The technology of laundry has changed dramatically in the last two years. Today’s washers and dryers save energy but also make laundry faster to do and easier on your clothes.

Samsung Canada is a new player in the laundry market but has transferred it’s electronic know-how into a series of successful appliances with innovative features.

Some of Samsung’s bestselling laundry combos are coming soon to Best Buy. Here’s an overview of their latest high-tech washers and dryers.

High capacity duo

Until recently, front-loading washers were very expensive even though they were all the rage. The washers are easier on clothes since they used less water and spun clothes faster and they can hold more since they don’t have an agitator in the middle taking up space. Front loaders can also be turned into a stackable washer and dryer, with one stacked on top of one another to so save space in small laundry rooms.

Samsung high capacity washers and dryers may be the perfect choice for you if you have a large family with a lot of laundry to get done in a short period of time.

The Samsung WF364 is a 4.1 Cubic front load washer that can handle up to 16 pounds of laundry per load with seven different cycles. It’s energy efficient using less water and energy, and it’s also extremely quiet thanks to Samsung Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) to make sure this machine purrs instead of the usual pounding noise.

Samsung has also taken care of the mold problem that some front loaders develop. You can keep the Samsung WF364 free of any mildew or germs with the PureCycle technology. Once a month (or after 40 cycles) sanitize the drum by rinsing it with 60C (140 F hot water). The Pure Cycle Auto Alarm Light will come on when it is time to run this drum cleansing treatment.

Add the Samsung DV365 Front-Load Electric Dryer to create a dynamic duo in the laundry room. This is another energy efficient choice. It steam dries your clothes to get rid wrinkles and odours and the roomy 7.3 cu. ft. capacity fits more laundry per load, saving you time and energy.

This Samsung Dryer includes Sensor Dry technology to detect the wetness of each load and automatically adjust the drying time as needed. No more wrinkled or shrunk clothing! There’s even a filter check to let you know when it’s time to clean out the lint.

A classic re-invented

Compared to front loading washers, top-loaders were once considered the cheaper alternative in laundry room. However, modern engineering has re-invented the top-loader and they are offering as many advantages as the front-loading models.

Take the Samsung WA7200 washer for instance. This front loader has a  5.2 cu. ft. bin that can handle up to 20 pounds of laundry, there are 11 cycles for cleaning your fabrics, and the Aquajet system uses a concentrated water spray to make sure the detergent spreads out evenly and penetrates the fabric.

This Samsung washer also rinses your clothes clean thoroughly so you have no trace of detergent before throwing them into the laundry. After 40 cycles, the Samsung WA7200 washer lets you know it’s time to run it’s self-clean cycle tto remove any build up of bacteria in the drum, and you can even download its Smart Care App for easy troubleshooting solutions to any problems detected.

Customized care


The Samsung DV210 electric dryer easily handles the heaviest loads with its 7.3 cubic foot capacity. This electric dryer has a 4-way venting to prevent humidity build-up and aeversible door for maximum flexibility when installing.

It can handle all types of clothing from the most delicate piece of lingerie to thick denim work clothes.A mixed load bell lets you know when some clothes are dry so you can remove them and continue the cycle. The Samsung DV210 drying cycles include Normal, Heavy Duty, Perm Press, Delicates, Timed Dry, Air Fluff, and Wrinkle Release and with four temperature options you won’t have to worry about shrinking anything.  A filter check indicator lets you know when it’s time to clean it out while the child lock ensures your little ones won’t have any accidents.

All this and it’s energy efficient as well.

Dream team

If you are looking for the absolute state of the art washer and dryer then consider the Samsung WF455 washer and Samsung DV455 dryer. This sleek washer and dryer pair is done up in charcoal with silver accents to add a modern touch to any laundry room.

The Samsung WF455 washer is a front load steam washer with a 5.2 cubic feet capacity so you’ll have to do fewer loads with this machine. Power Foam distributes the detergent more evenly for a deeper stain removal, and you’ll kill any mildew or germs build up with PureCycle technology to blast the drum with super hot water. The smart control helps you pick the right wash settings from a choice of 13 different washing cycles.

For heavily soiled loads, the Samsung WF455 washer has the Steam Wash Cycle to inject steam into the load and enhance soaking and cleaning. A drum covered with deep, diamond shaped depressions keep fabrics safe from snag and it’s perfect for gentle washing. This sleek and elegant machine is also super quiet with a direct drive motor for greater efficiency and reduced noise. Add another 40% of silence and noise reduction with VRT (Vibration Reduction Technology) and you have one stealth machine.

A dyer that connects to Wifi? Yes, Samsung appliances can do that too. The Samsung DV455 is a 7.5 cubic foot Electric Steam Dryer that connects to WiFi so you can control and monitor the dryer from your smartphone. The Smart Care feature automatically diagnoses any problems and sends you solutions so you can say goodbye to ironing forever because it will give you wrinkle free clothes.

Choose from 13 drying options including a steam dry cycle that removes wrinkles while freshening clothes. The DV455 dryer also lets you know when it’s time to change the filter and can detect when some of the clothes are ready to be taken out. A stainless steel drum makes this sturdy and quiet machine and the 4-way vent means no humidity build-up. The child lock will give your kids and pets safe as well.

Samsung washers and dryers will be arriving soon at Best Buy so keep checking with us. Who says laundry has to be a drag?

Shelagh McNally
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