Bella Pro Manual air fryer pizza oven with door open

Ever since I was small, I have been locked in a (one-sided) feud with toaster ovens. In theory, they’re great: small, energy efficient, and fast. But in practicality, they often leave me frustrated. I find myself questioning why I didn’t just use the full-sized oven as I wait for my toast (or pie, or pizza) to finally finish warming. So, the Bella Pro Manual Air Fryer Pizza Oven with Rotisserie feels like it’s been gifted to me from the universe.

This air fryer looks and “feels” like a large toaster oven, but justifies its size by fixing every  problem I’ve ever had with a traditional toaster oven. As an air fryer, it heats or reheats my food with breathtaking efficiency. Each item is warmed through, with a delicious, crisp finish. Meals that would have taken 25 minutes in my oven take 15 in the air fryer; baked goods that would have taken 20 minutes to reheat in a toaster oven take five. (The cinnamon bun that I reheated for this review? Three minutes, from start to finish. Incredible!)

And, to top it all off, the Bella Pro’s pizza oven design means that this air fryer looks and feels just like a toaster oven—but functions way better.

What’s in the box of the Bella Pro manual air fryer pizza oven with rotisserie?

In the box of the Bella Pro Manual Air Fryer Pizza Oven with Rotisserie, you’ll find a drip pan, two air fry racks, a rotisserie, a rotisserie holder, and a pizza pan. All of the pans are beautifully non-stick and dishwasher safe.

Every brand does non-stick a little differently, and I love Bella Pro’s. Food that looks caked-on just slides off these pans. In the case of a really stuck-on stain, the brand recommends that you soak the spot with oil and heat it if necessary, which should allow you to then wash it off with a soft cloth. One of the foods that I tested for this review was a day-old cinnamon bun with icing, and even though the sugary icing looked baked onto the drip pan, it really did slide right off in the sink. I was immediately impressed!

Bella Pro Air Fryer Pizza Oven with Rotisserie what’s in the box

What can the Bella Pro air fryer pizza oven do?

Bella Pro’s manual air fryer has touchscreen controls. It allows you to select from 10 preset menu options (below), but also gives you the ability to manually design your cooking plan. The temperature control on this air fryer goes from an impressive 90-400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect for everything from super-slow dehydrating to quick sears.

  • Cook up to a 10″ pizza (fresh or frozen)
  • Dehydrate
  • Air fry
  • Grill
  • Rotisserie
  • Roast
  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Reheat
  • Keep warm

If you like to get a good sear on your meals and you’re worried that 400 degrees Fahrenheit won’t be hot enough: don’t be. Because this air fryer is so powerful and small (with a 1500W heating system that needs no preheating), I find that I can get the same results at 400˚F that I might have to turn my traditional convection oven to 420 or 450˚F for. Plus, with the device’s powerful convection fan, you can get a beautiful finish in this air fryer at a lower temperature than you might need from an older or larger convection oven.

Bella Pro confirms that this 12.6 quart air fryer pizza oven can hold up to a 10″ pizza, 2.2 pounds of French fries, four slices of bread, or one four-pound chicken. That sets an upper limit for how much food you can fit into it at once, but overall, it’s very generously sized. It’s small enough to efficiently heat up a late-night snack, but still large enough to make dinner for your whole family.

I love this air fryer for crispy fresh and reheated results with little to no oil—not to mention its ability to dry herbs and dehydrate fruits and veggies. It’s a convenient, fast, and healthy option in the kitchen.

Bella Pro Air Fryer Pizza Oven with Rotisserie reheating food

How does the Bella Pro manual air fryer pizza oven compare to the Bella Pro touchscreen air fryer?

Bella Pro also offers a large Bella Pro Touchscreen Air Fryer with a basket design instead of an oven door design, which I recently reviewed. Both appliances are great, and I definitely appreciated the basket-style design’s slightly more powerful 1700W heating system, but I preferred this pizza oven design a little more.

With a rotisserie and pizza oven design, you can keep an eye on your food while it cooks in the Bella Pro Manual Air Fryer Pizza Oven. Another great feature of the pizza oven model is that it’s designed for gentle drying and dehydration. Rather than the one-hour shutoff and 180-400˚F temperature range of the Bella Pro Touchscreen Air Fryer, the Bella Pro Manual Air Fryer Pizza Oven has a 24-hour auto shut-off timer and a 90-400˚F temperature range. This lets you heat items more slowly and at a lower temperature, which gives you more options for dehydrating and roasting your favourite foods.

The tray-and-pan design of this air fryer also lends itself to easier cleanup, especially for fragile items like pie. I really enjoyed both the basket and oven styles of Bella Pro air fryers (especially the cool-touch handle and low energy loss basket design of the Bella Pro Touchscreen Air Fryer), so I think it would be hard to go wrong with either!

Bella Pro Air Fryer Pizza Oven with Rotisserie review

How does air frying compare to oven baking? 

Air frying, especially in a small appliance with a swinging door, is very similar to baking. I find that you can get many of the same crisp, caramelized, roasted results—but with more accuracy.

The rapid convection fan in an air fryer helps you heat up your foods with constantly moving hot air. This technology produces fried results similar to deep frying, but uses hot air instead of oil for a lower-fat result. And, because air fryers come with such a powerful heating element and small capacity, those results are both relatively instant and relatively consistent.

Instead of having to wait for your full-sized oven to preheat, an air fryer gives you a more controlled environment that needs no pre-heating. You’ll see cook times of about 30% less, with results that are just as delicious as what you’d achieve in a commercial convection oven or deep fryer.

Compared to my convection oven, the Bella Pro Manual Air Fryer Pizza Oven produced fries, broccoli, bacon, broccolini, and re-heated pastries that tasted lighter and crispier, and took 50% less time than an oven when you factor in preheating time. I was hooked after just a few meals, and I still can’t get enough!

Bella Pro Air Fryer Pizza Oven

How are the pizzas in the Bella Pro manual air fryer pizza oven with rotisserie? 

Let’s wrap up this review with something this air fryer was made for: at-home pizzas. I had to size down from my regular frozen pizza in order to fit a pie into this air fryer, but it was worth it. My frozen pizza finished in less time than usual, and like everything else I’ve made in this air fryer, it was to great results. The mouth feel of my air fried pizza seemed different than normal—chewier, with a base that was crispy instead of tough.

Whether you’re air frying bacon-wrapped broccolini without any extra oil (so light and crispy in this air fryer) or toasting your own homemade pizza, the Bella Pro Manual Air Fryer Pizza Oven with Rotisserie does a fantastic job.

Shop the Bella Pro Manual Air Fryer Pizza Oven with Rotisserie online at Best Buy today. 

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