Posing in the Best Buy Breville premium in-store experience.

Making good coffee at home is easy, but making great coffee at home is something that takes practice, knowledge, and, of course, the right machine. A new Breville in store premium experience is launching at three Best Buy flagship and seven experience stores through mid-September to mid-October, offering insight into Breville’s expansive line of small appliances.

These stunning in-store displays showcase a wide assortment of Breville products, with a special focus on its premium coffee and espresso machines, including the Barista Touch Impress espresso machine and Barista Express Impress espresso machine. The Best Buy in-store displays will also offer Coffee Masterclasses from September 30 through November 4 for those looking to learn more about making fabulous coffee at home. You’ll also learn how to get more out of your Breville espresso machines, and sample some creations.

A walk-through of the Breville premium in-store experience at Best Buy

Breville Premium in-store experience at Best Buy

Last weekend, I popped into the Best Buy store in downtown Toronto, right at Yonge & Dundas Square and the Toronto Eaton Centre, to see the Breville premium in-store experience in person. The stunning set-up within the appliances section highlights plenty of Breville products. As noted, there’s a specific focus on coffee makers and espresso machines across all price ranges. This is complemented by other small appliances you can use alongside them, like coffee grinders for using fresh, whole beans for your morning java and milk frothers for making to-die-for lattes. If you’re into tea or instant coffee instead, there are Breville kettles on display as well, like the Smart Kettle Luxe and variable temperature kettle, as well as the Breville tea maker for simple one-touch brewing using programmable settings.

The aisles are full of goodies

Breville coffee machines in the Breville premium in-store experience at Best Buy.

You can browse machines across every size and price point: go all out for a model like the Breville Oracle espresso machine, which includes automatic grinding, dosing, tamping, and milk texturing and comes with a backlit LCD, or consider the Breville Oracle Touch espresso machine that includes a frother and can save up to eight personalized coffee settings.

Not looking for something quite so premium? Consider a more affordable machine like the Breville Barista Touch automatic espresso machine. If you are looking for something more entry-level, you’ll find more affordable models like the Breville Barista Express expresso machine, which doesn’t have the built-in coffee bean grinder (but you can buy that separately or get coffee grounds).

For smaller kitchens and apartments, there’s the adorable Breville Bambino Plus espresso machine. The great thing about all these machines is that they’re all considered part of the premium line, but there’s still something for everyone.

Best Buy Breville in store experience checking out an espresso machine.

You’ll also find the new Breville Barista Express Impress espresso machine that my colleague Rae Chen reviewed. She found it easy to use and clean, though she admits there’s a bit of a learning curve for getting the right beans and grind size. To help you learn more, Shelly Wutke wrote a detailed article full of tips and tricks. She emphasizes that this machine makes it easy for anyone to just set it up and start making amazing coffee. But this machine allows you to really express yourself and develop yor inner barista. That’s where the Coffee Masterclasses come in—don’t forget to sign up!

Continuing through the aisles, there are shelves full of other Breville small appliances, too. These include compact and countertop microwaves in stunning brushed stainless steel, smart toaster ovens with built-in LCDs, smart convection toaster ovens (including models with built-in air fryer functionality as well), long-slot and smart toasters, pizza ovens, food processors, and more.

Some products are on sale, and each is presented with a label that clearly indicates what it is, pricing, key features, warranty, and even the number of and star reviews so you can see what other customers think about each item. Want to learn more? Ask a helpful Best Buy expert or easily scan a QR code to get more details about the product. At the front of the Breville in-store premium experience display is also a large touchscreen you can use to learn more about Breville products in general and how they might fit into your kitchen.

It’s all about the eye-catching wall

Best Buy Breville in store experience

The real eye-catcher within the display is the back wall. Shelves are set-up in a nine-grid format showcasing premium Breville products of all kinds in stainless, white, and black stainless finishes.

It’s clear from my time there that customers immediately flocked to this spot to see the best of what Breville has to offer at a glance and visualize how each might fit in their own spaces. A poster on the left side of the wall highlights each of the products along with a QR code you can scan to learn more. The right side of the grid display is dedicated to Breville’s juicers, blenders, and its unique bluicer category of product that can do both in one versatile machine. You can almost smell the delicious aroma of coffee and sweet scents of a carrot apple smoothie from the colourful images that surround the display.

Best Buy Breville in-store premium experience back wall

One striking thing worth noting about the Breville and Best Buy in-store premium experience area is that everything comes in a gorgeous finish and elegant design. The display really highlights how having multiple Breville small appliances in the kitchen provides a seamless look and matching colour scheme. With design being of greater importance than ever nowadays, Breville makes it easy to provide a single, unified look in the kitchen.

Take a Masterclass and become a barista at home

Walk through the Best Buy Breville premium in-store experience and get information from experts. Then, take things a step further by signing up for a Masterclass, choosing from a date that works for you between September 30 and November 4. Whether you already have a Breville espresso machine at home or you’re trying to decide which one is the best for you, these masterclasses will be worth your time.

Each class begins with a detailed overview of the various Breville espresso machines and their features. You’ll learn things like how to adjust brew strength or grind levels and why, how to personalize the flavours, using milk and milk alternatives, and getting the perfect foam. Finally, learn how to put it all together to serve something that looks like it’s straight from a local artisan cafe.

Sign up for a Coffee Masterclass today

Bookmark the dates and register for a Coffee Masterclass taking place in your area. With about 100 classes happening at Best Buy stores in many cities in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia, you’re sure to find one to add to your calendar. Some are already sold out and tickets will go quickly, so sign up before you miss out!

Get the most out of your Breville coffee machine

Breville coffee machines

The elegant, professional looking Breville espresso machines are incredibly easy to use, allowing you to make all types of coffee creations from the comfort of your home. But even the most seasoned barista knows that there’s always room to learn more.

Learn tips, tricks, and details about how these machines work and what they can accomplish from the team at Breville and Best Buy. Discover features you might not have realized the machines had and ways to improve.

In no time, you’ll be impressing the family and wowing friends at gatherings when you serve dessert and cappuccinos or lattes with a delectable smell and delicious taste that has them asking for second pours. Maybe you’ll even start learning latte art.

Feel like you’re touring Italy while an expert shows you, from start to finish, how to make a classic espresso. Oh yes, and you get to taste the coffee, too. How else can you verify that it’s rich, foamy, and absolutely delicious?

Additionally, you will learn how to properly maintain these machines so they work like new for years and years to come.

Check out the Breville in-store premium experience at participating Best Buy locations, sign up for a Coffee Masterclass, and stay tuned for our walk through of the space in downtown Toronto.

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