Samsung Bespoke refrigerator

Just ahead of CES 2022, which will take place both in person in Las Vegas and virtually this year, Samsung has revealed its appliances line-up, which includes more Bespoke options, from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners and even a washer and dryer.

On the heels of the announcement of Samsung’s Bespoke French Door refrigerator comes a Bespoke option for almost every model of refrigerator the company offers in Canada. This includes three-door, four-door, and even the high-tech connected Family Hub model. The idea is to allow customers to grab a design that suits their personal style and décor.

Bespoke French Door refrigerator

Samsung Bespoke Kitchen

As noted, Samsung is bringing Bespoke design to a variety of refrigerator sizes with various configurations and colours. Each has a flat-front design that can be customized to your liking, with both full and counter-depth sizes available. Bespoke will be an upgrade option for the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator in 2022.

In total, there are 11 colours to choose from along with either glass or steel. This allows for thousands of colour combinations. For glass, the colours include white, gray, pink, charcoal, morning blue, clementine, and sunrise yellow while steel includes matte black, navy, emerald green, and traditional stainless steel.

It’s not just about what’s outside, though. The refrigerators also include high-tech upgrades inside, including the latest in storage and cooling innovation. Make cool drinks in a flash using the Beverage Center and Dual Auto Ice Maker, while you can leverage FlexZone to ensure ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, and deli meats, are kept at the optimal temperature to ensure freshness.

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, meanwhile, will support Samsung TV Plus in 2022, which provides free TV content for viewing in the kitchen. This way, you can continue watching a show you were watching on a Samsung smart TV or Galaxy smartphone or tablet, for example, as you cook dinner in the kitchen. The Family Hub has also been upgraded with internal camera technology that can use information on food labels so you can easily view what’s inside and manage expiration dates from anywhere, including at the grocery store while shopping for the week. This is useful to prevent you from buying something you already have, which can, in turn, help reduce waste, and eliminate the need to rush back out to grab milk or orange juice because you forgot you were out.

Bespoke Jet cordless stick vacuum

Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum

Samsung is also bringing Bespoke design to cleaning products with the Bespoke Jet cordless stick vacuum, which can be picked up in the customized design of your choice. It features Samsung’s All-in-One Clean Station, which lets you dock the vacuum once you’re done cleaning and watch the dust bag automatically empty while the vacuum also begins to recharge.

Get 210 watts of suction power and make good use of the multi-layered filtration system that can trap 99.999% of fine dust.

Bespoke Washer and Dryer

Third in the new Bespoke line is the category of washers and dryers, which will feature the same flat-front design and multiple colour options, including sleek, stylish, and modern black and navy.

Both the washer and dryer come with an AI-powered Smart Dial that can prioritize frequently used settings so you can get a load done in a jiffy. They learn your usage patterns and laundry routines over time to ensure a quick and efficient clean. The intelligent AI OptiWash function optimizes wash settings, time, and detergent levels for each load; while MultiControl lets you use both the smart washer and dryer from the washer control panel when units are stacked.

Bottom line

Samsung has some exciting news coming down the pipe for 2022 when it comes to its appliances, focusing not only on gorgeous design but also high-tech functions that aim to simplify your life. Check out a wide selection of Samsung appliances at Best Buy Online.

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