There are few homes in Canada that do not have an appliance from KitchenAid. Perhaps it’s a blender or a hand mixer. Perhaps you recently discovered the versatility of the new KitchenAid cordless appliances. We wrote about these on the blog about a month ago. Read on to learn more about these appliances and to find out how you can enter for a chance to win one.

KitchenAid has the appliances we use every day

What is your go-to small appliance? For me it’s the coffee maker. I use it everyday. But I also bake regularly; for that, I prefer the hand mixer over my stand mixer or hand blender. Perhaps it’s just habit, but I like to use the hand mixer for most mixing tasks. My only problem with it is actually one that KitchenAid just solved: the cord sometimes gets twisted or is just in the way.

Shelly just reviewed several new KitchenAid appliance including a few KitchenAid cordless appliances. She was very impressed with the freedom in the kitchen that these allow. I can imagine making fewer messes by carrying the mixer straight to the sink and removing the beaters there, rather than over the counter.

KitchenAid appliances just become a part of a recipe

My wife does this all the time. She’ll be making one of her favourite recipes and she’ll ask me to “get the KitchenAid” out of the cupboard. “Which one?” I respond and she looks at me like I’m on another planet and should just know which appliance goes with this recipe. Whether it’s a food chopper, a blender or whatever, these appliances become a necessary component of the cooking process. Are there any recipes that “require” a very specific appliance that you can’t do without?

We sent out some great new KitchenAid appliances for reviews and now that those appliances have returned to my office, we want to give them away in this contest. Perhaps one of these will become part of your daily cooking routine.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter once here below this article and once below the article announcing these four appliances. In a comment, tell us what is your favourite KitchenAid appliance and is there a favourite recipe you make with that appliance.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will select seven (7) winners to get one of the seven appliances that had been sent to a blogger for a review:

2 KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender (Red)
2 KitchenAid Cordless Variable Speed Immersion Blender (Red)
1 KitchenAid Cordless Food Chopper (5 cup – Red)
2 KitchenAid 1.66L 1200-Watt Stand Blender with 16oz Personal Blending Jar (Silver)

This contest runs from Oct 11th to Oct 26th.

Remember you can only enter once below this article and once beneath the announcement article for these appliances. However, your family and friends likely also want a chance to win a great KitchenAid appliance so share with them. If they win I’m sure they will bake you something wonderful to say thank you.

Win a KitchenAid small appliance Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.


  1. My favourite kitchen aid appliance is definitely my stand mixer! I especially love making cinnamon rolls with it!

  2. I would really like to win the Kitchen Aide stand mixer.
    I do a lot of baking, especially this time of year. My favourite, and family favourite to make is cherry pound cake. Can not keep it in the house,

  3. KitchenAid 1.66L 1200-Watt Stand Blender with 16oz Personal Blending Jar – This helps with any frozen drinks!

  4. My favourite and most used is my kitchen aid stand mixer. However the hand mixer would be extremely convenient and so easy to store now that I do mostly small batch baking

  5. My favourite and most used is my kitchen aid stand mixer. However the hand mixer is extremely convenient and so easy to store!

  6. My husband bought me a kitchen aid stand mixer for mothers day in vintage mint and I love it so much. It makes the best bread! I would love to add the KitchenAid K500 Blender to my kitchen.

  7. Would love the KitchenAid Cordless Food Chopper (5 cup – Red)!
    My favourite recipe is Homemade Salsa! I love the fact that you can put everything in the food chopper and it easily makes fresh, delicious, and spicy Salsa.
    I have a KitchenAid peeler that’s AMAZING! My family has been using it for years. Thank you! ❤️

  8. KitchenAid Cordless Food Chopper (5 cup – Red) . The favorite recipe is to make homemade hummus. We have a Kitchen Aid peeler and it’s been going strong for years! love the quality products.

  9. I love my KitchenAid mini stand mixer: all the power of the classic mixer in a compact size. Perfect for all my covid baking, especially sourdough bread. Would love to be able to give it a few new friends. 😉

  10. I use the KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender to make a smoothie bowl every morning before classes! 🙂

  11. My favourite appliance is HANDS DOWN the hand held blender. I love making salsa, pesto, curry sauce or you name it!

  12. I love my kitchen aid mixer and also the cheese grater attachment . I absolutely hate grating cheese and this makes it so much easier !

  13. My favourite KitchenAid small appliance is the Cordless Food Chopper – I love salads, and it would bake chopping all the veggies so much faster!

  14. My favourite Kitchen Aid appliance is my coffee maker with timer that I use to have freshly brewed coffee every morning when I wake up.

    • KitchenAid 1.66L 1200-Watt Stand Blender with 16oz Personal Blending Jar (Silver) would make my life so much easier and making delicious healthy meals so much more fun.
      Making my favourite homemade veggie lentil fritters would be so much easier with KitchenAid 1.66L 1200-Watt Stand Blender.
      I have a wonderful KitchenAid peeler that my family uses all the time. I use it to make so many dishes like curry potato.

  15. The KitchenAid 2 speed hand blender is my favourite appliance. I use it all the time to make creamed spinach the old fashioned way just like my grandmother used to.

  16. The artisan series 5 quart stand mixer with tilting head would be a dream to have. I would bake every day.

  17. Favourite KitchenAid appliance we would love to have to be the ARTISAN SERIES 5-QUART TILT-HEAD STAND MIXER. Hmmm… a favourite recipe you make with that appliance…peanut butter cookies

  18. I do not have the appliance myself but my favourite would be the stand mixer that can have all sorts of attachments. I plan on buying one for my mother as a christmas gift for when we bake our flamous poundcakes

  19. My favourite Kitchen Aid appliance is the classic stand mixer. I do not own one but I had the chance to use one to mix my favourite crepe recipe with!

  20. KitchenAid 1.66L 1200-Watt Stand Blender with 16oz Personal Blending Jar – Contour Silver is amazing. Love that I can use this powerful blender to fully extract nutrients from veggies and fruits to make the perfect smoothie!

  21. At home we have the traditional Kitchenaid Mixer, and it makes the world’s greatest mashed potatoes

  22. I have many Kitchen Aid appliances big and small but my favorite is my Coffee Grinder I use it a few times a week as I buy whole bean coffee and like that I can change the grind. Can’t start my name without my coffee so it’s a very important part of my kitchen.

  23. I love Kitchenaid! I have three daughters and we each own a KitchenAid stand mixer! We love to cook and we love KitchenAid.
    Adding one of these smaller appliances to my cooking fun would be absolutely fantastic. This is THE brand of choice for a cook’s kitchen!

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