It’s the perfect excuse for them to book a trip somewhere together, perhaps for their one-year anniversary. While many can be had for under $500 as well, you can treat them to a designer set like the Bugatti Wellington hardside 3-piece set. Whichever model you choose, they’ll need telescopic handles and 360° spinner wheels (these make all the difference when it comes to maneuverability around busy airports). Divider panels inside and expandability are useful for those extra-long trips, overpackers, or those who love to bring home gifts for the fam. Want more ideas? Read through our luggage buying guide.

Big screen TV

Samsung smart tv

Surprise them with a new big screen TV so they can binge-watch shows together on lazy Sunday afternoons, catch the big game with friends, or cozy up for a movie night in. Consider the size of their living room or den and choose an appropriate sized model for viewing distance. Once you know the size, check out our TV buying guide to determine the best model to meet their needs.

A pair of electric bikes

A couple riding Aventon electric bikes

Now that they are settled into their new home, what about a pair of electric bikes they can go for weekend or early morning rides together on? You’ll want to choose ones based on where they live, like city or country, and where they’d most likely ride. Our electric bike buying guide will help you find the right one. If they have a cottage as well, you’ll want to consider a foldable electric bike they can easily transport in a large enough trunk or truck bed.

When all else fails…

Best Buy gift card

Keep in mind that a Best Buy gift card is a great gift idea that’s slightly more personal than cash. The newlyweds can use it to buy or put towards everything from a new major appliance to a gorgeous big-screen TV for their new or existing home. The beauty is that you can get them in any denomination. Consider going together with other friends or members of the family to get a larger denomination gift card that will set them up for a nice, big purchase to celebrate their newly wedding bliss.

Check out plenty of holiday gift ideas for newly married couples, including small appliances and more, at Best Buy Online.

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  1. Love this article. Great topic to cover! As a 7 year married man I can also say these gifts are great for the less than recently married couple as well!


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